Eventually I am told that my actions put me at risk but it doesnít, itís a matter of what people think most of the time i.e. walking in the woods or surfing the internet to come across an American Woman taking a bath in a lake is not necessarily a good thing, especially when she does go off to chase your bottom while its masters at Washington and New York claim you are the one doing something wrong and then left thinking the West is the US which is not true. They like to say that I wouldnít dare to live in the US but everybody knows that whole story of fat wife at home with sugar baby to run with is dead and buried at this stage first of all and that I do not actually live in the US (yet; yap, yap, get their wish one day, pretending they know me that well). Itís never been a problem, itís just a matter of an inability to think properly or do anything well when the prevalent sensibility is that one fancies American stuff, whereas it is not the Bees Knees as far as I am concerned. The risk factors are only a matter of the number of goons in the US who have an alliance with dumb students that do well in school and have a thing for shooting off financially beneficial insults in my direction all of the time Ė so it plays into what they want to do with the US Secret services and we find that it is a world of people getting involved with security business but that the American ones love to make a mess for everybody and then tell people what they should be paying for it Ė leading right up to this current stage where they deserve things from British and Africans and the rest of the world and their barely criminal and criminal fools at the banking system and stock markets are waiting for an occurrence, so they have tended to need somebody that will show them their jobs they said was dangerous but now with their stupidities in the game as well it really is. Itís the game of what happened after the second world war i.e. the US was the wealthiest Country in the world before the second world war but after it, they moved up to a whole new level all together, such that if you started a pencil company there was every probability that you borrowed ideas from an American Pen making company, so if the US President called the British Prime Minister and asked if the new deal with Germany or China was the one that did his or her stuff, the British Prime Minister will have to explain, bearing in mind the human rights consequences of a company that is known by millions of people to belong to a person being taken away by others who think they need it more, besides which the Americans have a very large military and advocate the human rights issues all the time, which they can also defend if they wanted to or needed to; it does not mean there will be no consequences when I am forced to explain myself to celebrities and dumb students that do well in school clinging to my Public image to get rich quick and issuing those stupid insulting threats all over the place for it as well Ė so right now they say the US has always been used to the idea it deserves things from others and nothing much has changed but we all know the 2007 economy crisis changed things and that they have resorted to lazy bullying of their own allies for money, that nobody, not even the British can move them away from, and then everybody else since and we are finding out it does not work that way. So the bankers and stock market and New York Goons are usually the best indication that the US government should not be supporting or endorsing certain individuals as they are very stupid people who believe anything that hurts others plays out to their advantage Ė Here in the UK we have our own all tied up and managed and tidied up and they hate our guts for it as a whole. In terms of Terrorism however, that was an old case where as it is presently the Terrorists bated an attack on British transport system because they were raising threat levels, knowing ISIL does not fancy mainstream leadership that will make its extremist conveniences very difficult to handle but if you took revenge by forcing mainstream leadership on the part of the middle east they control, you would risk the lives of undercover security operatives there, so we have to say they more or let got away with that temporarily. The bit about US operatives letting go because we are not co-operating is the reason we face such a mess all together; they have never really stopped storing up problems for the future just like I get told I do not understand the dynamics of the terrorism whereas it is the same old story of foolish women with ideas about those I should give up personality and even property to since they are the ones that can do violence to protect everybody big mouthed stuff. The same old case where the blacks own me and we are finding out they own nothing here and deserve nothing around my concerns in anyway whatsoever, as the insults of the man that will be gay so black women might be powerful has now given way to utter desperation for attention from me, that they will never ever get Ė should they get rid of this, what I intend to replace it with will surprise them and surprise the world and then my skin colour will be a curse with that big mouth and those incessant abusive insults with it too Ė apart from which I can do whatever I like with white people no matter how much it may hurt their stupidities. There is talk of millennials and their gimmicks all the time, none about foolish men ripping my finances to have sex with people in my generation so as to ensure they can have what I am offering without payment, we never hear them talk about the case where every month people want to have the same zodiac signs as me and secure some Royal privilege that will make them rich and famous in the process, looking for trouble the whole time. What we hear more often than we would want to is that I am privileged and stupid but if I said they were stupid without privilege so that still make me better then it will be a case I have to prove but we already have more prove than we need i.e. people who play with other peopleís livelihood for decades everyday think they are really clever, they claim itís what happens and that I should not try to escape from the fact people in the world feel a sensation called envy but when push comes to shove itís really all about a disrespect they want to spend all of their time on but show up on media and get help from the Politicians who talk nonsense about how I am not relevant or important etc, to gain access to a means by which to make a position where they are criminal characters I have to respond to all day profitable, save the bit where the Politicians are complaining about hurting bottoms as well, all laced up with their children wanting to bully and attack me endlessly while if I dispelled this idea I am not such a different person that people can bully on account these fools feel like playing with my livelihood and handling something really important to me to make me deploy my Office for their financial needs which is a short cut to fame and fortune in their view, then I would have been suggesting it is okay when you are not different, for those who are different to be bullied. They speak of my responsibility while reality is that people want to see me and want to see what I do and want to choose to be part of it or perhaps not, so the whole process of not showing myself does not help me sell my Books anyway, I however cannot understand which part they play in the matter anyway; so eventually they do claim I have no respect for others whereas itís a simple case of those really insulting and abusive women who want to take things from children to make themselves comfortable and show up here to make trouble for me while selecting boyfriends as though they are preserving their DNA from contamination the whole time and if I ignore it, the same who do not wish to deal with the fall out of such nonsense will ensure it is a part of my person every time I step outside of my door, complete with prospects of me getting involved with criminal activity as they show up around my Book sales to make a mess and ensure nobody is reading etc, as I spend time telling them off like some sermon when they are old enough to be my grandparents and think they are really important oafs. So, I had to develop this process where their cultures and societies was queer as well and every time I am seen in Public that is the overwhelming sensation around every aspect of my activity, same with the idea the media is manned by stupid people and same with the idea popular culture people are fucking famous; such that it makes sense when those comments that are so difficult for them to stop making were not part of their job description and the Price to pay for messing with my stuff all the time is that they can get to tell me I expect to talk like that and then show up in public to address a crowd as though they are giving me a deadline Ė in the end I know what my behaviour towards my food is and know I do not have the energy for this sort of playfulness, they however have decided the need to control me and my office by handling my Books and my income is far more important than anything else and so I am always feeling sore all over and am not allowed to be alone with their big mouth Ė so it makes a bad smell and then we get to find out what it is exactly they can do about it.

What they hate about me the most is my selfishness, now that it has grown into a matter of a need to see me run a business because I am unable to get a job, while they are the ones to decide if I can make money from my Business or not, the Politicians have finally stopped being so stupid about their wickedness and the nature of it, not least because the Political bottoms are sore as well: 15 years of daily persecution and no success on making me grovel and we can see they are still willing to go any extra mile that is being offered, yap, yap, I hate other peopleís power and privilege does not get blabbed around here anymore obviously (Itís usually a marvellous eventuality that Politicians spend tax payer funds and time and Office to help people who think wealth lies with having my body parts for instance to whatever evils they want fulfilled - we can see clearly that it works because they can later sit around with plans to get rich passing about insults that suggest itís my fault and putting problems into my Christian cleared out and tidy personality thing to extricate conveniences and sensations of it but if this happens again, I can guarantee they will have another National complain about me to peddle around the world). Of course it is never true the Americans are having me - itís a group of really stupid people who are lazy and greedy at the same time, so a good substitute for a vision and leadership is picking on allies who know what is deserved by those who want something off them for having the biggest military on earth, bound to understand, tend to owe a debt, so I am past it like that while they get into Government buildings to stifle my Book sales around the world and I wait for them to build it up while I pull the plug like I do their African friends so they might be past it too - they will understand, it was tough times requiring tough measures as well, they owed a debt. Itís like when they claim my big problem to be that I watch too much pornography whereas itís not a watching pornography sort of watching pornography; what happens is that I have gone from a character that people create enmity with because it will make sense to sit about talking with rich people on such enmity with me, same person is the one people abuse and make a mess of whenever they want to get about and rub shoulders with celebrities for obvious reasons but when it comes to this whole gimmick of handling my finances in order to have sex with people my age and younger, so as to extricate those things I am hiding away from older men who can take it from me to get the lifestyle they deserve, which sex videos show up on the internet because they are not afraid of me in anyway, it starts to become real, all that nonsense millionaire playboy gets up to since he has no idea how hard people have to work and how talented people have to be to make millions of currency in service provision considering he made his own by organising a sales army. They say they will never stop it of course and I am a bit lost as per why they are the one asking the questions here too. In the end we can see they love to get about making statements that people such as myself are really good at getting around making trouble for others but have no plans to stand back and face the music but we all know what it really involves is a process where stepping out of my door means the whole world thinks I am queer, that is until there is a counter statement which involves their entire cultures and societies and media and politics being queer as well, like a statements that makes the face mask I wear so to speak and then it becomes a choice after that; to move on or keep at it and this is what they are talking about Ė a choice that is mine to make and not their own being discussed in this way because they have decided I do not have the right to be alone if I wanted; so we have a situation where they do not wish to get around the neighbourhoods getting into a fight and I do not wish to be in the same position but we still have very early morning general provocation that is topped up by an excuse each time somebody tries to dissuade them, followed by insults that involve a process where I will be done behaving like that, only to show up to address a crowd in public afterwards, which is why we are here i.e. to find out whether they are giving me a dead line or talking the usual nonsense we are used to hearing from them, so I can start my own gimmicks to see what they are made of as well. The truth of this matter is that where the work Court of my Estate business is concerned especially, I manage everything from my Bedroom, so it will be distressing when somebody exhibits a disobedience on it, when somebody thinks their disobedience can always help them get involved and share problems with it and every little nasty abusive nonsense that can facilitate a process of provocation and top up provocation when somebody else has an alternative idea about the way things should be, followed up by excuses and threats, which cause the tummy to go off at its own angle and this is usually the point at which what they are really capable of gets tested too. they say I should be worried about what is happening to me which is utter nonsense; itís not a matter of my own incompetence, itís a matter of people showing up around my livelihood to mess with me all the time, blabbing about how I do not have the right to be on my own if they had so decided, the women cannot keep their fingers off my Bum and the Men do not wish to smell badly which attracts the idea they want to get into a fight in the neighbourhoods but spend all their time on those insults and abuses that will make me, then we hear these stupid complains and what I cannot address in public if I wanted to, raising this question of whether they are giving me a deadline as well, all sanctioned by Media fools and Parliament idiots who otherwise go by the name of Politicians (my language is apt because these abuses and destruction of my person is a matter of firstly their self-seeking and very violent greed on one hand and on the other frustration due to a lack of electoral success and I could never understand why it developed into grooming me for bullying and building a crowd that will help them confiscate my Books and keep it to make Political success with but what I am certain of is that the imagination hardly develops along the line of being able to ascertain exactly what propels their stupidities - like confiscating my published Books, taking it away from the Public because the best use for it can be one of a property that belongs to their foolish Political parties by which to facilitate electoral success and at no time of this going on for years do we see the fucking idiots worry about how the bills are getting paid around here, while they are convinced that they were important people at the other end. If they wanted to buy their copy of my Books to facilitate electoral success by, they could do that of course but that was rather something that normal people did as far as they were concerned, so what we hear instead is that when people get involved with me they want nothing to do with others and I am left wondering supposing we had now come full circle, why people getting involved with me has and had become such a major concern of theirs).

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