It is never actually true that I am in need of start up Money or anything like that; the fact that some people choose to get around having new fun and civil rights from pillaging derivatives linked with Intellectual property associated with products patented to me which bottoms out my finances and they do so every day for various pleasures and with media is not to say that I necessarily need their money and it is important they see that the suggestion that I do is a threat that could push me to do things I will have to regret. I would not have brought the products out into the Market so early if I did not know there were people who needed the services urgently and as a result I should have been able to trade while I was settling up the business until I did but the fact they have ripped it up every day until I settle up the business and therefore need their start up money is not to suggest that it will not be avenged in any case either, hence important they do watch their dirty mouths lest it becomes a lot worse than it currently is. This is not in any way a surprising occurrence as suggested either; these business fools and idiots understand without a doubt that I do not want them moving their lives into my privacy or making up ideas of owning my right hand side and they know I know they want such things because they want attention and they want to be loved so intensely that they believe they should use their money to get it, hence they also know that I know the part where it becomes the means to business dealing is a way of making me really angry and it is much the same with their stupid women, for those it starts off with the need to have sex with me before it becomes the meaning of life and the source of riches. I will raise my funds through protecting what the copyrights attached to my work gives me from the market and that is how I will raise my start up cash because I need to make that statement.

The part where people are angry that they have been made to move out to the west is generally not one of prime concern either; the reality for the most part is the old issue of men joining things without getting to know the rules, reason being that boys cannot just work out a means of being real men and then keep it to themselves and so they want to join my personal life and join my job because it should be open to everybody and it is a behaviour they do not wish to change with their insolent media where they punish me for refusing to play along with social violence and threats of gangs and financial damage and all the things that normally threaten people who do not allow them to join what they want because it is their hearts desire with as usual and it is no mystery either I want them out and need them to stay out as well. There are real facts to these issues in any case especially associated with when they complain about my actions while they continue with no plans to change and leave me alone: the fact that it has now reached a point where even Politicians that are homosexuals ask them if they attack me like they do every day on account there is something about me that suggests I can deal out damage to people on grounds I think it is what they deserve, for me to be accountable for; the way it worked is still the old stuff off the Christian whose personal life they want to peddle to get rich and therefore the old game as well of hating him because of his faith but having a real problem with his rights to have a job he has on account it gives him money etc – I live the way I do therefore as a Christian not because I am half a person who discards the evils of the world to be half a person but because of this and the fact I do not want to be accountable to their stupid society for anything concerning what I can do to others because I feel it is what they deserve for hurting me and hence strip myself of any means by which I can. This is not to say they will not get into trouble either for these things because I know I do not have to tolerate their wickedness and witchcraft especially those that are related to me because when I don’t, then there will be no means by which I will see it turn up at International Communities like it is at present on account Politicians have continued to secure a means for them to do it and associate it with me for power and then complain about what I do to them for it as well.

The part where nobody is really certain I can back up anything I have said especially against black people is very well understood; it is not the first time I have mentioned they never listen and that my personal diaries are full, it is not the first time I have mentioned I do not wish to be traumatised everyday when the only factor that should be at play in my head is the job I attend to when I walk outside of my door, it is not the first time I have mentioned that we are not mates and they all need to keep their nasty selves from following me around or stalking me all over the world. They do these things all the time and there must be wrath forth coming here for them as well because it is not the first time I have told them I know what makes them tick and that it is a means of being able to have some money to select people to discriminate against thereof and that such things they will only have in hell with me around. I have no plans really to find any ways of marketing my books which does not involve destroying multiculturalism; its only purpose is a process where they gather themselves and destroy the Intellectual property of my company entirely to make friends with rich idiots and bind themselves together as a community where they do business, become self sustaining and discriminate violently and criminally against everybody else with excuses about foreigners that come into the Country to stir up racism which works against none whites and is bad for whites but like other peoples income and tell lies when they are determined to ensure such persons were not known for being successful in their lifetime with a big mouth. It is not important if what I say is inspiring to them either; their male journalists need to stay outside of my Court and they need to stay away from me as we are not mates as it were or face consequences when they do not comply. Remarkable the nature of populous idiots it must be seen – the need to play a game of democratic do your own on other people’s property but never tolerate the idea people play it around them at all, with that big mouth and an obsession with my media equipments as well. There is no such thing as things to be scared of therefore, simply this same old issue i.e. the democratic need to do your own and let others do their own with other people’s property and never let it be done with or on your own and of course I have made it clear to them they need to move on and the situation is critical – 12 years of unemployment for such pleasures alongside a global stage rampage on one persons finances everyday with media will always do enough damage to make them penniless no matter who they are, that was their own, now it’s time for them to move on and I have mentioned before they need to keep their stupid insolent selves from stalking me around the world so it does not blow up and stop talking nonsense when I speak of such destruction of my property as victories of their power; I have mentioned I want to step outside of my door without being traumatised and the only thing at play in my head the job I am attending to as the diaries are full and they need to be made to stop one way or the other. If they want more facts then more of that can be helpful too – such facts as their financially well off idiots on the left naming us Cunts which if it happens again they will see the other side of me again and perhaps I might do it on the money too, for it happens when they continue their insolent popular culture abuses and vandalism on the right and nobody knows what convinces that that we deserve to have to deal with these things all around us as it were. I have mentioned they need to tell their male journalists to stay out of my Court and leave me alone as we are not mates. I mean things like ‘I am shitting with his tummy, sneezing on him because he is reliable and he must be available for it too wherever he does things because he is important whereby we can then take his importance away from him and laugh on media, I am peeing with his abdomen’ and every nonsense conceivable on account of things they have made up on media to create the idea they have taken advantage of me to levels yet to be described by human language and hence need all these vanities to show for it and the result is that I become so irritated and so unwell for the most part that I cannot eat and when I cannot eat then I cannot vomit and when I cannot vomit I will turn out on the toilet a lot and they will really stalk me and keep up and mess it up somewhere in public and then set out to show the world that is really my reputation and appearance and so on and blow up their filthy media mouths regularly about keeping it that way with force if they must – so these really are a group of idiots that expect to get on International Communities and say things that I am supposed to sit back and listen to or tolerate, hence what I do to them is therefore surprising when I clearly have no intentions to and rather want to get them off my media equipments too, especially considering the wickedness and corruption that their media idiots get from it and how war in Iraq and indeed every other dirty and perhaps bloody activity in the world involves my personal life. It’s like the old story we hear about trusting the Police; I have no idea why it is such a hot topic anyway and cannot really work out why it is important to people that they trust instead of respect the Police. I mean this can only be explained by those things about which it seems nobody cares but in actual fact the Police are doing a tremendous job by i.e. like evil women and their boys, whereby the boys ensure they can have any  level of power they want over any man, so they can do whatever they like with any man they want which makes single men, loving husbands and single father their target for a daily violence that never sleeps – of course they do not trust the Police because the Police has a go them endlessly as well, I mean the atmosphere is palpable as it were – yes the old story is that I suggest the Police is on my side, utter nonsense of course because I know if there is the slightest suggestion or indication I act in ways that stir up these kinds of women, they will turn on me immediately and that is why media idiots work so hard on that too. In the end it applies that the issues are the problems that have recently arisen i.e. things like my books and how they get to mean that male popular culture criminals that are always spared by these foolish women have found an auspice, somebody whose fault it is that their activities can no longer be controlled, which of course is never what I wrote in my books but they don’t care and have media at their disposal to express their unbridled greed and wickedness and witchcraft I mentioned earlier about sanitary things done with intimate parts of my body etc which makes me ill that they suppose I should tolerate at International Communities as well. This is what is being settled at the moment and we could not have had it any better with a financial crisis and an economic problem created by them i.e. how to Police the side of society concerned with evil men and their girls and the Popular culture crimes, the male version  and yes they always say there is risk of overshooting the mark, whereas in actual fact there is no such risk because society in the UK is largely run by Women and hence as a result fighting is a young man’s game because when older people do it the result is Political instability. Hence the wild fighting popular older man?; Yeah we get it, you need to poke them just a little and hear stories about a new Country from their imagination and nobody will have to help you conclude they are Popular culture criminals. Where my Equities found its location some years ago was the whole thing about these games they play into the hands of very violent and evil men and how they make sure it affects the whole of society and then claim they can now do whatever they like because it costs people too much to tell them off and will cost those who try to stop them their lives and cannot understand any other way of making money except that of ruining the finances of good people and cannot understand any other way of making a living except hurting people to and talking nonsense about invincibility and the power and freedom of greed, especially the way they do in the US and presume they can do with absolutely everybody and hence think they want to play a game of power with my office and my company while they save theirs for money as a fundamental process of acquiring one of the really important things they need in their stupid little lives. So here in the UK there was never a need to stop since they are not killing anybody which stirs up the really evil men and gives them mobility – when they realised they had found a Christian who was also a Prince and not afraid of death necessarily, they used me to break through but then back tracked thereafter to attack me, after I finished the Kind of Job women usually asked them to do to a loss of life or if they cannot move left etc, after I had finished it and set out security for those women, got myself out and returned to my academic work, they chased my job and ruined it, chased my finances and ruined it, all supported by Politicians of course whom I had dealt with and now have to suck up to the voters every during every electoral process, then they chased up my academic work and wrecked and really kicked me off when they chased up my books and wrecked it as well and are after my company and all to make sure that I died, since I was the guy that was not afraid of death according to how those who want to use it feel it should be used, hence where the question of if they can give to the frugal and their endlessly violently and intimately low life abuse and insolent attacks began over those Equities and Securities that Business leaders and companies and Industries broker with me and my fans ask me around the world, hence their new found need to usurp what I grew up to be and take over my humanitarian work and turn up to talk nonsense everywhere they find political instability and I handled them over the books that were written to consummate the service which is why they hate it so much too.

I. Uno I

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