I am not being held up by Celebrities in anyway whatsoever as claimed, what is really happening with them goes beyond having access to me knowing that I may end up facilitating somebody getting killed because it was in the interest of Public safety or my safety to do so – it goes beyond the understanding that getting involved with me and blowing off that big mouth will achieve nothing apart from a process where the community croons that protect criminals that have not yet been caught finger my bum until I drop out of University and I take over their Public life as an exit or just put gangs on it to see if I will not kill people as a result depending on whether or not they are taking part – it goes beyond the understanding there is always a link between community croons protecting criminals that have not yet been caught by fingering my bum and beating me down in my own bed on one hand while on the other daddy characters are taking advantage of the fact that the destruction of my personality and Public image should lead to outcomes where their stupid children and husbands became super stars to make careers and get rich selling my Public image to stupid celebrities, looking for trouble and expressing hatred around how they do not want to buy my Books but want to write one like it as well, how I do not need the money and how they want to expose me to harm while using my life to be safe from it at the same time which is always garnished with threats  and feeds into the fact it’s all media developing its own Parliament and Monarchy and Law Courts which is what I tend to spend my time on instead of the real ones looking for trouble.

It’s never been a problem for me, it’s all their senselessness leading to the outcomes we hear them complain about all the time: the senselessness builds up and is a threat and then in order to ensure you are not caught up in dangerous situations you are not prepared for you end up fighting for your life everyday trying to clear out where you must have courted their attention which likely leads to outcomes where you get murdered because they must have built themselves a disposition where they do not suffer sodomy in prison – so mostly it leaves people asking how being concerned about racism and being known to be concerned about racism and such public violence eventually leads to the deaths of persons who were concerned about problems that the media fools who run these senselessness like an industry for these goons have ever once solved in their stupid lives. So yes, I have ended up facilitating eventualities where somebody got killed by security service operatives and I am asking what they suppose they can do about it too. It’s an old story where I do not want a Celebrity to handle my Public life and my Empire and get to tell them about it; they can always decide not to comply and issue those stupid threats of course and then I will get rid of them and make it cheap enough for social media and the result will be that I sell those Books the way they want me to or I sell it the way I want to but I sell it either way.

The whole business of them taking advantage of me to a stage where Public safety and National security is jeopardised is a fantasy they entertain; I wouldn’t know why people play around with that stuff anyway, I can always pay attention to what I am being told to do because doing otherwise or doing other things that are unacceptable jeopardise Public safety and makes it impossible for me to be protected but what I do not expect is idiots to get involved with it and cause distractions that allow community croons that are protecting criminals that have not yet been caught to finger my bum and beat me down in my own bed all day long at home and at work, to a stage where I drop out of University etc – cannot keep their hands to themselves and boast about nonsense they can never accomplish while what happens in public is that the senselessness allow even their kids to finger my bum but nothing more happens beyond that so we can find out what it is exactly they can do when finished with such behaviour too. So now they say they are holding my own life because people were killed on my account and I am left wondering what with anyway and why they never get involved because of the Books that brought them here in the first place. It does not bother me when they produce those reasons either, the reasons are always built around the fact they will hurt people I care about and we all know it’s a hurt people I care about and complain later issue with them that they cannot detach themselves from but it does not mean I am either vulnerable to them or cannot assure the Government that Public safety has not been compromised: my bottom hurts and they have not given a reason for it, they just think they are free to behave the way they do and risk other people’s lives because they are probably more worthy to walk this earth as living human beings and not memories and corpses than everybody else. It baffles me why celebrities have a need to take over people’s lives and property all the time: on one hand they are actually very simplistic people who have a clear idea what they want from Public image and Public life and society and crime and culture etc, on the other hand they build industrial separatism and can never have enough money; why do they always have a need to take over people’s stuff?

The story of me in trouble seems to be the tale that breaks the ice for them all the time but I am not in any trouble with middle aged ageist bastards with a need to show me something and teach me lessons as per the consequences of chasing my bottom and making a public case of it – it must be some service they are providing to see I am getting into a fight with local gangs and so on as it were, blowing off that big mouth all the time of which nobody asked them to keep their fingers millimetres off my bum all the time and get about ripping the finances of a Prince they claim they do not recognise and will exist when they do to secure a reaction. Blah blah yapping they got involved in national service which means they have the right to go around making money by being happy before the complain of which nobody asked them to make a University drop out Prince out of me, besides which the Books I write belongs to them apparently yet with that big mouth again. They speak of things my people do all the time which people I have no idea, just that the state provided security violates them as well since their latest sub culture had become that of damaging Prince whose Public image they wish to steal and it will continue only until I tear up the celebrity culture and the public culture and set a mind of ripping up the media – I mean I will get into trouble with their big mouth but nobody is asking them to pick up information I have thrown into culture and society to help me run an intellectual property administration business and get off on media with it to show off their stupidities claiming they have performed Industrial espionage on me and gained access to information I would rather not have given and stolen my career – means nothing of course except when they want to teach me lessons if dropping out of University to sit about responding to their local stupidities everyday adds up to consequences they are going to complain about for a long time as well. They speak of the boys I cannot handle and we all know that was a story of idiots and their stupidities and their mothers who do not wish to do the fighting anymore unless fame and fortune had allowed them access to your strengths to ensure they are no longer afraid of you but spend their time on no other activity save fingering the bum so their stupid ageist scum can show up here to tell me if I do something about their insanity turning up here to play with me instead of get a book it will stirrup a bigger problem for me, which is where all these getting into trouble shit is coming from in the first place, when they cannot teach one to a rat. Of course, dealing them could be difficult as what we are looking at here is worst case of idiots who let relatives get killed by criminal gangs in order to suck up and would do anything for power etc but that said, their assumption is still that if they got me interested in their social and cultural and public disobedience with a plan in mind to make them behave, I would be stoppable, showing up to play with me all the time - same story behind how I dropped out of University to sit about reacting to their daily stupidities on account they would find it exhilarating, the problem now being that they are the ones who had the right to get rich by being happy while people like me were supposed to pass exams in order to be important, teaching lessons with that big mouth - they say I brought the whole thing on myself by clipping the left but it’s an old case of failing to understand and listen to the no peddling public image and faith and personal life bit because it thinks it is all that and has some greed and democracy and politics on its side therefore risk worth taking every day (it says there is nothing I can do about it whereas I can always spend more time with my religion, keep off resolving the consequences of other people’s deviance which is what their stupidities live for and fight the media with all my time - see if they are still making stupid comments about my Books while writing their own to take over the market from there but first, I think I will get some flower pots into the Office and see if that resolves the problem and then it will kick off if the problem isn't resolved: Typical example of how serious it can get is when I do some work that facilitates public relations, allows me to run an Intellectual Property Administration business and they pick my information thrown around at Culture and society, to get up on media and claim they have performed career piracy and they have performed industrial espionage and they have taken my career, not happy with such abusive distraction I shut down they access, what becomes of information they handle ends up where racists have set up a community and when the racism issue had become a National problem, we then see the idiots show up on Media to sell things, get rich quick becomes famous celebrities - they then claim it is the forces of Political and social and cultural change that has propelled them to do it but also claim that their stupid civil rights actually looks like that as well).

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