The story of my inability to do anything about it is an old one where we find that goons who make money to build problems for others have to keep making money if they are making money that way, so the usual way out is a stupid Industrial narcissism that means when I am in suffering I have been placed in an inferior position which makes others feel special as well and it’s the only way their stupidities sell goods and services while these scum get handouts from them and cannot stop blowing off a big mouth at me to do some form of damage that will keep it continued and then my personal favourites will be the twerps that never stop blabbing of how nobody knows who the hell I am taking over top jobs in the city centre and dishing up stupid fantasies of how I will lose a Royal Commission or its Literary Empire market to their stupidities to allow them operate as real fat cats – then they say the animosity between and people need be resolved because they believe it will suit them while they never give it a rest in any 24 hours which then build up to a point where I know it is distracting for me but I am obliged to respond to it never the less, as stupidly as possible, about which they blab about the first instance which concerned a case of what I did with that stupid culture bearing in mind the idiots know pushing people into social issues to grab empire is a nasty thing to do but do it with a sense of moving into my right hand and getting me beaten up to ensure I never remember that part of my life and they could keep it permanently, looking for more.

They appear completely incapable of giving it a single moments peace with stories of how I think I can handle Industry trouble makers but really cannot and they wished to teach me a lesson and it is all adding up to a point where they will likely get a response from me for it too. It goes on endlessly and does not give me a break like it wants to understand why I never respond to it but I never respond to it because it’s what they want to do with their time i.e. we don’t work together and if I responded to it the process of doing so would not have contributed to my career path but then again which this behaviour happens so abusively and so often that a response is always required. All there is to it is the bread winner insults that their silly Children copy to bandy at absolutely any person of their choice and I am left wondering at this point whether blowing off the big mouth over it on how I think I can handle Industry people but cannot really was how advertisement should be made, as stupidly as possible – I find it so difficult to understand why people cannot make sense of when somebody has told them he is completely fed up with the business of tolerating such nonsense all together in the first place. What they will rather get off doing is claim my actions are playing into the hands of seriously bad Industry people and yes it should because the reasons they are obsessed with this nonsense is that everything I say is always taken over by busy body opportunism using Media, Politics and Stock Markets and everything I say and do has happened to them as well, but because they appeared on media, they were more deserving of income associated with me putting myself out there on account that I had written a Book, they never buy Books and do not read anything I have written – they don’t come with gangs and criminals that they got themselves involved with during the times when working for money did not appeal, even saying nothing I do will ever be enough unless it is the business of giving my life for it all day long, having been they had covered their tracks telling me I will end up in very difficult circumstances if I described them as stupid. I do get asked if I understood the prognosis of why these things happen of which there has never been any but the fact that I have a Royal commission and each time I try to release equity from it to pay my way in the world they want to release that equity with me and have armed themselves with wealth inequality issues crowds by which they will become wealthy layabouts at my expense and will now do anything, anything whatsoever to achieve this, now they tell me I cannot do anything about it and that the way I handle their Celebrities was due to luck. It is now building up to the part where being this moral character that should take the fall for their misgivings because I am a low life, will progress into something of me being a character that they can hurt and therefore want to handle all the time with their big mouth, over a very limited period of time and that gap between me and them which means that even their family members are not aware I have to put up with these insults everyday neither are their jobs and careers affected while mine is decimated by their stupidities, will mean that they got a response from somebody who used to think some of the actions of religious people towards them was overbearing when he was a child and is now afraid of the decisions he has to make as an adult and I can assure their stupidities that they will not fancy the response they will get from me too.

What has really happened with these guys is that in the course of spending a decade and a half of my time making a mess of my whole life, they have also spent a decade and a half of theirs building up regrets on how they could have better used their time; so they are now completely dependent on causing me distress because it is how they feed on the personality and temperament of an Arch Prince to fill in the gaps for the mental illness they have incurred and how that affects and debilitates them – so it all hinges on goons with media jobs who lend it to them to play with all the time, the case with the Media ones being that of a matter of when push came to shove they would be better off hence the bread winner insults and ways of making it profitable, about which they are now stuck, out of their depth and with no exit in sight. They do claim it’s a matter of looking like I can take it all which is utter nonsense as this is all about the many things people will do to make themselves rich layabouts at an Arch Prince’s expense – I am in control of all I do and people have not learned this lesson well enough yet, I am currently responding to goons that have spent time with me to pick up their own mental illness and have decided that tackling me because my response is exhilarating is an alternative to taking drugs because I wish to do to until people got hurt and it’s not the only example out there to show the last time they decided I should be getting stuck with gangs and local trouble makers, getting stuck with social issues on account their stupidities were more important and had thought up a practical joke for how I should be used, it ended over an issue with society goons and the fact they now have to organise for the job that gets to their heads all the time and likewise we see their insults about how they are superior to me and I need move over to their left, like the Politicians complain about the Luvvies all the time will end over a clash with Luvvies as well because they got off telling tales of how I may have had a sex change and they have been fucking me while I was either sex to make themselves seem like proper English Men, while we already have a history of realising my state of mind is one which says Homosexuality was a personal choice people made unless somebody is getting me involved with it endlessly on account people want to be cured of it because of me too. They do say it’s the way I want to have the last word on every matter which is utter nonsense; it’s been 11 years of financial complications for me, including wrecked academic work because the kind of jokes Politicians think would improve their social standing would be one where I dropped out and hung around responding to Luvvies while they threatened me if they had to deal with the same problem endlessly, financial complications that are entirely due to their big brother and big sister practical jokes with something that does not belong to them to say the least – how we started the conversation here tells the entire story all together in the first place. They speak of it happening because of the sheer number of people who speak of teaching me lessons and how they are being restrained which was largely a matter of opportunistic goons playing their games and we know if I could not have peace because of the evils in their culture and society should we have shared a work space, they would feel me as well is such a way that their family would be fully informed of the nonsense I have to put up with when they got to work, these other gits on Media and Celebrity culture must have understood that it is not happening around my career path even though it is distracting enough to take me away from it but clearly also must have known it can only continue taking up time I should spend getting organised for and running my own concerns, until it gets a response from me that will ensure it got to see what it was like when it madness made it the one thing I thought about every single day as it were – until it becomes something like this, there is currently no prospect that they might stop it yet so far. I do get told I am not really a victim of bullying and do need bear in mind I am not doing myself any good playing the part but I am not playing any part, these goons are very good at the idea if they cannot hurt me they will hurt somebody else, such that they always get a response out of it, shoot up my stress levels and play with me to fill in the pain and emptiness that their personal decisions have inflicted on them, which makes it impossible for them to live in the one and only society they have got and yet the behaviour that creates those choices continue never the less, only for the older ones to become the most misogynistic ageist goons in the whole world whose access to your nakedness was facilitated by their foolish Politicians. They speak of something about the Monarchy being incompetent while I am the only thing that stands out which does not make any sense whatsoever; what really happens is that there are people who get corrupt with National service and they liaise with the Celebrities once they believe they are set up and run around building this fantasy world that creates problems for everyone and everybody - so their disposition with respect to my person is that they carried through National service and I were excluded like the behaviour that makes it difficult for them to live in their own society continuing while I am paying the price for their stupidities on Media and Celebrity culture, which in my view is a position that clearly works for them hence I do not mind; what then happens is that they get around claiming I had accepted liability for what Armed Forces personnel do with their jobs and what happens to them in the field over what I do with my social media networking and it allows them to foster these incredible abuses towards me, which they hope will make them fame and fortune but at the Monarchy - the case being that I do not really care what they do with National service and they are telling lies each time they claim I have accepted personal liability for it, which is not to say they were unable to build up the sense I go around repeating HM duties because I think I can do as well which has really sent the abuses they channel at me through the roof - that said, I do not care what their position or situation is at all, especially seeing that my disposition tends to mean that HM does not think too much about the difficult decisions that were made because they have been so disobedient at National service. They have claimed they want to end the friction with me all together about which there is nothing to end; it’s an old case of getting involved with my concerns to control it - so we find it will boast about being a Socialite that teaches me lessons all the time and try as hard as I may to make sense of its importance and try to quantify it, the whole thing does not go anywhere beyond Girls in the neighbourhood standing up for fellow girls which I get to tolerate at this Hermitage as business of Court which is associated with work but because it thinks it controls me, it interferes with absolutely every aspect of Royal duties and then its insults and abuses get through the roof every time I find a way around it to get on with my Royal concerns and I lose all my money; it is something that has to stop especially so because of such outcomes as when I build structures for self-provided security to mean parents can be parents and children can be Children, any slight action that means young women take advantage of it to make money at popular culture where popular culture people find it irresistible, through which they support other young people at school, they barge in and if a song was made about a criminal character they make a counter song about how criminal character is not so bad, heaping the blame somewhere else - I never really think I must sort it out totally; need to ensure Hollywood can continue ripping up my finances over insults that suggest criminals even buy more entertainment than an Arch Prince that wants to get around rubbing shoulders with Celebrities, when enough had been hurt, I will become their almighty saviour and they will get a taste of their own medicine as well but there is no friction, just the idea there is any part of my concerns that other people control showing up as something people think I cannot put an end to but will not actually make me sweat. Then there is the enmity they are making with Families over my Trust, whereby their behaviour means they pick up hopes and dreams of young people especially and set about smashing it after making the films to extract the money from it in the first place - this is usually the main point of friction between the USA and the North, all the way to Australia and this has never really changed, I just want them off my Film Assets and want them leaving it as they had found it

I am aware the conversation never ceases naturally about how my attitude and impetuousness is responsible for all these outcomes and they are not based on the truth in anyway whatsoever – the truth is that I have a Royal Hermitage Trust from which I must release funds to pay my way in the world and the Media alongside their hoodlums and American Liberal Leadership wants to decide the funds are to be spent on themselves because they were poor, so they have their violent communities, media stupidities and stories about wealth and social inequality to run it off with. The only reason we have the problem we have is because when I get tackled by Local trouble makers, who then respond to the outcome by going off to get famous at my expense, their fame does not go beyond their Politicians and Local Councils, until the last time people with Media jobs found the need to get me responding to a distress they have caused, ripping up my Book sales for what they consider to be an exhilarating practical joke like the damage to my academic work and making up the reasons as they went along culture and society talking nonsense about how the Law of the Land were norms people made up when they did not see the big picture, setting off to allow society fools and Public transport operatives the means to claim that my life is now in the hands of Media and Celebrities where it will become their property, while they spent time working how much how much their foolish media jobs can have over me.

So the outcome is that we find these fools show up in Public places all so frequently, looking to exhibit the idea they were very important and to get somebody making me do something that will make them feel comfortable, which pushes beyond the fact that the only Arch Prince that would have survived them like a stupidities that will get me committing crimes at public service Office, would have been one that was their Family member and yet the idiots will not get organised for the jobs which have gotten to their heads to a point where I am physically sick of it, they believe that was my problem too, looking for more. We have had a few things in our history like when they complain about culture and society damage I have wrought which is the reason for what is happening here being that the way it works is that stepping outside of my door gets me into a clash with idiots that want to be more important than I am on my own public image, making me smell of what I last ate constantly, or it will be about their society and culture fools labelling me a character they deploy to fulfil their hearts desire and the outcome since last they damaged my academic work as well, has been that they have found out those who do not pre-empt these things and make their stupidities complain about wealth inequality before chasing the career in the first place are not as vulnerable as they thought, now that their culture and society is being deployed to fulfil my dreams, whereby if I get seriously threatened by them it will buy the weapons as well as it were. Its never clear why they complain all the time but the attitude of running off a media and Celebrity job on my Publicity continues, while they spend time doing one better every day by getting after what exists because a Publisher published my Books and built me a small market I can work with, talking nonsense about how important they are and wish to own the trade secrets but there is still no need for me to be subjected to the business of smelling like what I ate because everything that means stepping outside of my door is now their main concern and that of their stupid communities too – we see these insults all the time and they are the bread winner, even their children were bread winner too, passing their prepubescent version of it at me endlessly, to show I cannot blame them very much because they were copying their stupid parents perhaps and then they omit the whole thing and complain to Politicians about my behaviour.

Another group will be the type that says if I dared mention I was an Arch Prince in Public places I would get into serious trouble with a big mouth but we all know much like my attitude and impetuousness is the reason for it according to their stupid media and the 6 years of nauseating financial complications I have tolerated due to the practical jokes they want to play up with my Book sales, talking nonsense about equality and then about their nepotism and its superior nonsense that makes them such public places twats, I will not get into any trouble whatsoever as long as attending a Book signing event in which people get involved with Books written by an Arch Prince did not mean I spent time dealing with their own security problems and I am certain they were very well aware of this too each time they thought about starting something new in this area. Everybody knows the Crown expects some service from me with respect to the fact I tidy up well the business of the various diverse communities coming into the UK, especially the ones that came from Fatherland type societies in this Country and that their case was always a matter of the fact we are brits, we have given money to some very stupid individuals and are now holding our tummy to find out whether when we say they are not stupid anymore now that they have money it would stop the abdominal pain and urge to vomit and fart for doing so. For my part I have warned them enough times about running off their stupidities on Publicity I have built for my Business, spending all day trying to be me and ripping up my reputation, finding the outcome amusing and blabbing foolish wealth and social inequality issues all over it, like the devils spawn stupid media that cannot handle the bad people but can handle those who handle the bad people and grab glory in that way, it has nothing whatsoever to do with my attitude or indeed impetuousness – the conditions still stand; each time they fool around with my finances and wellbeing, I will fool around with anal sex at their expense and each time they escalate it I will do my part to ensure they cannot go home too.

Their Minions claim it’s a matter of the fact I smell and it damages people’s lives, as stupidly as possible and we all know it’s a case of what I know in terms of community croons alongside Industry goons practicing narcissism on them too – they are always stuck between the two, completely determined not to go down on their own and will not stop following around, about which the warnings of their stupidities doing it the next time they see me at an academic institution, knowing I am not part of their cliques talking nonsense at what they think is their mates about being important nor am I part of the community croons society or the Industry goons one, will lead to catastrophic results have become a sermon at this point. There is also talk beside it of me looking like a threat to people because my Equities have been deployed to make multimillion pound products, which is utter nonsense – what happens is that people are losing sight of the fact that the way to broke equities with me is a bidding process, reading the Books, investing in what they have read, so I need to get it all refocused, the others who run off the multimillion pound products, do it in a way whereby they put their own money into developing the asset equities into products and then we keep the resulting assets in a shared Trust while they left me with a bit of Publicity to sell my Books by, hence unless people can afford this, insults that degrade me to ensure their civil rights got some of it will not replace a process where their stupidities were supportive enough to show up here only to buy and read Books that an author they think they needed to get involved with had written, like they think it will. The Celebrities have constantly placed themselves at the heart of the most destructive stupidities, where they go from building crowds that will acquire my trade secrets for their stupid selves, to being famous on my own Publicity – such that whenever these idiots threaten me it really works when I make them instantly famous and ensures I got my own back from the Celebrities as well; so as long as people are not playing up all sorts of nonsense about hoodlums being famous at my expense, setting me out as respite giver later on because of the way my Asset equities and my work looks instead of buying and reading my Books, causing the bottom to fall out of my finances while they continue their stupid rich layabout nonsense, there shouldn’t be a problem about it and we are not even talking about their recent behaviour of picking up entertainment they were paid enough to get rich from playing a part in and breaking to bits the effects that have emerged as a result of the products showing up on people’s living rooms, damaging the minds of children and showing up on Public places to play up foolish abusive finance based practical jokes on me, while blabbing of my attitude and impetuousness being the reason for it. It all feeds into economic recovery issues where Capital and Asset experimentation does not ever stop no matter how hard we worked at Government, long after the crisis itself had moved on because of their insults.

They do say that I have been shown my place eventually but I have not been shown anything whatsoever - what happens with these guys is the same corruption of involvement concerning Men which I tried to avoid for the various reasons about 15 years ago - having ended up with a bad reputation myself while they become convinced I am set to be available for them to do whatever they like with,. the same reasons have turned out to be the basis on which I ought to prevent further involvement and handling of my property that it facilitates i.e. I cannot get them to buy Books at this Shop, I cannot get a job off them, I cannot make them behave if what they get themselves involved with around here is making them comfortable enough to make more trouble for me and each time I raise this issue of their bread winner insults as per whether they bread win for me and their silly children who copy it bread win for me as well, they claim it’s a matter of the way black people behave but they are referring to black people I know nothing about and speak languages I do not even understand, which compounds a problem that already exists when I had dropped out of University because the same black idiots have been following me around over a drive for popular culture and money, which is very bad but these guys never seem to listen when told I have had enough of it or that their need to build up a sense these gits are my relatives generally allows them to work the familiarity that facilitates most of their stupidities becoming part of Public living; these are supposed to be characters whom to say the least spend most of their time passing municipal crap at absolutely everybody they meet and are so disobedient especially over such matters that somebody that is older than they are, either their parents or somebody else in the Family who is tougher, decided that they are not entitled to any identity whatsoever - this is how their pathological fear of work that they are always projecting onto me while older versions of their stupidities want to do the same things they have suffered to me all day long and will do anything to ensure that they were able to pull off the process of being rich layabouts the same way that white peoples beard winner insults is something I gather sets to make their Popular culture and Celebrity culture profitable to allow them become financially well off layabouts too - so if they are complaining it is not the 1980s and 1990s here, I have had enough of them and there is no such thing as showing me my place, what is about to stop all these gimmicks is somebody writhing in pain somewhere at some stage because they made a mess of my Books one more time. They have now invented their own version of municipal crap I pass at them as well but I have never met them as a minor while they have continued to get used to those insults that suggest they were entitled grownups and I were a child and their children are copying it too but far back as 2002 when it started, they were obviously picking up the personality of a minor then to build up on Media abusively and mix it up with that of female journalists that they are so accustomed to insulting and abusing all the time, then make their families and neighbourhoods predisposed to industrial wealth over my life's work and throw it to the sex industry to throw me off their trail like we see them give their own to the frugal; it was clearly my municipal crap passed at them far back in 2002 according to the outcome of what this brought as it were: so it has always been a simple fact that they never listen, they never stop and can never stop lying but it gets to me on a whole new level when that foolish insult continues to fool around with my earnings and make statements of how they knew there would be consequences on my part for their behaviour but were so far superior to me that they did not think these consequences will have applied with a big mouth - they need to stop getting involved. It is obviously their shove piggy shove routine, playing up the usual insults and practical jokes that mean my whole career is someplace else where they can then get between me and it to tell tales of me spending time with a sweet thing until the cost becomes my entire existence with a big mouth - we all know their lives will be over if I completely destroyed the stupid media they fool around with it all by.


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