Now the main talk has shifted to one about how I appear to be the only one that matters to people but in reality am the least protected person in the Monarchy the truth of which is that my State security is based on keeping a watch of everything I get up to but since 2013 the private security Industry had started a series of very abusive and insulting gimmicks that involved simulating and mimicking my security whenever they have access to CCTV; since then they have been developing and fostering all sorts of nonsense about touching me to violate me without facing consequences which in order to prove to them I am protected means I will need to consolidate everything that means stealing my wallet for instance is bad business for criminals because it just draws attention and this will usually mean that their stock markets and media and Industry will do what I want in order to prove I am protected. So that it becomes a choice of the current risk I take with my status being to mingle with Industry and get myself into trouble when people lose touch with their roles on account I get involved with lower classes to recover property linked to my Office and my work and my Estate and to trade my Books; I am happy with this risk but not happy with the new one they have inventively invented and found themselves amusing for; now the scum say they are testing if I am protected or not and the provocation is going to keep getting worse and worse and worse if allowed so I have to state this choice clearly i.e. either I am to spend time getting involved with Industry to recover and manage my equities and make a living through my holdings or I will react to the activities of idiots designed to take power from me expressing all sorts of nonsense about making them do what I want to show I am protected. Its pretty much the same as that old case of what I think about Government support, which is largely a matter of which one government finds profitable as such: if they do not find homes for poor people, it is bad for tourism which brings more money than the austerity cuts, if they build a road in a ghost town nobody will make use of it and it will be a waste of money etc at the end if I am in a position where I get government support I have to take what I am given and I have not once found a person on government support who thinks they are deserving of it anyway, every time they think they are deserving of it, they turn out to be benefits fraudsters. This nonsense is usually something that the American left and their millions of scumbags they call followers are really good at doing as a form of leadership but I think it is clear the risk I take is something to do with serving people when I am a Royal Prince and that is the only risk I am aware I am taking as such they are really good at looking for trouble obviously and will one day find it; I mean on the ground its not what I am unaware of any way since it is clear that the criminals who have had their criminal businesses made unprofitable are always going to take up roles in the private security Industry which will allow them keep legitimate jobs while having revenge on those who have troubled their criminal activities on one hand while on the other the American left and its Democratic Party scum is usually a prize when it comes to the people whose wickedness you detach from mainstream living, so that their freedom to do witchcraft can serve them and them alone as I said they always provide leadership on these two aspects looking for trouble until they find it; so far its done with global protests and Media cynicism, not yet ready to spend time with its mates instead of me. At the moment it has the right to practice its witchcraft while I have the right to be a Christian who is aware of it and does nothing because the government says so but it is not enough, its looking for more trouble and I like to say it should be encouraged to keep doing it, perhaps one day it will buy my Book and move on and then we will have nothing to bother each other by all together; everybody knows its that frantic process of making somebody that is protected by God vulnerable through making them commit sins that detach them from the protection and so it has eventually given rise to this frantic sub culture that fights me and attacks me all day long with my own strengths endlessly, worked most by community croons and stupid women, with intent to sell onto City Centre cracked up out of my league that will help to create some financial oppression against me they can rally by and it is never news either, looking for trouble all the time, likes to think its stupid civil rights looks like that, assessing and discussing how protected I am, looking for it like it is paid to go around reading my Books or something. We hear this talk all the time about how I am horrible to celebrities when they are actually nice, which is utter rubbish; what happens is that the climb up my public image to make fame and fortune and after that realised if they ripped my warehouse to keep a warehouse of their own it would make them fortunes and if they ripped my Office to maintain their own the effect would be the same, likewise my Books and Public image so it is what happens when Politicians and Media goons have become quite used to make stupid people famous. Its like the case of the violent bottom hurting stuff that people do not wish to talk about most of the time its really about having a great personality while peoples community croons consider their stupid children to have the right to be rich and famous and so that form of abuse is about damaging it and I am really worried about people showing up to create wealth and social gap on my concerns for it too celebrities are not nice people, we just find them to be a very different group of animals when they are with their fans because it is where they are making sure your public image is obliterated, that you have no respect from the Public and in order to keep the relationship with fans, do not even mind begging you for it; the British ones especially want to conquer the US and it means the need to get about securing Public work contracts from Companies with my Public image, which will lead to outcomes where I am found doing things to reimburse shareholders, so I think the beauty specialists back stage media are doing very well helping them wear my face, they will never have the connection they have abused a second time; they are free to break the US with goons that have enough money to fight others by and if I have to deal with trouble from those, they will have something to complain about too. Now they say they gave me a run for my money which is utter nonsense what they do mostly is show up to try and experience being Royalty when they are not one and then find out ways of making sure they do not pay the financial consequences for it, which creates a process where the Royalty tolerates it for a certain period and then decides enough is enough at some stage. I mean rather than my Books getting sold, every phenomenon associated is replaced by some stupid people trying to be me and they must have known it was harmful anyway. The ones that claim I do not have widespread support that I used to have at the Monarchy anymore I would say are the goons that are always spreading public place nonsense whereby nothing I do is adequate or good enough but they are not from the Monarchy and generally do it to build a disposition by which to end up complaining about a problem that they can use as tool for transferred blame and aggression towards me, which will soon lead to their own case of a decision about enough being enough before it develops into a form of extremism a hurting bottoms self-harming goons too (wrecking my finances to teach me lessons about Liberalism that involves selecting the girl friend so as to achieve being in a relationship with somebody that will tackle younger Men while he shows up to back her up when required to grab work and property that they can get rich and live the high life and raise their kids in a certain way by - I mean I need their lessons on Liberalism and inclusion and probably sent them a memo so to speak).

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