Recently the main case has changed into something of how where I last smelled like what I ate had become a threat to my safety and wellbeing which is so incredibly annoying because it is all brought about mostly by people who have some form of security training or exposure to National services turning up here to play games where I am kid who will be left out in the cold and hungry if I failed to do what they want and then clinging to my career and public image to shove piggy shove me all the time Ė the rest are built up by their silly entitled women who show up here to get tangled up with a relationship I have with women at Court where my activities help them look after a career and they build public sensibility around me to help protect me from sexually abusive behaviour of society people and the purpose of paying so much attention to this part being that itís the part where it can be said I have been sleeping around and in bad taste and was to be subjected to everything they fantasise on account they think of themselves as a bunch of entitled gits. They say it at the Monarchy all the time i.e. if it happens to you, you donít make something out of it unless you want to get the job done, I have no idea why the idiots spend their time on this nonsense and threaten me with it whenever it begins to fall back on them as well, at the heart of this question being about group of goons with Media who simply never ever listen.

What I do here is Book writing and everybody knows at this point that if I had to solve the problems they are complaining about whenever they have a job to do through Book writing, I can in a very short period of time Ė it is important these goons see how much distress they put me through with this gimmick that means what they are thinking is that they would want to be supportive of what I am doing because they were helping themselves to it but it has to be something else other than writing Books. Book writing is what I do here and how I pay my way, so it seem that every other gimmick that tend to provide an answer to the question of what all these nonsense means which is that they are either incredibly stupid or love to invent any stupid thing they like and insert it into my career will have to be shut down, they will have to be made to support my work whenever they get involved by reading the Books that I have written, not stand up somewhere threatening me all the time when they know mostly that there is nothing that they can do about me. We see this all of the time; they have a need to build a community that supports them while they just walk around the streets putting up insulting familiarity based gestures that mean they are relying on me and it if makes me sick to a point where I smell of what I ate, they just get worse, while the women want to make statements about how I have a personality and a Public image whereas the fact they were women meant they were culturally better looking and more deserving of fame and the fortune which comes with it and then they get all confused after about the fact they are exactly what Celebrities are Ė not necessarily the most beautiful people in the world, whereby the attitude Celebrities have to career and finances is exactly as the statement I have described here, exactly the same as their own, wherefore it should have been easy for them to tell that Celebrities were the version of them that loves to extract money from peoples public image, the only difference being that Celebrities use more makeup than they do, needs to use more makeup and become famous, needs to stop threatening me.

They claim itís something I said about being bothered all the time but when I want to I will go anywhere I want to go but yes I did and the question is still whether they have the power to stop me while I have HM approval for my activities and if they were paying a price for being so disobedient at National service, there was either a reason to believe their case was a problem I should be concerned with or to threaten me because of the way it has affected them. My prime concern at this stage has rather been that it seems the assumption whereby I do not make too much of my feelings about the Royal Family and the Monarchy would not necessarily as that which would not have mattered in a large extent is now coming back to harm me, as it seems none can actually tell where I stand and it appears also that I have not put out enough support for White Communities at this Office who also affects National and Public services Ė the work I now need to do with the latter aspects putting out a sense of urgency. So it feeds into this idea that I donít really like Americans and am just patching up with being British which is utter nonsense; Americans are okay, just that especially for the fanatics I need to ensure I sent them home from time to time because it has to be American society, American justice, American culture and American Politics for American people, all I can do is show them how I do mine here in the UK, if they copy it we do not know what we have ended up with. The question asked around this being how I make the very scathing remarks I make if I liked Americans but my remarks about Gay Ė it will show up and shower me with five years of insults and with that my earning margins will be subjected to Media practical jokes, at the end of it will run off with my financial structures and hang around passing about insults that tell me I spend too much time with a sweet thing I access as a result of another personís generosity, such that the price will be that I lost the rest of my life and all else I had, as stupidly as possible, then there is the corruption of involvement where it says it knew there would be consequences but did not think that being so important and superior I would be so bold as to have applied one after putting up with them for more than a decade and a half dealing with them every 24 hours and the fall out being what women get up to i.e. the Husbands support them in one direction, what they do with my work does in another but what is really vanishing is what women say and I bet when that vanishes completely we will have become an overtly homosexual society. So there is the other story of how I am meant to care more about Europe which I have no idea what it means since I am European according to Map and Culture Ė so there is the societal and cultural aspect of showing this regularly and I donít believe I am falling short either: we find some people think I should not be fooling around with this and I am not, I have been spending some time with Fashion trouble making, to such an extent we have done the routines whereby making a mess of my Business by showing up to be a perpetual bidder because the bid, read my Books and invest process is something that will make me a respectable person when people should simply walk in and take whatever they wanted especially if I put up a behaviour was only going to play into the hands of organised criminals especially when they claim that getting Americans on board to play their game with them will ensure that they got away with it, the next time they build some real hassle for me, I will stop them from bidding for or deploying my Assets completely. The other story being a matter of some Celebrities I get along with but that was always an old tale of a relationship people cannot understand; they were specifically selected as people who possessed variations of my character or people who had a similar one, the history goes way back and my actions of recent is the degree of threats we face causing me to respond Ė itís always down played how much you need to pay attention to people who care about you until this case where those who donít had taken over your life occurs.

I am told I need to resolve this case of difficulty associated with me being able to get into a relationship which I am not experiencing at all Ė what happens is that I am broke and because of this people cannot determine what my emotions really look like and what it would mean if I cared for somebody or had a type, what is clear however is that I will be raising funds for what I need to do via my online Bookshop and the Books are neither academic Books nor Novels and that only School Teachers appear to be unaffected by the way I run my concerns especially the tummy churning effects. So it feeds into the matter of the Trump Administration which does not bother me half as much since we know that Mr Trump is not an unusual character in terms of American Politics as a whole and that if we said he was bad when he put out some abusive behaviour that said I did something and he was going to check his backyard as he was rather certain that there was something like that in America if not in his Family and therefore I was not a big deal, the Democrats do it more often. So they do claim itís all in the matter of Land ownership and Country ownership which is all very well as they love to screw around with such matters but decide that some ideas about Land and Country ownership are unacceptable, hence each time people end up being harmed they were only terribly sorry. The main case in these matters goes beyond the assumption people make that I am vulnerable to them and the women especially telling tales of how I talk tough but cannot do anything while it is always possible for me to follow people around with practical jokes that suggest somebody else had bought a Book that they were supposed to have bought when they rather preferred to show up and build misery for me via abusive practical jokes and with the creation of sense of loss for people which does not cost me a thing at my fingertips like so, I can make their lives very tough indeed, so it develops into a matter of the fact whatever job they show up here to seek had already been done when the Books were written and the fact they are not reading it means they are supportive of that job, so the threats whenever it affects them channelled at me is becoming increasingly intolerable Ė as for the part where they say they want my Books but want to see me hustle, we all know they leave out the fact they are very good at creating the problems from the stories they tell whenever they think itís all other peopleís fault. So it does feed into this case of young people feeling as if one move from where they are and all hell will break lose while local businesses are in a perpetual state of flight mode all the time, never mind the criminal ones who have knives and guns and if I told them I will hand over public image they would not hurt anybody with it but I could never dare doing such a thing as it were rather clear that whatever is going on would all depend on me, meanwhile the daddy characters have offered to deploy my Assets for the purpose of building businesses that will fill in the gaps when local enterprises are always in flight mode but have made it clear they have no wish to read the Books I have written, which does not contribute to our general bemusement concerning what we wonder people must be thinking most of the time, the last time we checked.


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