Arch Prince's prognosis "So here I offer Family Counsel and the usual response is people making me do what I said, while I have endlessly been clear that I will feel the global economy has recovered when business owners pay their own children to do their advertisements for them, so that they can stop getting on media to use me to get rich earning my income when they should be working for theirs but besides this, there is also the fact I am a Noble Man not a Philanthropist. When I write books and people do not buy them it is well and good but one day they will expect me to fight for them and that will never happen, so I always feel the bring up making me do what I promised because they are practicing higher levels of con activity (I guess you can always grow and develop in every single thing; especially when you feel you have amassed somebody else's property to build a fighting force with and in your insolent opinion he cannot take it back or do anything about it, mostly because you are a cultural filth, which is altogether an obvious result of years of accusations of selfishness Public and other wise which is seemingly perpetual and a fantasy of an act of sharing from me which threatens to completely wreck my entire life as well entirely). They claim I use their culture to do things and that it is the real problem, this is not the truth, the truth is that I damage their culture to do things because there is nothing I will want to do with their culture, which is not to say that I do not think they spend too much energy to protect it then realise they need money with my earnings instead of work for their own, when they could have been using it for something really important instead. This is however not how they put it when they stand up somewhere to tell me if I do not deploy my work and income to make them comfortable their goons will have me badly beaten up for a kiss or some sex that will be had using my so called beauties as well-doing club life and Pop music. They of course like to say it is too big and there are too many vested interests involved for me to achieve such a thing but the insolent and abusive indoctrination of their thirst for violence and destruction in the first place suggests there is not any such thing as something that is too big or important for people to destroy. I can either write and sell my books and be famous for so doing or this is what I will do. Of course they like to claim that I am an obstacle for those who fight for justice and I know I am not; they are rather the most insolent scum in the world and normally turn up to abuse and insult me over whom I am supposed to fight for and all those excuses for their distant pre-fascism discrimination based violence applied thereof and the evil with it too, because they are in my opinion doing it to fulfil the will of the devil; I mean what do they hope to gain from it, the creation or empowerment of an evil culture?Should I speak of it in a rational and not religious point of view, we are referring to a process of suffering and loosing what I work for so that I might learn a lesson about not opposing them when they want things and anything from me and then when done spend even more of what I have to aid them with plans to be rich and powerful that is not currently working; so it is really expensive and is an economic policy of contraction and I bet if I mention it that way they will make out it was a funny cultural trick all along, until then the worst is intended from it at all times. It is not true I work really hard and show myself off to be a hard worker all the time, I am not a workaholic, I just have property which I can release funds I need from and which if abandoned while I get an alternative job will lead to incompetence spewed everywhere for idiots like this to change the world and other peopleís lives with; the sentiments I have about them is not like they claim it is either, they are a collection of men who think that are really tough and cannot let other people be and occupy the female side of society and so I still have no idea what the public media cheap shots does for them anyway, itís not as if were are talking about ridding the world of an idiotic culture that people have certified is something relevant to them yet apparently."

They say my sexual habits lead to the strange policies they feel are possible on sex and health but of course there are no such things necessarily Ė as the reality is that people seem to have an incredible array of ways of insulting others and on this occasion me especially to be more precise. They love to say I started first of course but it is never really plausible since all these started when I was about 22 i.e. four years older than the more recent adult but people still want to get jobs before I do on account they are older than I am and people still want to beat up a boy and so it affects everything from academic work to jobs and personal life and everything in between. Then they basically turn out to get on my books and on my finances and on my personal and public life to make regular public media appearances where they are right all the time and so I never mention it because I donít want to work myself up and commit to anything Ė better to see the funny side. Itís like the old story of how I never pay attention to how much my involvement with the Royal Family provokes people; for them the question being how on earth the fact they enjoy hurting a particular person that the royal life likes to rescue from them gets to mean that they are provoked Ė for me the question is how many times I am likely to be rescued before I realise the way the relationship can operate is the realisation that I am in a family situation with the Royals. No idea why whosoever is offended by it has not resolved their problems at this stage.

A typical example is the Shop Managers - the average problem is usually that everybody wants their own Celebrities because they do not want to stop pillaging other peopleís property if such persons have been labelled inferior prostitutes concerning their stupidities; so that if not a security guard that plays their game, the whole job will be about them hitting you with this problem while you solve it for them all day long and then there are the ones that are meant to make it profitable altogether, who are the good ones that are nice enough to give people jobs and it is the fact they cannot let the market do what it does naturally which leads to an outcome whereby they rip it up on seeing the beauty of your personal and family life, then get after it and leave you with hurting bottom every time they use it to make shops profitable; so the story of Media vandalism and their Celebrity friends had long gone past its sell by date, nobody knows why it becomes an attrition because it has to be important at all cost. Itís a very simple prognosis, whereby there is a Royal Arch Prince on one corner and people making use of his Public Office duties image to make Cars for example on the other - there should be no problem if people do not cause him problems concerning how he is to pay his way in the World, otherwise it becomes a simple question of who the fuck they really are as well, like it is at present. It is sad as we can see, that they think they have it covered but have not actually covered it well enough.

They do say I am a victim of Democratic world finance freezing tyrants and of course that my co-operation with the US is raising questions; it is utter nonsense of course because itís a matter of being told people had spent years serving the will of the British because the Americans wanted it and now itís other peopleís turn to have service from the British - the reality is that when I want to converse with them about it, I am accused of being a prostitute because I am not tough and then a real prostitute unleashed on my finances as well, hence the best way to follow it on becomes that of seeing what will happen if I do not co-operate with Americans. As for whether I think the British Army is full of racist however; itís an old story of working hard to kill it and how they have taken over my State Provided security in turn and I need to get it back; so that itís all become Cat and Mouse stuff these days, complete with features like involvement of Public transport scum and Media idiots and Celebrity goons.

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