I know it is said my equities and property are all customer expressed will to purchase my products and therefore people and customer based but I feel as though I wish to run with the big boys whose business equities of which we know there are none most of the time, are finance and money based. This causes me the desire to stick those their businesses into the money equities they claim they have with it and then have my own financial crisis as well if I wanted to, however the pressing issue is that this is not their property and it is not clear exactly when they intend to understand that it does not matter if the customer expressed equity of this company ran into billions all over the world which it has. There is of course the civil rights issue as well, those are simply people who have not but destroy other people’s property with the very fibre of their existence and being and the reasons might as well be competition over being nice to people. They are angry and they are lethal and they have got problems especially financial and I want to know how low they can go - it is an expedition in its own right. I mean it is always imputed into my business that I have no regard for Politicians; the reality is rather that they always claim messing around with my work provides them the disposition with which to secure some sense of fundamentalism needed to engage with people in a way that ensures they help only the right people with Government office but in actual fact what they spend most of their time doing is pushing boundaries for more power and attacking my right to earn a living hence crushing the book sales for fun. It is of course some socially organised pillaging like I went out and got stuck with some really evil mistress, just because there is enough media story telling around this Company to create such a possibility but then again no idea therefore why they complain all the time. It sometimes comes down to how I have no idea what I am doing hence the reasons I am always frustrated but in actual fact each time I work with the Office of the Queen to settle the rights of the UK as a Country, especially the part where we cower under US shadow to great political and economic costs which sometimes affects Americans as well, they disrupt, destroy or change it and claim the problem to be that all the glory goes to me and the Monarchy - when in actual fact this was in the first place how to avoid any trouble whatsoever i.e. making sure all I do for my part leads to a process where all the glory goes to me and none other. So it’s still happy pillaging and therefore no idea why they complain when they are handled in the same way as well. In the end at the heart of all I do are certain really important things like people who have a twisted sense of what is right and wrong but are not content with jobs that others have created and given to them for an employment because they must be business men and women as well and it is the wrong answer to their problems; they need to go to Church and get a sermon from the Priest as doing so will do them a lot of good instead.  I am aware of the talk that we are sleep walking into a very dangerous situation but of course not everybody is sleep walking into anything as we all know that the White House in the U.S. is full of people who have no clue what they are doing these days and wish to murder everybody else, hence they know where the criminals are and everything and there needs to be a Policy somewhere where they get to deal with it while I for example hold down the bad guys for them, as it is a familiar issue with the left; of which so far they have lost the joys of naivety and I will definitely get to handle them over other issues even further. It goes all the way to the issue of tax evasion and the actions of Politicians who plan to run various tax systems like their property which it is not; the result is a plan they always have to apply austerity on the poor and keep them under control by state law enforcement, while getting into private and personal conversations with businesses over taxes, which means they can never secure a good deal or manage the tax system, which is based on getting poor people off the businesses with the use of the welfare system, and providing infrastructure with which they are to do what they do and get them to pay their fair share of taxes, not think that there is a personal deal to be made with them that will ensure they provide means for Politics idiots to get rich while the country is to get off on a shoe string. It is never clear how they intend to achieve these things, except we know it is all based on the prognosis that people are to be afraid of them and it is never clear who in specificity they expect should be afraid of them so that they might be successful with it anyway. They like to claim I do what I do, not because I care about others but because of malicious intents over a problem I have with what they have done to me, which in actual fact was done without provocation and none until they achieved provocation and without reason and done to achieve trophy provocation of me in a condition where they have all the power, that can be used for such arguments. The problem is that I built a literary empire and want the money move somewhere else every day until I became cash strapped just on account that I exist and they are unhappy about that; thus nobody knows where this will lead or where it will end and it is all about the simple right to have a normalcy of which nobody knows what their problems with normalcy seems to be and why they are always fighting it so much.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland