Now they say my position at the Monarchy faces huge risks but it does not, it’s a matter of the fact that people have created their own versions of me all over the place and Politicians have decided to offer credence for those which really make no sense whatsoever; what then brews out of it being this business of the fact whenever I pick up a paid accommodation with people, depending on the racial or ethnic group, it comes with a certain set of challenges – so they had only recently stopped complaining about black people one and are stuck right in the middle of white people one but have not stopped supporting these nonsense the entire time. Usually it becomes a three part story of Politicians and Civil servants who have been seen starting a fight with Politicians because I walked down the streets like I was better off walking than they were driving their very important cars over pay rise, making out it is the fact I am not sharing what I have that causes young people to do crime and gangs, like some war with them on the red corner and my academic work on the blue corner – the third part being the Media and the Celebrities. So they always say that I am deluded about being Royalty when I am not, reality of which is rather that I try to ensure whenever the work of stories about Armed Forces working as bruisers for the Queen and not professional work, junkies selling things at Buckingham palace and making a mess of people’s lives to get rich quick, various other matters, especially when I am doing well on some parts of the opportunity HM had given me and therefore do not wish to make myself a point of interference, it becomes of Prime concern when in each case the Royal events happen to have been held immediately after these sorts of matters were resolved and the first events are usually of prime importance thereof. However by itself, it’s an old story of being told I would not say what I say where it mattered while I have warned them about professionals who get into the City on ta self-employment basis, needing my assets and Public image like humanity itself is monumentally stupid – they are aware that I can say whatever I want whenever I want to say it as it were and that each time I have mentioned such facts, I will appear to have played along rather than ensure they showed up around my concerns for my Books or made themselves scarce. In the end it becomes a matter of refraining from targeting the Politicians who know their stupidities are usually relentless but take up years of my time to set me up for it – in which case they do understand as well that there is nothing, they can do about me. So that when we hear them claim the big case with me is the need to ensure I am doing what I am doing at my station and level in life, it pushed unto the business of trading insults, about which we do not see Politicians and Celebrities and Industry people getting a fuck at pornography anymore these days, what we see is kids who need money and the whole time they show up in public places to pretend people are afraid of them, get six figure salaries that allow them perform these activities as something attached to their Offices which does not affect their families as well, and convince the rest of us they are an epitome of what Family life should be when they are not, so we carry on without getting the deal endlessly after it was offered and the money paid as it were – feeds into the case of Trump having done most things well save his racial rhetoric which again does operate well with a case of Obama building up communities that will discuss their stupid problems with respect to other people’s existence and issue threats on Media for it. Apparently if people wish to live in a society where they are not fucked and there is decency, then they would look the part especially at Government buildings; so makes sense of the other story of things I think I have done well at the Monarchy but have done nothing, whereas I have set a stage to ensure that Communists can continue to protect themselves from Western Idiots who want to chase bottoms and employ every person that is not their mate to see that they got their habit fix for it every time and that we are able to respond to the threat of the US as well in like manner, while the EU one will be the one that does not like pornography but builds it up on people’s public image, a new one every time age has elapsed on old ones and then sit about making money pillaging best made plans for the future in people’s homes and building hell at super market top shelves, hates my guts now and that will be a start. These goons never mention the damage they do, top of the list being to follow me around at University and wreck my academic work and a few years later make it quite obvious they were planning a new life on the respect I was going to give them for it too, they love to complain to their equally foolish Politicians and label me a kid.

They always claim that I never respond to government matters properly and without a rant and I wouldn’t know anyway since nobody knows what they will brew up when they get off helping incredibly lazy Politicians out with Government work by saving them from the bottom hurting issues, when we are not entirely certain of what is really going on with them. It’s the same as socialism being allowed to get away with processes of claiming that I am an example of how the Church short-circuits the Political future and prospects of socialism by being generous towards the poor, like some grand global antisemitism vision. It eventually leads to the claim that most of my work is mediocre which is utter nonsense; what is really happening is a grand case of feeders and ‘Mumsie’ – the ‘Mumsie’ will be the Celebrities and the Media who claim I will get it if I do not respect my Mum and let them plan their stupid existence on my wallet to save their bodies because the Church has engrained servitude into my mind to be exploited by their stupidities, the feeders will be the culture and society idiots who cannot keep their hands off other people’s private parts over money issues and have linked it up with processes of getting rich – the culture and society low lives the Politicians wreck lives with will be the ones that had failed at making anything from this behaviour, hence want another go at it because they had found a new victim; so it still comes back down to the fact it may have been some grand case of educating me about the issues that bring the big crimes such as murder and manslaughter and not feeling like they want to move on and give me my space at some stage all together but everything I do here is meant to ensure they do not get an exit and end up suffering for their behaviour. It’s the great old story we have seen throughout history; first there is Global consensus and then there is cultures getting along with each other regardless of the race, just before they start because they are very important and the world implodes in nuclear war – so I am right in the middle of it and rather think that they may live forever now if they wanted but they will not get an exit from it. They do claim I am responsible for creating the distrust that permeates the Political system, which is utter nonsense - as we all know that their need to show incredible disrespect for other people’s person, thinking space and personal space in the UK is insatiable and I am certain they could understand what I said when I had informed them years before they found I had dragged them to a corner they will never be free from, that their stupidities were far more destructive than they had given it credit for, as I had dropped out of University and smell like my loo because of it; quite clear that these behaviour is part of their identity which they cannot be detached from but equally is it clear that I want nothing to do with it too.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland