There is love for that story where I am scared of People too and the Politicians would do anything to create it for them as such, all the way to spending sheds of Treasury funds to help create a cash strapped Prince that is worried about Bill issues which is still a form of fear that can be interpreted into the kind of fear they would like him to have on that stupid Media - in the end the reality is still always a matter of a worry concerning the fact if most of me ended up in their hands there will be a war. There is talk naturally of the things I need to stop doing which is nothing new; the old case of the fact itís a big world and people can carry on as though I do not exist, live their lives as though I do not matter, they are not being paid to do this; we all know that whilst they have not gotten my finances looking the way their found it 14 years ago, before they started their endless gimmicks, I may have been working on project one yesterday but since last I started project two and it looked as though I was about to start earning some money, they gathered a crowd and gave a stupid speech vindictive Politics and lies about what I need to stop doing because they are full of themselves and believe in their right on every occasion Ė so it usually followed by warnings about a totem that will be my undoing as if they are not going to face any trouble from me as well, since this is clearly their own lives as it were, we settle on the same existence in their view. They always say itís somebody at the Monarchy that wants me to stop doing the things I do which is an old story whereby I walk down the streets and every Bus driving scum wants to finger my Bum and it will provoke until I respond and do their own as well, then it will get involved with somebody at the Monarchy to do my stuff; so this somebody knows they are a problem but takes them into his house because he has smelled a privilege of injustice and now wants me to stop doing what I am doing like he has gotten my finances looking the way he found it before their gimmicks started years ago and took a turn for the worst like it has presently (Itís the disruption after wrecking my finances, to tell me to stop doing what I am doing when I am trying to fix it, crowd built and all - knowing there is no way I can do that when they are neither paying the Bills nor have they restored anything here that has suffered when their stupidities came to mean they were powerful; the idiots always like to think they can abuse and insult as much of you as they want because if you act they will get involved with those goons they know at the Monarchy that will do your life for you etc and send out messages to you to stop doing what you are doing). It does begin innocently enough alright i.e. the risk they face in life is that others have got what they need but asking would make them inferior, so they have to develop an existence where there are various other ways of just taking it; the scum will complain all the time but have never really explained why it is completely out of control and really does not allow any 24 hours go by without me getting targeted by it. Itís like the size of my market gets depleted everyday due to the number of public place idiots and celebrities serving Clients with my work and then creating barriers that prevent me from serving the same Clients too, had it all worked out, its risk is that if it asks, it might have to deal with rejection. And they love that crowd whipping gimmick where I am being exposed for not supporting homosexuality which does not bother me at all, itís obvious their whole existence soon gets built upon the need to do things to me which exposes me to being hurt and most of my activities turn to a process where seeing them around my warehouse public place and my public image and my Client services means I get to twit them and turn them around until they are exposed to getting hurt as well and because it would be bad for my Arch Prince Public image if they become homosexuals on my account, I then have to find a way to prevent that from happening too. Of course they always say there are no easy ways of resolving the matter where I am concerned and itís an old story where the way I share my life with friends and close people is different from the way I share with the Public, so if the one I share with the public takes up my time and affects finances and academics and I write Books for them for it which should ideally be free but because of the value of involvement with me is not a bad thing for people to pay for, the rest of my life has to be flushed down the loo when others wish to own it, hence it becomes a bad thing. So again, another example where they have had it all figured out and if you were to make a similar decision the more important thing to you would be that you were not raised or wired in that way, thus should it mean you get to do nothing about it as doing nothing will tend to mean that it ends well for you generally. They do say I have set myself out as problem guy which is utter rubbish - what they have done is set me a public image that says I am Intellectual Property Administrator that cannot protect his own intellectual property if his income depended on it and I do not think they have enough Politicians in the world for that either; they are a joke. I mean they have gangs and bad neighbourhoods and since I cannot protect my income, when I kick their own and make it cheap handy accessible, there is no way I will be selling it to violent people. I mean itís a case of here lies a product you created and here lies the Patent statement made that says you are the only person with the right to feel comfortable by its existence or to make a living by selling it and their insanity says that they can prevent that from happening by making sure you never enjoy the level of security that lets you work in an Office peacefully without dealing with streets and criminality - so the question becomes how you make it expensive enough to drive away the violent people from any action you have taken should you handle or kick their own as well; so itís usually really stupid and likes to tell you not to call it stupid lest you get into trouble. They say I do not really belong where I am seen all the time but we see that if I take leave of my Royal Estate to go off and live like a peasant because there is something I need to accomplish, it will become their main preoccupation telling others how to exist all the time because I have created myself a personal weakness which I have apparently created for them as far as they are concerned Ė hence stuck in it for 6 years for absolutely no reason save the tales they want to tell amusing. We see it all the time being done based on which power politicians will lose and which facts will be discovered about how poor people live, to develop a new oppression but what they find most amusing in this world is making somebody elseís livelihood into a Toy they cannot keep their hands from and when they play and play and play and create a sub culture had started complaining as though that sub culture was another personís problem. I mean they have already played me out of University once and I am here because I cannot afford somebody showing up on my concerns to try and build a gap between rich and poor. Now we hear what is really happening is that I am being prevented from doing things in British society which some people think I should not be doing due to my race and I could never understand why somebody would have the wife adjust their tie, kiss them off to work in order for them to spend their time doing those things to me as though it is what they are paid to do, I mean they have even manipulated their managers into a position where the Managers cannot act while they are at it well because it has become so important to do it and all the while the general sensibility is that everything I say and do adds up to some explanation for their actions which I have developed and contains an item of acceptable of blame on my part for whatever excuses they have made to carry them out with. So it still goes back to the case where we hear them complain about what I say creating hatred for the media naturally but we can see this hatred never really subsides on account of their need to make a mess of peopleís lives because they realise when everybody is in a mess and they are media that can put up a face successfully it will add up to their own brand of dominance; so we are done with this bit about women keeping secrets on sexual assault and me not speaking my mind whenever they put words in my mouth but we are still in a difficult situation because they think they can get out of bed and invent ways of messing with my finances to tickle me at a point of my most basic instincts which reaction I create they will get fun from, talking nonsense at me and will not get off my Books all together as it were, looking for more trouble as it complains but continues still. It is baffling to think that if I worked on the Media this sort of behaviour would never have crossed my mind all together but to also think that whilst they have all these ideas they have never had somebody inflict on them financial complications which are due to practical jokes people want them to respond to anyway Ė so in my case it has grown into something of a need to clip my finances and build up a sense of people who hate my books so much they want to kill me for it already and is talking nonsense about what I have refused to respond to in terms of what people think I should not be able to do in British society due to my race and itís never clear why their stupidities have become convinced they can play with me in such ways as well anyway. I hear this other tale about everything I have written in my Books being false but they are not false, they are contemporary fiction; something of the blow out effects of the activities of Royal Courtiers especially at society, the way that it affects me Ė it became important to create the Book because 24/7 what happens is that they drive big double decker Buses and need to let everybody know they are dreaming about me and letter out some gas sound from it and it developed while I was at University into a point of public bullying that was intense enough to make me sick and cause me to drop out of University of which at year date 2018 I dropped out about 10 years earlier, thus well justified in thinking itís about time to move on for me and for them all together as well; so we see I have a business empire to look after but am stuck with other peopleís stupidities that allows them extract an income from my markets and tell me my patents would have been respected if people knew who the hell I was and I have now become convinced it will never give me a breathing space until it realises what I say will affect its profits and what I do may damage it permanently Ė needs to get off the Books not get into a fun habit of talking rubbish at me, I mean the Books I write is fun but not the fun they want, wanting me like that with a big mouth, just the same way my Books help their children academically but what they want is a process where I had lost an opportunity and it was the turn of their children and I was prevented from having a second attempt, wanting me like that all the time, of which it will end very well too..

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