They do claim it is now said that everything I did was a waste of time and space as they had stolen my Office and position – utter nonsense naturally as such a thing can only happen when a bunch of gits doing me favours at security services and bothering everybody at the system called my shots, it is never likely to occur save the beginning of a crisis point where Celebrities called my shot which is never likely to occur as well. The point of this being that Celebrities were complaining about me and if they were, they ought to make the media narcissism about their own career and fool around elsewhere, as what these characters got up to had nothing to do with them. They do however claim that there was little accountability on my part which is not the case either, the interest Celebrities showed in me was due to a vanity that caused them to seek building their own private army, showing up here to make demands upon demands which is the typical hall mark of a home wreckers behaviour, their interest in these characters that were making a mess for everybody at the system was so that since these were people who were always bigger than others, to which effect the way they pursued their sex life was a threat to the wellbeing of the so called smaller people, the pursuit of their finances makes the so called smaller people ill all day etc, they would be able to say that considering they have never made a single decision about where their careers were located in terms of work the prison service did, if people did crime the famous could take advantage of them and if people did not do crime, the famous could take advantage of them and the famous could attack anybody and take advantage of the same victims at the same time.

There are now three main points from which they made a mess of my finances – one involved working with a troll crowd whose interest in my affairs was a gimmick in which they tried to avoid the work market over ideas that what is now the cause of all my financial complications was that I had done too much work for my career, as that is what their famous idiots would like them to do, when they are not complaining about me, public policy and the Celebrities all together; so I had done the work and people should get involved at the Bookshop to invest in their own future, was the idea behind the way I ran it, their gimmicks do nothing but damage and the complain about me is music to my ears. The second was the Celebrities who had come up with an abusive idea for handling my personality as expected, that no matter who you were, what you did, they will always read your astrological sign and convert you to a character that people handled to answer lives questions and to enjoy peace after a lifestyle of abusive entitlement, so it became a matter of chance as per whether they gained access to your secrets, living out an existence of abuse save the period of time that their insults were converted into a complain about you, thus the outcome is the gathering of crowds with a purpose that whilst peoples careers did not make any sense and had no content, they made money off it by running it as a matter of being the centre of my attention, after 2 decades of getting these idiots off my affairs, they have created this nonsense anyway and I do feel like hurting it mortally although I prefer it exhibits its famous insults and stupidities somewhere else. The third is also devised by the Celebrities whereby my writing career was a tool to help them answer lives questions when faced by fans about personal decisions, with the consequence that when they were doing with a Trust system in which people worked in my interest sometimes and I did in their interest sometimes depending on the circumstances, is a process of showing I am a fake hero and getting those that are more willing to attack others on their behalf to take over my affairs, but until then, mire all I did in media narcissism whilst it kept its income to develop into a big bully. I do not think it is a crisis, just people asking the questions: I mean it does build a social condition in which I was right to defend myself from them but the idea does not last, implying that it is busy trashing my social profile and career publicity to get the racists and criminals involved because they enjoyed nothing better than doing the same for itself since doing so made its famous stupidity more desperate and therefore dangerous as per the answer to their problems being the finding of secrets that Libras kept, that said, they claimed I am a killer of people and I stopped fighting back for a period of time, the reality is still outstanding that I will need to wait for instances where they had precious little social profile and career history to go by and then spend it on my problems, which is one of the main ways I cause enough frustration for people to lose to their lives, or it needs to cease sitting on my finances, expressing its famous stupidity around here. They do claim it appears others were in control of this matter and I was not which is utter nonsense as it needs to stop pushing Celebrity insults at me, make comments about its career and fool around elsewhere or I will respond to its need to make a mess of my Trust finances by building a box for the celebrity harassment to get a feminist complain about me out of them and none would be able to stop it, currently their security guards could not protect me from them, the complicated problem being that it was the fact I had come into possession of something others did not have, making people money and celebrity popular for providing it, from a structure where I had business with the security services and set out a process that allowed people attain an environment to do the best work for their academic pursuits and career, so they have employed their street criminals, read my astrological sign and are complicit with their rogue landlords abusing my privacy, following me everywhere with privacy abuses, people getting imagination into my panties and private security industry narcissism. The outstanding need however being that all assets associated with show business needed to be handed back, now new stupid show business products created, considering a history where I am the problem and criminals were nice people, as I need to work with other people, whatever happened between me and them is finished. I mean they were in control but there is nothing decided or done yet about that idiot who always makes a mess of other people’s affairs to get rich, save when he is hurt or dead, discovering instances where an alliance with some famous idiots would be immensely profitable. Naturally some would say I am not the fake hero they claimed either, but I am not, that is just something I will do alongside the option that I am as stated above.

They do claim the Celebrities had gotten one on me which is not the case, as the other goon at Washington was the main reason they were able to get about the spending of money in a way that suggested I had lost something important, instead of getting a real job – these were the characters bankrolling this nonsense at the expense of the US Government, I need to keep my affairs under wraps and if that is continually difficult because their famous idiots were making up stories of what I did with communists and terrorist to get rich, their problem was far from over, whilst the Celebrities need to make entertainment for the criminal community and cease investing my assets like the most abusive and insolent nonsense on the planet. Overall it looks like a bunch of people looking for trouble until they actually find it, I mean the Government office gits liked to suggest their need to make a mess of my finances were linked to a statement where this would have been the part where I picked up a Uniform and got into a fight with National enemies about which they will never stop and when the famous idiots hang around behind them to hurl abuses at me, should they repeat this statement, I will be motivated to solve their communism problem for them permanently for my part too – a bunch of people who looked like the Government had to be purged as even when they had accepted the charge to do the correct things for their Offices, their history turned up to cause everybody a huge amount of suffering, then they conducted elections, resigned before tenure and hung about passing top offices among themselves, never mind the others at the Monarchy who are reported to have actually been debauched, such that even when I take the report into account to work with caution, I am still single in my 40s. In the end the Celebrities believed they had decided what I did with myself which does not make any sense if they only messed about with security service work and the fact people existed who always needed to make a mess of the system and bother others to fault, which was only a process where they showed up to harass others endlessly complaining about a problem, only to become the paid up version of the problem later on – having gotten into a fight with some communists and solved some royal problems, hard to see how they had decided what I did with myself.

This is largely building up to such a conflicted situation between me, these goons and their government operatives, as the result will be something I did to perform public office duties as I set out my own fun gimmicks for those abusive neighbourhoods, its fake Arch Prince’s and the attack on my sleeping pattern and personal space, where I thought that since it was about making money by fucking people, it was a fuck more neighbourhood, which then developed into something similar to an actual public policy. For the time being it was supposed to be a matter of doing my public work and particularly on matters of criminality, I do the work and the public service need moves on, not a process where I did the work – celebrities made the bookshop so noisy my finances stagnated – everybody got into a state of nag, nag, nag and tummy aches and we all grappled with media salvation, to which effect I will require two methods of completing each activity that involved working on criminality on one hand that was finished off by causing their government operatives a lot of suffering and the other finishing off with an attack on the causes of the famous peoples insults and celebrity harassment which was so vicious that I was able to control my schedule, beginning from the fuck more neighbourhoods gimmick of my own. So far it was just a simple matter of me, their favourite insults putting them in charge to expose me to distant violence, my daily tasks and being hunted with a need to get involved with my affairs, such that when I was in a situation in which they did not seem to make sense of what I am doing, they had a way to push around whole communities, hurt my tummy and ensure I could never smell good in order to keep me and catch on, whilst their famous idiots enjoyed the media narcissism and a need to cause me financial setbacks, so I need to keep them both stuffed with information all the time, which they carried about like PR I did not need to fund, following me around abusively with private security and sales industry narcissism.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland