I am not writing from a position where I will have been said to be completely harmless as such but we can see that unless Celebrity pays attention to their script and the job of journalist has nothing to do with me instead of reporting my whole life and work half the time, I and others will have nothing that looks anything like normalcy and they claim it’s the same stupidities I complain about which amounts to somebody putting a barricade in front on my home every morning when it’s time for the school run and it’s time for work so I have to call my employer and tell them there was trouble at home that I perform here but this is not their lives and this is not their property and we all know they have many excuses such as these and I am particular fed up with the one about sorting the problems black people create, which they are likely to use as a reason to not stop doing these things until they show up on a personal basis for a fight all together. They always say I need somebody else to do my fighting for me but we all know the celebrity and popular culture is not making as much money as it used to because I want to achieve a process where they listen to what others are saying to them first before they get to make any stupid money and as for the Labour party that wrecks my finances for them to build these stupid confidence by, they were socialist but the Ministers at the top earn far more than everybody else, so it has become a party that has its way with the people to win elections and the process is now my problem, looking for trouble. The Muslim ones say I would say it where it mattered but we all know the bit they are really good at is 5.00pm and the headlamps are on and the Men have returned from work, which is more like the evils of the day and its nightmare conspiracies in my head has gotten worse the whole time and it can handle my work and bash me again, see if it is not going to run off to hang up in the US blabbing about somebody it hates – it’s never something to discuss like they love to think it is, all they have to do is set up that insulting disposition of injustice based privilege and climb up on to set out an oppressive atmosphere against me, then sell things on it to share the privilege with those who buy and we will find out again.

They always say it’s about wealth inequality and it’s not – it’s for the Politicians about some career to wreck in order to get into the public image of the victim and develop a certain body language that will accompany them when they have debates in parliament, for the media it’s about giving their journalist jobs more weight in order to make it more meaningful and it seems that there is no way that they will be what they are a 100% and since it bothers me so much, I will have to assist them so that others can have some normalcy. An example is when they claim my personality is a product of sleeping with peoples wives and it amounts to something their community croons can cling to for instance – it would probably have meant I can still go on and run a business in relative norm but what it really means is that they get to give signals every day if they want a react from me from the violent gossips that facilitate the abuses of the community croons all together; so there is only incredible wickedness in it which does express itself many times around the fact they need wealth distribution but are really good at destroying the wealth of those who have worked for it, then co-operate with those who have not for the purpose of gaining Industrial networks and then they tell me I have a good brain and tend to keep track of it all when such intense interest in my Bookshop never sells me any Books because I am always a target for the wealth inequality campaigns. It’s never about a good brain, it has always been about pillaging their trade secrets like they do mine, keeping records on them so I may not end up fighting for civil rights to make a living – I mean when there is a bad smell nobody thinks about the raging pain in my abdomen, they think about the bad smell the whole time and these fools I have nothing to do with are not actually paying me to keep their secrets. They speak of democratic people around the world giving one to the privileged British, which is utter nonsense – what happens is that when somebody has a bit of money in Africa or the Middle East, they had become Kings of an area and have already started standing on a high place to look down on it and when done playing with people that way, it shows up to play with me as well and everything I do with my Office has an unofficial version that involves a process where he or she is the better one that exists somewhere else; so I do get to that stage where they have seen my Books and I did not take permission where due in order for my Books to show up in their Country, hence get up asking them if they happen to have been the only ones with Limousines in dilapidated neighbourhoods where people get to their shops to buy stuff. As for the story that wealth is not made the way I behave, wealth is only made the way I behave – none of the individuals that needed to change the washing machines every 6 months in order to maintain a job that afforded them a certain lifestyle, were responsible for the collapse of the washing machine company itself – so if peoples company have collapsed, they need to rebuild it and if they ask for help, those who can will offer it, not squeeze the general public for anything; in the end those who buy into a floated company will have a certain view of those who are getting jobs from it but not likely to be a problem when that view does not involve extracting money from what others are to work for and not get paid for doing all together – in my case it is the basis of the media idiots who have a need to build perceptions from my public image until there is a version of me that does what I do not want all day long and I have no idea what I will do to them to prevent them from showing up to gain an experience they can deploy later in life when they are to show up here for a Book instead of strike my bum and boast on a job that is paying them more than their local Politicians – it is never the evidence that the middle classes are really good at fishing out other people’s lives and then coming up with ways of shutting it down as it were – so if they are not extracting incomes from my public image and my derivatives, there will likely be no trouble. All I want to do is ship my Books and provide a service but if they continue to prevent me from doing that, I will put their big mouths to the test too – the wealth is only made the way I make it; put it back inside your tummy and keep it there insults that churn peoples systems and ensure they are unable to get anywhere will not help at such a stage all together either. It’s never a difficult matter; just one question about what I must do when it turns out that after five years of telling lies to cling to my Estate earning margins and extract an income from it and my public image, they return to the Companies they have bought shares with and other places they have interests leaving me with half a decade of financial destruction? So it feeds into another question of why it is that everything they do to trade and to run a living involves market gap hunting that ensures others work for it and not get paid so they might do something to claim the money, where some people are marked out as people who just have a reputation that does it every day, like they have me – so it’s not a bluff now that they know I am not comfortable with the idea of being tested in way over other people’s company and can show up here to do it when they have started their own instead. I would really love them to keep their hands off the Fashion Models and Celebrities and Journalists at Court.

Speaking of the need to tell tales of my personality being a product of sleeping with peoples wives so their community croons can cling to it of which we find them all the time with a need to set my Books on a Pedestal and tell me they have got personal problems I have to deal with which if I do not will lead to outcomes that I will suffer and get killed for and it means that every fools with a plan to deny human beings of their worth and dignity chases my anus all day and theirs as well on account it is amusing and then they tell me on Media and Parliament that they have got a means by which I will do what the Politicians want while what they have got is the fact they are possessed and the process where I am hurt by it at all has something to do with getting involved, concerning which each time I believe them and think I have a problem, what happens is that I make an assessment of it and there is nothing I can do because it is not my problem, it affected me because I got involved – they are not a threat to me as they believe they are, they are a people who need some very deep forms of spiritual and religious help, people who need an exorcism. It is the reason that the whole business of Mid-sized violent money loving civil rights idiots that have established a link between fingering my bum and their money loving has become so important at this stage and its only just the beginning of the decisions they claim they are about to make in order to handle me, which they will make all the way to the United States obviously - hence they have not got such things as it were.

As I have mentioned before, I am not speaking from the position of what is a vulnerable party but even so I am not the one whose families are oblivious to the fact I go to the Office to pillage peoples finances and make a mess of their lives to develop weight to my media job in order to make myself look more interesting or body language that will cause me to find out I cannot stop winning elections at Parliament or abusive insults that let me factorise others to a point where I can finger their bums as a mark of my intolerance while I handle their public image to make fame and fortune at Popularity culture and it cannot be so difficult for them to keep their comments where the money they claim they own is located, clear my Public image space and keep their stupidities off my Books.


There is eventually this case where people complain about being hopelessly depressed and the only thing that seems to sustain them is when they wreck my Books and get a reaction from me but before we start to talk about the fact that this is very twisted evil and wicked stuff, we have to try and be empathetic about people who are depressed naturally – so the story here is one where I cannot and do not have the power to stop a process where my livelihood is the thing they damage to manage their depression because they are determined to make it so but apart from that, the general case is one where it was the same things I felt when I am engaged with an activity that concerned paid employment while they are spreading those abusive new reports and their mates at the popularity madness are arranging music CDs over every move I make – I am saying I can understand how they feel, the blood rushing into the head, the dizziness all day the stomach upsets and so on but it would not happen if they were not adamant that the only behaviour they wish to engage themselves with is to play practical jokes on my financial wellbeing instead of report the news which is actually the job they are paid to do, thus my actions and performances are probably random. I do get asked how I do it as well which is a simple case of how they do it but then again these are the darker facts in the matter i.e. they do it to me and ask questions about whether I am mentally disturbed all the time, which is usually a two way issue of when I want to do something about it resulting in a process where I decide which is rubbish and decide which stays and decide which is vile and decide which has to go and find myself deciding a man cannot get hurt by this stuff if he has to exist etc and when I do not wish to do anything about it the insults and abuses become a residual state of mind imposed on me through the jobs they are supposed to do for a living – the darker facts to do with a process of gathering information about me and making such a perverted mess of it on media that there is a version of me running around making a mess which even I cannot control, thus it gives me the means by which to gather information from their poor history and do the same things to them as well; except most of the time I use it as a means of telling them it would not be happening if these activities were not what they spent their time on and it would not be happening if they were not such a problem for me and I didn’t have to handle all those facts about them that I am not really being paid to keep a secret. They always say I put a brave face on the matter which of course I don’t; the general idea is that I want the media to get out of my way so I might make something of myself, the reality is that I already have and am in possession of some Books I want to sell and they need to keep off hurting my friends and allies and inviting themselves into my concerns – eventually it is a question of why it is that everything that we see them do to make money or prove themselves has something to do with market gap hunting which involves a process where others have worked for something and not gotten paid for it, so they might go there to claim the money for themselves and have enough of such persons to get rich quick on the back of etc, with a self-exhibitionism and an ego and a constant insolent threat to show off on their part the whole time – it has never been a problem for me, we were talking about how they will spend time on their jobs and not on me which is obviously such a distraction for them that they do not wish to dislodge from on account their ego will be hurt, from the point of view of their desperate mental health and practical jokes they claim helps them cope. I for my part do think that normal persons can tell that I am talking from a dispassionate point of view and do not actually care about their plight as emotionally as they love to assume that I do; it does appear that handling their salary as well so their ego might not be hurt when they go off to tangle themselves with another person’s livelihood and make a mess of it every day after, should they happen to back off, thus as a result making it appear to be serious.

I. Uno I

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