The same talk we see rage around the matter of US – North Korea Relations; where we hear people claim that North Korea is much the same to China as the UK is to the US when it really has nothing whatsoever to do with the UK; more a matter of the fact that if the US listens to the Communists and does nothing about matters surrounding its interests, the Communists will face Political instability, while the US will face war – we all know the job has become far more complicated under the Trump White House because the Obama one never did either of the Chinese or Russian bits. Then we hear of the part I play whereas reality is that there is something seriously wrong with them besides the fact they are not full of themselves in small measures and I really good at provoking people; I mean such reality as a process where being the trendiest girl in your neighbourhood means barring anybody from reading Books written by an Arch Prince from the UK and then getting all violent about territory protection that developed into me being punished for not letting people who really need to, peddle my faith and personal life and public image. We see this sort of nonsense all over the world because the main benefit is that it will play into popularity canopies at Industries where money can be made without work and employment, as well as diplomacy circles where parties lead to connections in high places, the assumption being that there was no way that I might have ripped it to pieces for them over what they are doing to my Literary empire all over the world. The main case is of course as it has always been i.e. LGBT telling lies when we can clearly see that their whole lives are about not just liberal stupid leadership that decided there is a link between destroying wealth to create wealth because they are unable to exist without stigmatising others and practicing high wickedness like some form of race with others; we can see all these problems are a function of these goons getting their hands on people’s lives and property and then informing the owners of the things that have happened before to those who refused to co-operate by letting them have it but the lies and gimmicks of LGBT generally tends to mean anybody does anything about it to serve their need for fame and fortune, so they surround the issue, mess up people’s lives and never stop telling lies that ensure people are unable to decide definitively if they wish to do something about it or not. We hear talk of the reasons these things happen of course whereas there has been only one reason for as far back as human history goes and this is due to the actions of a certain group of ethnic minorities who feel that they are superior to other ethnic minorities – such that the reasons ethnic minorities get taken advantage of by ethnic majorities are due to the actions of a certain group of ethnic minorities that never do as they are told – so when it comes to handling my possessions and blabbing about what happens to those who do not let them get what they want and the importance of fate and of deciding other people’s own every day to make money, they hate my guts and hate my Books and I want them to blow off their mouth comments somewhere else other than my concerns in this world; therefore I will break that stupid heart every time I see it or it will keep the comments away and stay off my Books. Hence, they decide the creation of wealth involved the destruction of the wealth of those they have stigmatised and I am not going to get worse, especially as I still have the excuse of my botched academic work at my finger tips to propel my temper with every time they do it. The only content there is to the matter is one of access to every means by which to make a lot of money without working for it and not doing so in a nice way too, nothing like the lies we hear them blow off all the time alongside their LGBT madness; every time we see them gain an advantage they conduct a test of power and discount what others would be capable of if they got out of bed to calculate which one was the profitable way of controlling other peoples and personal finances of others as well, like a race they are engaged in with the processes of war making and they never relent their stupidities for anything that actually matters because they have those stupid forms of civil rights that allow them access to other people’s property and achievement which their Politicians claim amounts to equality. Now they say most of my one plays into the white communities which is an entirely different story all together i.e. fit girl grabs my career and fit guy assesses my feelings to tell me it’s the one that took everything that matters to me I am thinking about doing something about. So, one can assume they are being pushed into such activities by the forces if social change or one can say they know what they are doing according to what the bank balance says they are doing. So, its yap, yap, with those alright until I pump up their ethnic majority stuff to a point where it will blow up and then that will be a start, otherwise it probably fair to assume I am bluffing as well. The none white always follow this case up with tales of how I am messing up everything whereas before then the racists took the jobs and academics from them and I was about to be forced to get into a fight with the racists when I have no jobs and academics of my own because they had taken it, so it did actually look to me like they wanted to see some proper racism as it were, now we can see they are hot and bothered – same story, where one can assume they are being propelled by the forces of social change whereas they know exactly what they are doing and what I am doing is as they have claimed trial and error, acts of probability. The Politicians are always so good at working this madness for them as it were and we are not talking about their insanity that involves using people’s lives to run their careers and if not using it to run their sex lives instead whereby you need to know about their backup every single moment you have something important to pay attention to. So it did start like it should alright; started with a case of how sharing what I have by asking with make me superior and make them inferior so there has to be other ways of getting it, that then took so many forms of equality abuse and ended up with the University abuse that amounted to me dropping out while they passed them exams and ended up with somebody that was always playing around with personalities and sensibilities associated with a career he knows nothing about but others are qualified for and now it has become a threat all together associated with me ending up with a label all because they are fools that have a capacity to make other people’s public image into their possession if they wanted to – we have now reached the stage where it is a matter of getting around industry villages all the time blabbing about how nobody knows who the hell I am and this is the stage they are complaining about as it does mean that what they have expressly, publicly and openly decided to do with their own time is now affecting me the most; then they tell me I am stuck in my private little world assuming the world is the way I think it is and I want them to know if I handled their big wide world I will likely do whatever I wanted with it too, possibility being exception where this is not an exact challenge like that big mouth suggests at the moment – it has only all become a problem for them because it is taking up my time. I do get told I perhaps need to end it by letting them have their popular culture and city centre madness but we all know they hunt me all the time with social paedophilia and political paedophilia to take away innocence, ensure I have sex and get rid of it before I can get a job, ensure everything I do with my Books is out there, taken away from me and used to create sensations of convenience before the Book is published or sold and in their view I am being cleansed of sweetness, while they are building their power and wealth – so I am wondering if supposing I stopped clipping them own and grafting as well, this will have amounted to  a behaviour of abuse, right up to the point where my business is always at a beginning so I might be made to bear peoples risks while they keep clean and go places, that I will cease to experience.  I mean the story about shutting down the things I do to shut down the left hand side is just as well but we all know what happens most of the time is that I will be trying to write and sell Books while others will be selling drugs to kids who offload the permanent effects on my anus and penis so they can prepare their bodies for the next one - so if I speak to them, I will get shot but the bit where they really want to get on with it however which something is interfering will be the one where the drugs were not making much money on the open market, so I will get after that; apparently judging from previous results, most drug dealers are usually business minds and it is usually a stage where they realise the money they have already made can be put to better use and the Politicians have social conditions to engineer so people can carry on, save that does not work, if a city centre scum will then show up to buy the drugs in a bid to make me do it all the time and become a freak that they abuse to facilitate market and riches, so I do not think those who suggest pulling back from shutting down the left hand side live on the same planet as the rest of us all together: we see the same things in the security services - very clever insults that say they get off to sign up when you have refused to give them something they want to take off you to make their lives better, in order to do something you cannot do for you but you do not see them with an intelligence that corresponds with such insults either, so you assume they read it off a dictionary and what happens to them was clearly something they were asked to take upon themselves the last time we checked (it’s never been a serious matter administration the case of people fighting for me bit otherwise I would not have been able to hold onto Royal Office - everybody can see that most of my activities takes it into account; we have not even started talking about how we got there, being that others steal personalities from those that can actually do the violence that will protect everybody, seeking domination and bullying that will facilitate a process of getting rich by avoiding work, leaving me to think about what my bank account has been saying to me, taking up my time and taking job roles out of this Estate especially the popularity orientated ones like we see them give to the frugal, looking for trouble the whole time) We hear my methods cling to Market Loyalty and squeezes people for their last penny which is utter nonsense, it is their insanity that has created that counter effect; the reality is that they have become quite fond of getting on media to ensure people do not get paid for their work on account its self-employment and so sometimes they just meet people who have decided they are not touching any of the bits they spent or did to foster community relations or community cohesion etc, so it becomes my earning margins versus your job and when you tell them to shut down the comments and stick to the job description and the job at hand, you are still being insolent towards their stupidities while you are apparently the one complaining the last time it was checked out; taking job roles out of this Estate every day, whereby I have  Celebrity at Court and they can copy my lifestyle and have their own as well (they always say it; the excellent nature of your products and the amount of influence you possess means you can make people buy them any time you want and any much of it you desire but of course this need to decide peoples fate is what has created the counter effect into my livelihood all together and as I said, they still think my income margins versus their Media jobs where I am asking them to shut down those comments all the time, is a big joke. It’s an old story where people want to work on Media and the City Centre without paying attention to the fact a certain behaviour might hit people who are down already very hard indeed and then I will end up conjuring ideas associated with wars the Church of England is said to have created around the world like we hear their popular culture claim endlessly, while pushing me to cash into what I have spent to improve people’s lives around me on account somebody made money with 'my friend died' as a song, meaning the disobedience will never stop and they will always have the incentive to make activities I have expressly made clear I do not want done a main preoccupation. Same case; Priest saves his money and invest some and it becomes a main preoccupation of LGBT along with other perverse communities, Arch Prince writes and sells his Books and it is expected that it will be the same and they have not disappointed in any respect; then they tell me the whole business of whether it is the perverse sexual activity that leads to the revolution or the revolution that leads to the problems that bring about the perverse sexual activities is the domain of Politicians, whereby my involvement is only a process of taking Political power from the people, while the simple matter here remains the same i.e. they need to keep off my Books and if they do not want it done, should not get around giving me work). Now they say my position on my income margin versus other people’s jobs does not only show I would do anything for money but shows somebody that is desperately losing his mind and will likely do something irrational but its utter nonsense to suggest I should be worried about what they are capable of in that way – I have seen people whose whole lives are about taking over other people’s jobs and careers and personal lives etc all my lifetime, they do not offend me just by existing and I am not the one complaining by assuming the answer for all problems is to make people breathless with disobedience on account of having friends that love the sound of my voice - it’s never an issue as such if I were picky I would say even the way they drive their cars shows they are paying as little attention to what they are doing on the roads as they are paying attention to claims and bulling and ganging up on others which suggest people are responsible for their problems, people have done something wrong and need to be punished etc, taking over careers and jobs and public image and telling me I think I can but would never make it in the open Industry whereas everybody knows what happens is that Industry people give nothing to those who bring nothing but if they can will take what you own and give nothing in return, while the media ones are insignificant self-seeking pipsqueaks.

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