It is now suggested that people have developed their civil rights at my expense to such an extent that they are now looking towards campaign of equality, such that they will handle my access to Royal Office and National role, in terms of the things I could do if I wanted to live in their Country while they controlled it and saw to the processes of being close to nature and so on. We know however that if such nonsense were to develop into civil war, their stupidities would suggest they wore miniskirts, and the Men could not handle it therefore war broke out.

These are the details – what they are referring to is a very important matters, such that the Office was built for me in terms of the way that I have been allowed to fraternise with the Country, so that I may provide Hospitality at Public and civil life; so in terms of their ego, we are looking at the destruction of something that professionals, trades people and skilled people become a part of and rely on me for support leadership thereof to get work done from day to day.

The response therefore is this business where I must take the processes of getting them to make comments about their own social lives and not mine, to a whole new stage and what comes to mind readily being that if they were complaining about me, regardless of the destruction of my University studies being the first time their involvement with me, from that stupid lifestyle where they trash peoples careers to pick up the social lives of victims as means to fashion and popularity, which outcome was the loss of their popularity culture and the feeling they have to plan a future for their children which they never had on my account, it is about to become a matter of a process where each time I opened my mouth, Celebrities, Media and Popular culture suffered intensely and each time I didn’t, society and culture gits suffered intensely, all the way to the German interest gimmicks to make sense of those stupidities that are now being followed up by a process of getting imagination fingers up my bum to make me less selfish with a big mouth.

They do love to boast that I am a tiny pipsqueak and none had to do what I said but it’s about to be laid bare when I fuck their society, so each time they showed up around my concerns they felt like vomiting as well and when I get their city centre criminal characters who cannot lay off the grooming products and steal all the incentives and market structures very quickly from this place every day, fucked by the society gits the way they see I had provided a solution for the problem and pushed the luck shoving me into it to boost their popularity every day and of course ensure that I made sense of what I will have recovered from my social life by burning the careers and finances of the Celebrities. I am quite certain that this is achievable and can be understood by a lay person.

The question of how we ended up in this place and my so-called vulnerability is an old story about fat arse American git character achieving something important, after years of career abuse, showing up with this stupid achievement where a handful of idiots whose actions are likely to wreck your career should you respond to it, now have a media presence to play with, with respect to where I am trying to get the bills paid. This is all they have achieved but it is now being followed up by all sorts of celebrity stupidities linked to an ego that suggested it was set in stone whenever they handled anything and got accustomed to it. We have reached that stage where I have shown them evidence of the effects of their Celebrity stupidities appealing to criminals over me and turning back time and again to pass about insults in a hope that I will be attacked by the criminals, a criminal feminism among many other abusive stupidities that ensure I cannot discharge this Office properly, since the last time it was useful to them. Their interest in history of a time that I had not responded to their stupidities is placed in the wrong environment; the history is mine even though they created it and the point still applies that they needed to spend more time talking about their own social lives, especially as they have claimed it is more important than mine.

Eventually I am told what I say is very valuable but I tend to throw it around which is not the case as it does not apply that people can steal something I had said – same as the gimmicks that had since emerged because the idiots claimed I saddled them with a responsibility to control society and should be taught a lesson on account they were famous, never mind the fact that they can feel me when I watch my television which was an exclusive arrangement with a Court system, since then had decided their entire communities will share my personal space and make me smell all day because they were making money, followed on by a need to show up here and damage something to make sense of their gold digger reputation, which I can see give way to a future whereby I had built this up to a stage and asked them to play those stupid practical jokes at me one more time if they wanted as it were. I simply want to recover control of the society issues that are the main cause of the Books that I am write, which is none of their business and more so since they had suggested when people worked entertainment with my equity I found a way to make people work for me through it – thus if this process of marrying my social life and Office to my Bookshop services, continues to fail over the celebrity stupidities, that question of whether I am being tackled because I am an evil person will be answered here as well and I do plan to do something that I will hope to get away with too.

I mean we have seen the destructive of civil living associated with gold digger gimmicks where it needed to show its abilities by claiming that I had anal sex with its stupidities very disrespectfully, while wanting to get paid for being popular at the same time – likewise the communities of idiots who are currently looking like somebody is making their personal decisions for them at my expense and the business of picking up my Bookshop service processes to build me publicity that suggested I should be getting into a fight with people to make them important was born out of a process where I worked with some companies and their gits at Industry picked up a right to work with me as well, making a mess, so I decided to section matters into timelines that showed when they are nice and when they were not, lest consumers were deceived into paying a lot of money for products that made them a lot of trouble, its purpose apparently is to ensure that payment for service processes were extended over such a long period of time that the Bookshop trading did not make sense anymore. I mean the solution is to crush the popular culture completely, so anything they did with their rude gimmicks would produce such outcomes as they would rebuild some of it from the scraps lefts behind which process will make sense of civil living all together but we know the armed services are so good at this jobs that none had to worry about the difficulties of being caught up with contracts and jobs while people pilfered at areas that applicable subjects had done the best work for their careers – however they have built a media presence specifically for me and come up with these sorts of stupid tests every day. The fun part apparently was the involvement time and all abuses associated with a lack of respect for the way that I lived – the smell issues was the beginning of the serious bit – as it stands, the society gits have not gotten rid of an abusive lasciviousness bubble built over me to point criminals to where I lived, cling to my career and bear bait me into a fight and gang activity, complaining to Politicians about my attitude but that stupid bubble is still there – the others were the criminal feminists whose gimmicks have now gone beyond what I have described above – while the third were the Celebrities who had a disobedient streak to engage with the Public where I should have every day, making sense of me ending up on Universal Credit, such that each time Job centre staff taught me how to get a job, I lost something important and an inability to successfully marry my social and Office activities to my Bookshop services, is about to produce a clash that will be financially very destructive for them too.

Their ego has been the biggest problem here, they always must be so abusive and now they had wrecked my career in the process, those who tried to help me recover it cannot because their fans will want to pick up all I did to recover as tools to enhance own popularity but what they did to continue gaining access to my work and person is becoming more destructive than the damage they have already done. They do claim I once found popularity useful but cannot stand it anymore, which is utterly wrong as I am trying to rebuild the part that was useful to me – it was a spiritual canopy, where 90% of what gangs and criminals did was a personal vendetta against people they knew well, probably people in gangs and crime business like them, where the specific criminal activity was the business of the Police – that said, time and again we will find an investigative journalist delve into their world, such that those who did concerning my Public work, directly facilitated the popularity culture that emerged and it served as a signal system, which was split into two parts – one being the part where Industry did what it did and the other where students did what they did, outcome being Government Policy at Industry and Industry at Government and I would support them by seeking administrative resolutions for issues that arose. These gits set about destroying it because of the way that entertainment and public policy affected criminals, Celebrities waded in and the destruction was complete, now the Celebrities want to engage with the Public the way I should have on the issue in question trashing my finances everyday – effect is that I am being punished by those who loved the criminal activities for the way I had facilitated Policy to affect them, they are now out there with the daddy characters on one hand, blabbing nonsense with ageist money on everything that I did with my career and finances, while they took their clothes off on my social life and left it open to sex workers – the Celebrities on the other hand helped complete the punishment for devising civil living that affected criminals but are now trashing my finances to stay safe and ensure I did not shut them out of my concerns. So I believe that it is not too much to ask if I set about burning their money every time that it became a test for me – I mean they can justify it if they showed me a single occasion in which these nonsense I had to tolerate endlessly affected their careers and families, such that when I cleared it out they performed new ones because their stupidities were confident there was nothing I could do about it.

They do claim that the point they were trying to make is that I am a laughingstock, but we know if they stopped making a mess of the academic work and career, there will be no laughingstock that want to teach them a lesson as well. I could never dream of living the way they did, the business of wrecking people’s lives to pick up the social activities and public image as a tool for popularity and they need to make sense of how badly it affects me when they got involved disobediently or uninvited, their imagination getting up my bum meaning their stupidities were making me less selfish as a laughingstock. They do claim we get involved with Celebrities and then hang about looking like we are neither dead nor alive for it which is understandable but when Government Office is involved with Celebrity it is a matter of culture, media and sport meeting with Government activities and those involved took responsibility for what the Celebrities got up to, ironically which Celebrities usually think they are in control, that their industry makes them a lot of money and is self-regulated, so the Government Office people are being used, while reality is that Government Office was more important than their own but in my case, it had developed from Celebrity abuses to outright threats of violence so I must respond, those who work me needed to be cut off and those who threatened me will one day gets a response for it too. This is not nearly the half of it, the reality is that their industry has a lot of money running around in it and it is self-regulated, so there are unimaginable things criminals can do with it, therefore involvement with Government Office is that which must have such an effect as keeps it small and tied off. I for my part have got the infestation but they claim the way I talk encourages them while we also know when it comes through in the form of writing then the way I said it becomes a history they must keep and ensures that I stuffed them with what I was thinking for the trouble they make for me every day; the purpose is to ensure that I used my Public image to build up their gimmicks for them as the next stage of their social and public lives, so that I might sell Books on it, my finances will be settled and the problem of their need to pick up matters of social control as tools for bullying the public to get rich solved. Mine has always been this case of Companies brokering equities with me, years later we would meet again and if what I did with impressed, there will be a new relationship – it is the sole source of Publicity for the Bookshop and this business of comments about my social life or their popularity involvement with it now had to stop, a laughingstock. It is not quite true I am dead and buried as suggested. They do claim I had no way to recover from these matters which is utter nonsense – what has really happened is a business of ripping up my career because a handful of idiots had decided how I should be used, expressed by the lascivious activities that get people casting imagination to what happens when I take my clothes off, their entire communities now sharing my personal space to finger my bum the imagination, churn my tummy and beat me down all day to make money with my social life, which made me pliable – the sole cause of this being that they wanted to set out that a handful of gits who pick up the way we lived, to make sense of how we related with areas we thought made problems for us as a community, to build their own alternative social rights, did what they did because they were criminal but it was rather suggested instead while people clung to my Public life and Royal Office, that such people were suffering discrimination from me and then my entire life and work will be trashed by those who wanted to get paid for being popular, while I was incapacitated and unable to act on it; the result we have then being their relationship with these criminals is not my problem and as long as their abuses are still able to inflict health and smell issues on me, or make away with market each time I tell them off, we are set to see a very bad ending for it.

The prognosis of these have been mostly that they had enemies everywhere and needed to devise an enemy they created and eliminated, to make sense of what all the other enemies will be made to understand – so 8 years of my career had gone down the drain to create the idea criminals were nice people and I spent my time rubbing shoulders and had to be punished, now they have reached a stage where they decided that I was to be made to tackle the criminals while they made money using my social life and public image and it is pretty much the same pattern all round. The claim I am unable to do anything about it simply seeks to test the subject of what is required to stop celebrities handling me as such and they do claim I had no idea what I was letting myself into naturally but we know I probably should have spent more time attacking Celebrities instead of finding solutions to problems built by industry gits that dreamed of people trying to make money from the shadow their businesses casted, maybe I should have spent the energy attacking Celebrities instead of working on the risks of getting down a rabbit hole to show up at the other end watching people do my career, we do see it is an example of the way they will get out of their lives and career, get out of their way to make other people’s lives extremely difficult. They do claim I am angry that I am unable to catch on, but we know it is an example that despite all matters, their need to engage with the world in my place could have been hushed up so we might all get on, instead it produced the Office space, Office bloc, Office window insults that they claim had run me down well enough for their stupidities to alter my social standing.

I do get told that I had run myself down but I have not done anything like that – what happens is that these people spend their time on a lifestyle where they tore up peoples finances and careers to pick up public image and social lives of victims as tools for popularity, they would tell others when the special places of the lives of sweet people they want to handle these after is about to be invaded with involvement corruption before they did it perhaps. This business of culture and society people gaining such close involvement with my personal space is not really a problem; the popularity abuses of celebrities gets it to kick up my heart rate and push up my stress levels and then they get imagination around my private parts while all I did with my career was already spent, every moment: it is usually asked why I able to handle the culture and society bits when others cannot, which is an old story about the lies people tell on it and the way the culture and society people want to own that history and ensure they couldn’t move on – I mean the history I have with them is not a bad history but the effects are catastrophic never the less as we speak, so it’s a case of getting imagination up my bum to say that my tiredness meant I was gay and my presence in their society encourages gay people to snoop around which they really hated but the imagination up my bum meant they are not, so I am never likely to express it – sometimes they go one better and claim they were fucking me for being selfish and that takes the business of suggesting they are homosexual which they claim played into dangers of being attacked by an entire community to a whole new stage and then it gets increasingly serious when it turns out I am likely to end up with a wife that loves to fuck society, by which they will find out what repression looked like thereof, so this usually makes serious minded society people the last time we checked. I now must do the same work I have done on the Industry gits and market goons in terms of this, but nothing appears to be effective save if my focus was the money Celebrities had, considering that it is the main process for this underground pipeline of disobedience, designed to gather the public to themselves for market success on my public image.

I. Uno I

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