I have now reached a stage and state of war with the corporate world and their insolent Women and wives and what it is with those insults and sexual predating that comes with it like they have a limitless right to behave towards me in such ways, they suppose they are doing with my book sales, my company profit margins and Public work and so the same have I on the right with popular culture and their media; it is about time they take it up and do it since that need appears to be my biggest problem and there is a demand to find out what the outcome will me, while I get books sold which I need to get into the hands of the customers, it is too late to think about exist strategies now and I have determined the matter is to end my way as well due to the fact I have had enough and simply do not have to deal with all that nonsense; on this occasion it is apt and comforting to set at the forefront my view that it appears better to be cleverer than you look - it is one more task policy for them all from here;

all that talk of how all I do and say is terrible and something people ought to keep away from to have a nice life is very well understood - I mean we all know I may have environment securities to broker with people but that is the time they want to get on Television and make shows about getting married claiming I have taken up and deployed their property to do what they should have done and then do it for them as well not to mention the fact I expect to sell products by so doing, looking for trouble all the time. It is the job and what I do it on that it terrible and not me, such claims will always have the same effects that it is all supposed to have i.e. damage that will be avenged as well, secondly, the other most important part is that if it is impossible for people to concentrate on jobs they have already been paid to do because idiots like these want to get rich, then having been I planned to set up a system that will distract them from those stock markets and media and Banks and City centres and Industries, we can all see I am only just setting up the business and that it is not yet terrible enough to achieve that aim - Mean there will be no respect and regard for me because it is ever so easy to cleave out an earning with my property, so I do not see any reason that need should not be met with fear either.

The Talk is very well acknowledged of what Politicians are into and the fact that I will one day be caught out by their plans to get me stuck with some violent situation or the Middle Class give away the heritage of the lower class on account of me to some Country in Africa to stir them against me etc and show them why I need to be gotten rid of etc, only rings back to where we have already come from i.e. the idea that I have worked out all out on how to be wealthy and all will be well with me provided I do not get into Politics where I have to climb the rope under somebody else and give it all away now that they know everything I have and can easily demand it, which must change and change such that it does not come up again with a big mouth; I need not advise that any new ideas will end badly as well either. By the way of which delegation has not exposed me to the games of any power monger or leadership idiot like it is popularly assumed.

Now One is very well aware of the story of a dead man walking as popularly set out by Black people with an opinion about why he should or not exist; it has never once been that a complicated matter, the realities after all are as simple as a consideration of the number of times One had commissioned a 12 foot poster bearing the word Nigger or Golliwog to stand alongside a 12 foot poster of a lazy deviant black celebrity pillaging his public work and company Equities so that an idiot can place his music CD on the markets and make money - considering as such the number of times One sets out parameters to ensure that Black people are fundamentally nervous of him to a state where they are actually terrified of him which if it did happen and they feared him like they should none of these things would be a topic for conversation today, bearing in mind they are always unsuccessfully trying to do that to him - considering the number of times in which it is impossible to get on for any 24 Hours without something being done to Oneself by black people which fundamentally exposes him to and makes him a target for racism which they then wreck his finances to ensure he becomes victim at the same time. Having been we have not reached all these points it is important for black people to stay off my book sales and stay off my Public work and keep their stupid insults to themselves lest it develops into a more serious matter. An example is one of these pictures of celebrities of theirs pillaging my public work and Company equities in the most deviant and lewd and loutish manner imaginable and when asked about the reasons would likely respond as the American ones put it, that it is 'funk' - then it will become necessary to understand what the word means and the reality of that would have been that of a very large filthy man that they bonded pelvis with who has the capacity to collect Ones career and property for them to make riches and fame with - so I had long before declared I will no longer be intimidated by these celebrities and my Social Networking profiles establish that very firmly but it does seem they have not caught on yet as it were. I am in any way located in a worse off condition in anyway whatsoever - they love to speak of a sense of historical culture humiliation and that is because they think that wickedness is their forte and I like to think as well that if sharing a skin colour with them tends to mean they can turn up here and re-educate me and re-raise me all over again to suit what they want, then they should always have those stupid lives of theirs figured out all over again each time they meet me; it is the same form of attrition and violence that feels like somebody is being operated upon at hospital without anaesthetics - as example of the kinds of nonsense that may occur if sharing a skin colour with them brings it on. I have not done anything to put them in their place yet and they do not therefore know anything about who is a dead man walking with that golliwog mouth - I mean racists want them like dead meat all the time and don't ask me why.


There are calls for The West and Europe to respond to the rise of Terrorism and a kind that threatens whole States in Iraq at this point, it is also clear that there are British People fighting in their ranks as well, so is it also clear the Minister of Parliament who lead political parties from which these individuals come from would rather talk much nonsense in public about how I put forward the wrong incentives for young people but it is a matter of protecting my earnings first of all and more importantly the matter of making sure that another Intervention will not be botched and used for the sort of perversions we have had to put up with for the last decade - this time British people will be proud to be British and Americans likewise and this is where the incentives will be and nowhere else; on a personal note it is rather difficult to see how people expect my incentives when every moment of their lives are filled with perversions about how everything others do is a matter of what they were robbed of and has basically only provided them knowledge on how to get about their thing before such individuals take them up again, which is such a great help for terrorism when it has become the state of affairs that it is today; in my view they do not want my incentives, they want to tell me what to do for a living again - so it is the same old case of me up here putting up with stories they tell about slavery and slave trade along the lines of their need to stick something hard into a soft cunt which means I am already being slave driven, they do not want my incentives, they want a piece of me as the Americans would put it. This however is only one side of the story - the other is where they claim I am being forced to make history for the wrong reasons, showing that the Bible lies as it were, thus the part where the females are concerned and their only understanding of the purpose of a man is a fight that will put him out of their way like it will be so they can deploy my possessions to make money without being disturbed and from what we know throughout history considering the need to use women as trading corks as well, one side is known to complain more than the other and these are all things that constitute questions answered before that gets underway.

It is now said that I need to take more seriously the scoundrels on media and their attitude towards my possessions but I don’t have to take seriously any nonsense from any goon that cannot leave people alone either – that said, I am aware a media idiot knows how to get dressed and attend to a job through which he does nothing all day but speak of how many Books I get to sell, followed by lack of clarity about what I am doing and lots of controversy to last for days but in the end they are using somebody’s modelling Career, they are using somebody’s Celebrity stupidities they regard as a career and they are using somebody’s company and none of these three categories of what we have on this planet that is next to a plague in human form ever have a say over what people do with my possessions to other people’s property. We are here in the first place because people like to tell lies that destroy other people’s empires at the Global Markets and this one has been a particularly favourable choice for them – these are lies people need to stop telling and I don’t mind the part about their culture and history either, we will find out how serious they are with those complains, the day they are no longer seen around my Book sales or Royal Estate and the Company Global Markets are handed back to me. It’s like the story of Politicians being mistrusted as we gear ever so often, whereas we all know that Politician spend all our time on nothing else but getting people to affirm that they are important; they speak of being mistrusted now but have actually made money from this process in the last five years alone, which actually happens after the expenses scandal when the process of making money from it was in its hay day. So that, an average Person would never know what to think or believe, when they go overseas to see what Leaders such as Robert Mugabe are doing and return home to this as well. Then we hear them speak of a condition where everybody wants to have a go at doing the jobs of Politicians for them, but we all know that is a matter of the kind of leadership they provide i.e. I for instance am a writer and yet there is no given day we do not have to deal with events that lead to outcomes whereby noon time is the is the most my writer image lasts: I has also picked up a security guard job too and it has led to new behaviour being brewed where people steal the guard image as they drive by and love to threaten and abuse me and pull my legs all day long, which started right from Public transport operatives manipulated by Parliament idiots loyal to various Politicians, to do Public transportation work by knowing which jobs I can do and which ones I cannot all day long. The Royal image being the one where People still want my services and my leadership at the Royal Villages especially Europe and same at Industry where they will not buy anything unless it is made with my sense of taste and approval, thereby putting me in a position where I can cut off Industry goons, get a job and allow people get jobs too, run a State Office without mess and interference but we all know that what Politicians want to do with American goons talking nonsense about freedom will take precedence instead . Then it eventually culminates in the claim I really have no publications to my name when the real matter is the perversion of my Office; where I have a Court that is based on National Media and looks after my personal life right down to Bed Chamber, so Americans can ask questions and have them answered and I am supposed to sell my Books and live the existence which makes contact with it permanently workable - everything else therefore being perversion.

The Politicians on the other hand say they hate my guts and that I need to know that they do – utter nonsense of course since it is obviously clear I personally do not fancy the fascist Politicians either; their excuse is that it is power but so is it fascism as well and the fact it is power excuses none of it. I mean the only way to make sense of the idiots getting out of government security to chase me around in order to find out things that their salary protects them from is to hate the scumbags and ensure that you are not paying for the process all together anyway, so apparently they hate me and I need to know whereas any normal person can see I have news for them too. Their idiots say my behaviour suggests I want a war, but we all know it is not the one that gets around ripping up people’s business Empire because the Monarchy exists, hence we are not yet discussing which one wants a war the most just yet either. They do say it is all because they have problems of course but my point has been the simple fact I do not have problems and that they are my problems and as long as they continue to make themselves my problems to a point where it bears on my toleration of them, will they continue to have the problems, especially those they wish to be free from; they do put up a routine to say they wish to get out of being manipulated by me of course, which is only older youths nonsense and has nothing to do with saying away from my Books unless they want a copy of their own. If I were these Individuals, I would be the kind that discusses Weekly Budget with my Family one moment and the next steps into the Houses of Parliament to jump on that guy I invented ways I can abuse with strange names and encourage Crowds to have a go as well, simply because he is a Christian who is blessed with a good mind and peace of mind which is obvious and I have to perform violence on him to have some sensation of it otherwise there will be trouble, whereby it gets to a point where he is almost homeless but I am still very fond of it - so I would like to be free from Civil rights liars myself but I am not going anywhere either.

They do speak of a delusion I entertain, that I can get along with none moderate Tories and it is utter nonsense, since it all refers to Tories that do not care about the Economic Backyard if they dress in fine Clothes and exhibit themselves all over the front yard instead, nor can I make sense of why some think it is a situation that will not bake my bacon as long as socialist idiots whom I suppose I should invent ways of doing strange things to, that set a new standard of abuse of a human being as well, not withstanding of which the Nazi Party during the World Wars, was first Socialist and there must have been times when millions were killed for existence ideological nonsense they invented, because they were working from Socialist roots: all together I have made myself clear about the effects of being told what to do by them being that I cannot sell a lifestyle and a Book and hence have no income but it does not appear to be a habit they intend to stop any time recently.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland