I have to clear out this bullying from Celebrities and famous people every day but by far the one that gets to me the most is that I make a mess of their lifestyle, culture and Country at the Monarchy – so annoying because their need to go to the Monarchy to fight other people’s battles and get married into it, is the primary setting by which the Duke of Sussex had abandoned his Family for instance, something that the Queen is unhappy about as such. Does the Monarchy want to get rid of the process then? Likely not, since it is the way that members of the Royal family secure suitors, but I find it impossible to make sense of how I am the one making the mess at the Monarchy about which famous idiots in this Country and overseas felt irritated enough by, to threaten me constantly. As for the threats themselves, I do not know how they had come to a decision I had to live in fear of them when it was possible Celebrities would not do too well with the fame if on being unable to beat them up with fists, you had resorted to sticks which would help then continue the abusive behaviour on the excuse they were bigger than their victims.

Some people have said it is an interesting reality that I am not afraid of them but it’s a simple case of a people who are always being seen gathering the public to engage with people on matters of popularity, much the same way I engage with people on matters of Church and Public morality interests but we hear nothing of mine while their wrecks everything here and makes a case of doing so on National Media, much the same way it affects my personal finances every day. It’s so difficult to make sense of how people would behave so badly and at the same time try bullying others to institute the idea they had a license to be famous; I mean they never think about the people who consume their show business products, to speak of the part where they would have been nice enough for me to get involved with – we are talking about three year olds who were all over the place having fun with memories of films that have now been turned on its head leaving them with disturbed personalities aged 8 and there is really no reason for this, just the process where those who were paid tens of millions for playing a part in those films, took part in the merchandising processes too, which by the way was also voluntary activity. In my case it has always been a matter of the question of when I will take it seriously, rather than thrill people with the juicy facts, meaning I have to look again at what I think of the matter in a clear context i.e. society and culture gits updating their stupidities with everything to do with my person, to ensure they were relived of every pressure associated with working for money, which is also my fault, while they hung around somewhere pillaging my public image to make their own fame to such an extent that I couldn’t stay the night anywhere on account I smelled of what I ate all the time, issuing threats that indicated they would have stopped but their ego was too big to do so. I have always as a younger person thought of their stupidities as a problem that I could only manage, make sense of and or get involved with, without hurting anybody seriously or killing anybody, if I got involved with it for the long term, it does appear that especially with respect to the Americans who are always entitled, they really are.

They do boast that I have not got a chance in the whole world and we know that the access culture and society gits who likely think the best time to access the use of my personal space is midnight and all day long, was created by their famous idiots’ stupidities targeting me for it all the time and that the biggest yardstick for their abusive behaviour is money built up from the sensations of convenience built up from this, such that when the need to go right back to the very beginning to sort something out with the fact their stupidities have no wish to stop it soon or put it under control is being chased along the lines of the money that had gotten to their heads, will they find out I have all the chances in the world. It is much the same as their silly women being seen making a mess of every aspect of my concerns that involved me getting into a relationship with somebody, to tell lies about how I pester them and make up ideas they were a big deal at my expense, being something that we can clearly see likely always ends in an outcome where they will be single for eternity if I responded by a much smaller measure. The same as we know that the access which culture and society gits have to my personal space is facilitated by their need to tell me how to exist and how to be a better behaved and civilised person, where criminals are getting completely out of hand, which has now become a bigger problem, since the last time they spent money on quasi criminals that built up my concerns somewhere so they might tell me my life is over at all, instead of show up here to read a Book I had written for their foolish interest in my matters, never mind their stupidities sharing fame with those who have it by whipping the anus of victims using LGBT lifestyle, playing into the abusive ways they handle my social life, such that I am so stressed I end up with an eating disorder and smell.

They do claim my activities are a disruption naturally while reality is that it’s a matter of ending up in a place that is reserved for those who spend time thinking about, committing or taking part in criminal activity, while I had no reason to be there; ended up therefore because the Celebrities wrecked University studies making me respect my Mum so they might get paid for being popular and ethnic minority idiots latched onto the idea I was a character from whom their stupidities were entitled to be paid rent and to have me do what they wanted, while the Politicians are the ones that simply have not learned that the destruction of academic work and or finances like they pillage my Books does not make it easier for people to do what they want or get people out of such conditions if they were complaining about it. I personally do not believe it to be an issue as I plan to place my Office in such an environment even when I had departed it, since it is never clear, like they wrecked University studies, when the idiots or indeed where they will show up to make a mess at a stage where I had done the best work for my career. We all know however that despite being famous and stupid at the same time, they were able to tell that if people picked up their social life to make a right mess in order to build up self-expressions about being a big deal, it would make their foolishness cross but they claim that the reason for their activities was probably my fault while everybody knows is the cocaine piping pathologically lying fame industry idiots who propel their stupidities talking nonsense about threats to their product sales that do not wish to be used by them all the time, which has ended up creating this bubble on Media that says every day is a struggle for survival on my part because of their stupidities and it’s about to be shut down the way I want, since their civil and criminal disobedience would not budge..

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland