These are Security intensive Equities that Corporations that broker Equities with the Arch Price bid for, the updates encompass the entire inventory but very important and high end product companies have put in a bid for specific areas and it is important enough to them to be seen all over their Advertisements through which they put in their bids, hence not just an ordinary set of assets for the Company, it is one of the most important areas of operation. There are really no actual regular books on sale at the Firm, only packaged Equities in Book titles. With respect to the matter of international Media and Properties in action through them, it may be easier to say insecurities come from silly men who work on media for the purpose of fighting older women for men they know of a certainty are not homosexual because they are idiots that are also violent or that in more detail, for most of the time it tends to appear that we want to accomplish much by having conversations with grown up idiots. The black ones love to claim they are my parents and relatives which is an insult they will not give up to for self improvement with squandering all I own, in a campaign of seeking self improvement for themselves and their stupid Politics and they also like to claim thereof that I have lots of empathy and so while some people are good orators, they have little empathy, while some have empathy they are not good orators but I have all those things I it needs to be deployed by them in the interest of everybody with their golliwog mouth that has never had any respect for anybody and cannot see it is becoming a bigger problem. What it really means therefore is the usual i.e. that they have saved up their own stupid lives somewhere, in order to get off on media and have conversations about the problems that other people have, so that when I say anything truthful about those matters, it turns out my conversations are worth interfering with and interrupting as they become really confused on the basis I can get beaten up by them and need to fear them and therefore have empathy and that it needs to be used, which they want to get on their stupid media to do all the time as well.  I gathered the process was to settle a condition where they acquire more social dispositions of privilege for those their stupid lives. The insults that I have empathy on the other hand bearing in mind I will not tolerate it nor will they see me in their low life communities asking for any respect, which is why I live the way I do, I have warned about that before anyway. For it stems from an abuse of the Christian who believes in an omnipresent God and the insults of getting me to react to get things done and the management of my temperaments with their insults and filthy culture that pretends to be violent but does nothing all the time is that nothing I say and or write is worth considering in detail, which costs my earnings. I say nothing about this matter for most of the time because it only means that their wickedness had lost all its abilities and now exists as media current expensive stupidities that offer them financial power over me and is therefore the kind of things that end really badly before it ceases to be funny and thereby stops as well. I am not saying it is a serious problem; the wickedness is not so wicked these days anymore, only exists as media current expensive stupidities that seeks access to my property earnings and savings to squander in order to show its followers it has got it when it has not, so we have entered into stage two of whatever their problem seems to be and insults hope to accomplish i.e. nothing I say and or write is being considered in any detail because they want to see me react to things and want to recruit the world to view me in that light as well with a big mouth on account I am a Christian who believes in God. I bet stage three will be about violence and abuse on me to make me react which is better than this idea that exists to suggest their wickedness has no power or means, hence better that and build to it up on media to get rich, as though it is their own bodies and like I always mention, with that big mouth, than just leave me alone and get lost. It seems I have not yet kicked them hard enough over the matter - I mean I don’t invent these things anyway. They claim they find out lots of things and it is how they will find out what they need to do to harm me and to do things to me that will make me squirm like the hated baby they have handled with a big mouth but of course in actual fact they are always doing everything they need to do about which they have conversations about others all the time on the platform of their insolent covetousness, especially the American ones and with that expect to just get off and peel their person off themselves like it was an old snake skin and then grow a new one based on what other people are or already are to be more precise. So the question with respect to all those stupid arguments that everybody knows is a game plan but like to listen to, in order to regard it with its merit, which I have to listen to all the time because they are made with media and on the basis of addressing people in their absence as insolently as possible to make them answer to issues even when they are not around which is how my property is used for all kinds of defiling activities, is or else what? Of course it is the power of squander as it were and if they do not squander it the owner will get beaten up which some people have come to realise is what the White House in the US should be used for.

On 13/11/12 Terrorism and the typical obsession with the means to attention and fame that it offers threw up an interesting outcome here in the UK with respect to Abu Qatada, I have no idea why it is so difficult for the British Administration to see the Jordanians are doing them a favour i.e. evidence obtained by torture may be admissible in Jordan but it is not in the UK and if they go along with the demands of UK Politicians they will end up being responsible for creating a bigger problem for the UK and for themselves, so it is simply better to do what the big guys want. Its the same old issue about why I loose my temper over those kinds of behaviours, you really do wish that this kind of narrow minded thinking would be applicable to when they handle public finances and property i.e. I drive a Jaguar and a Banker an Aston Martin but I am the Prime Minister and you cannot top that, instead their mind is as broad as hell i.e. I can drive an Aston Martin as well if I want to which we all know is not legally possible with a Prime Ministers job. However when it comes to handling human beings, their minds become so narrow and so rigid it is alarming i.e. unless Abu Qatada who is a menace but not a criminal is deported to Jordan, there is no other way in which he can be handled by the entire British Government. They speak of their behaviour due to this stupid, insolent and abusive civil rights people but in actual fact they all do it – they all are crazy about that their stupid violent wickedness and feel like doing it to people 24/7, they all are seriously lazy and want other peoples income all the time and they all are crazy about sending others on errands that are dangerous which they know they are forcing on them and it is a perpetual honeymoon between them and oppression which they believe they can practice on absolutely anybody of their choice as well, so if this includes Abu Qatada, it is never exactly clear why they believe that the foreign Policy of the Nation is the only way to sort it out, bearing in mind with respect to me for example they love to expose things about my personal life that every stupid little witch that climbs on television to seek the income of important people wants to deploy her local community scum that she shares her spoils with in deprived places around the world where she gets her power, to acquire it; even then I still do not think of the National foreign and diplomatic front as a means by which I should solve my problems but the way I handle it has simply increased my holding of Government and administrative trust. This whole thing about civil rights abuses and insults and violence is largely in itself with respect to me a matter of people deep lack of respect for me that I will not chase them around for on one hand and on the other the things very lazy people do about themselves, especially the women i.e. in order to escape a process where the men tie them to providing for everybody while the men put their feet up the women have to be careful about the way they handle child rearing since by law parental responsibility largely falls on the women for the first 12 years of the child’s life but of course it also means I am their hate figure with the help of their politicians as well, culminating in the existence of a group of really useless people who see that their lives does not work like somebody else’s does and set out to comprehensively wreck the persons life. I have not said I am innocent in the matter, clearly they think my relationship with my Court has more to do with how what is good for one person is good for another, regardless of the fact it is a personal relationship between journalists and a Prince while they can enjoy their journalistic freedoms somewhere else without bothering me on the other hand, so we have this process of a daily wrestle with what they do  because they know where my books are and hate people like me and I want the world to feel me hunt them right down to the entertainment and tourism industry, so I am aware I am not innocent in the matter and those their stupid lives before it became all about getting on my television screen to pass their stupid insults in my direction was a lot better than it is now in their opinion.


The central issue of course being that these guys are really incompetent and have not got a clue what they are doing so they want to threaten me into doing things that they get the fame for, thus their entire lives is one huge big massive career piracy and the reason for this is years of letting idiots into matters of government to do what they like so that another group of idiots can get off and oppose them and then we can be asked to choose by vote who leads, hence we end up with the most stupid leaders imaginable. The part that brings about the anger is of course that they are sharing with their media idiots as well as though it is their own or indeed their own to share in that manner. The part about whether I hate women does not come into it, although if they want a conversation I should make clear the fact when women are bullies they think skirts and blouses will hide such a fact and so it will likely continue like that until somebody decides to get control back into his life and then the result is likely murder, when at a dark street corner they confront people they have bullied violently to a point of disillusion all day and cannot bully any further. How do I know? I seem to have been the Christian version of these individuals and therefore tend to think that they can get the owner of the world if they have got one, to come round and tell me what to do with respect to what they want which they will never get here to we can see how it goes from there. I mean it is basically impossible to get a job and keep one and we are not talking about the fact difficulty with getting jobs is veteran lesbians at work looking for power, no I am actually here talking about how 5.30am and 10.30pm is the best time for your chest to feel like exploding, reasons for this being that you are so beautiful they like to abuse you because they are so ugly you can never win. I am not saying I am innocent in the matter either because I find the process where they want to have sex with me to insulting and so intimidating like their Politicians and businesses wreck my finances to make me behave in a way they want for their fame which has moved things away from economy to terrorism and blackmail, that I open up that their heart and cunt but will find my penis in it somewhere in hell, better still no penis wants to go into it either, so I open it and keep it open and just when they think this is their worst nightmare we reach a point where they start to hate me for my privileges because then I can always show them all the time especially when they should be asleep that I am a writer and it is the best time to work and that I enjoy to the most intense feelings of love an affection imagination despite the opening of their hearts and cunts and keeping it open. It is all to be placed on context when facts are considered that they feel like that their violent wickedness and the forcing on people errands they have no choice but attend which is dangerous for them, for what appears to be every single second and that the so called evil business men are really the very clever versions of the civil rights noughts and Royal idiots we see, complain and talk about all the time, which should serve to explain why I am taking no prisoners over the attitude towards my income and my books written from my half monastery office by which it exists.


Demagogues and deviance is all there is to it but in their case it must cost people earnings and property on grounds of their opinion they must be terribly lucky or else with a big mouth; clearly its the media that has becoming the meaning of life as well for good measure, where they talk all kinds of rubbish on grounds they feel they are there of somebody who had taken their things, which is something I intend to crush totally as well as we are not in any way equals as it were. Some might say capitalism and greed suggests it is none of my business but clearly of which it is my life they want to live and what they do must appear on media to affect an international sense of my position and standing i.e. the realisation that my work depends on my ability to ensure people do not get around copying me whenever they want globally, hence the only thing that means it is a legitimate business and a government office held - therefore very provocative but because few other people realise it, they have set it out as a gamble on their way to wealth and glory and hence the importance of media power and some form of democracy based political rubbish for it too. This is something anybody who puts up with will want to crush completely as well, especially when they below so much violent insults on media and social media with pictures of their stupid faces appearing everywhere.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland