The general idea is that of a process where I think I will hold Royal Office when I cannot entangle myself from the filth of those who have personal plans and a social moral corruption that shows up on media to play with my Public image and find themselves amusing the whole time, making out they can only be stopped if killed etc. the reality is rather one of advertisement idiots rebelling against my Industry leadership and Involvement or rights at Broker and Holdings, which is not really supposed to be an issue if they paid attention to the job in hand but we all know that it is the same very stupid behaviour we see from their street idiots that make people smell and feel ashamed of themselves and it progresses to the bit where I may have worked on Culture and Society matters and they will show up to make a public case out of rejecting the benefits until such things as ritual killings of unusual people gets extended to albinos and bald people for instance and then they start to make a public case of expecting deaths to pile pressure on me, which ending is supposed to be ownership of the Royal Estate, which leaves me thinking it may probably end homosexuality globally if they did all together. Same as the story they are making me act fairly as such while the fact I may have given away my Books does not necessarily provide the same sort of service as having a copy of their own, which has now caused them to get on media to build a crowd that wants to be my friend rather than get interested in what part of my life is being shared through my Books since the last time that came into demand, hence always extreme perversion unless they are complaining because their own has been perverted too.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland