As when we see those propaganda videos concerning how it is debatable that Russia was responsible for 2018 Salisbury attacks of which such propaganda is usually really stupid as what it calls for is a conversation about a reasonable person in the position of the Russians security services having access to Nerve Agents and if they used it, if would have been obvious what for Ė so we are being made to conclude here that such a reasonable person would have used it in the interest of terrorists, or that of the US or that of Europe, taking closer examination of why a reasonable person who had access to nerve agents will always target Russian Spies or Ex-Russian Spies, besides which is the question of what the Alibi people have actually is and we all know the Russians were not in the United Nations when the attacks at Salisbury occurred, so there is an amusing aspect to such stupid videos which I suppose only lasts for as long as those who run it have not been killed by Mr Putin all together for reasons usually that cannot be substantiated. They do claim I am not fully on-board with US Policy either which is utter nonsense as what happens can be that the US wants UK Government and its operatives to look after its allies, which is something we do and can do well but we end up facing threats from very surprising sources, such as Liberal America and others who have ideas about how the US should be made White. I get told back here in the UK that I mess with the Political system a lot which is not really true; what we have had is Politicians building problems Ė the problems that come naturally do so, then the problems they build do so, then the problems that exist because they allow extremists make use of the personality of certain persons do so, hence to answer this case of messing up the Political system, it would be the best answer to have said that I have never really handled a Public matter that turns up at the desk of the Politicians but it would not be fun to omit the part where the fun days were the days of corruption to create problems that have no name, hence what we are doing now is the serious days being taken care of. You see they want an ego based administrative system where all that happens at my estate would not occur for each time I do not acknowledge that they were in charge but having done so have idealistic jobs about which absolutely everybody wants to have an opinion; the fall out is the security effects when we meet the rest of the world and people come to the UK, where in my case they say I think I am Royalty when I am not but having done so, shows the part of the Country I fancy and therefore need to see which part they fancy as well and then I get told I seldom work with security operatives when I am getting vibes from them, which is not really the case; what happens is that, say I have my bottom chased all day by a security operative, the reality of that will have concerned a job role where somebody has to risk their lives to save the life of another person whose life is already at risk, so I am being made to understand what tools are needed and what support is required and to what extent, however if I respond and happen to have responded to some society or culture goons especially from overseas playing games, I would end up with a bigger problem i.e. this would develop into a tool for deception in the hands of our enemies at the battle field if one were to exist. Of which they say I were the deception master worried about deception but we all know itís never the deception I come up with and the favourite of the trouble maker deception is usually about money and popular culture, tackling me because our Culture says Ladies first, only when they sit in Music studios to get rich and pay a Girl from the Hood peanuts which is a lot of money to the outside world compared to what they earn, does Ladies first become an important aspect of living, while I then get mocked because they have wrecked my life to make it happen. Itís the old case of seeing people play up the really evil version of wolves in sheep clothing routines, where they splash out on my Asset Equity to build products and attain a safe environment to invest while they vilify us over our culture; it comes to me then mostly that they are not complaining about Ladies first when able to do so as such and that the only problem which really does not matter thereof is that I cannot sell my Books, as they look for trouble thus.

We have to listen to Media complaining about me all the time and yet all I want is an end to a process where they get out of bed every day to shrink my Business Empire playing those games where they speak of a clichť that involves doing peoples stuff and that what they want to try and make happen is to do mine, playing practical jokes with my Bookshop and generally building crowds that will for some reason help them to stop my Book sales. Everything else otherwise is the big old case of their big mouth which does so much to suggest they think show business will be the same when I twist them to a point at which they kill me for it Ė they think that from such a stage on Government will not take over the whole thing. I mean I am a normal human being one moment and then the next I find that severely mentally ill people are playing with me each time I step out of my door because the Men are asking them to, soon enough we find that it has decided to get after my finances and academics to play up practical jokes of what passes on my left and right hand side and when it does me damage to incur an action where I get its whole life facilitating the stupid show business while I write Books, I face the eternal wrath of the Media Ė does not make any sense whatsoever. We hear this talk about Brexit in terms of me not being worried about abusive Germans; while I rather have nothing to worry about since they know if I am cracked they will be cracked up and out of my league at the same time as well, just the same as we find these bully journalists keep the jobs to pay the taxes while they complain about me half the time and the other half the time are the ones who are winning the fight that must go on forever. In terms of Brexit of which everybody else except German Politicians can see that being so dominating with the economy will mean the Greek economy ends up having a difficult time, that Brexit was decided by the Generation in the UK which witnessed the First and Second world war first hand, that trying to break up the UK in order to get rid of its Monarchy and make it more democratic may come with consequences. Itís a two faced business with the Germans all the time anyway, one moment you do not want your ally to feel dominated because you are right about their need to support idiots who take leave of mainstream living to choose poverty and run tribalism they cannot afford on the possessions of those who have created something they have never had and the next you need to prevent them from taking advantage of every single situation in which you have something to loose in order to get in control and do things when you wish to do them. They always say that the Ladies First mantra is a self-promotional stunt on my part but I have never seen somebody fail to complain when I take them round in circles so we tick boxes every time we reach those areas whereby you are able to get on with your life no matter what women get up to and so itís what I will do when they wind me up; what they need to do to avoid trouble I can make as well is keep off my property assets and buy Books I write if they need securities from this Estate Ė this is how to beat their own incompetence and invest property here properly, as I am fed up with the financial complications that the set-backs caused by their stupidities creates for me; that said we should have had some form of global stability after the Chinese waded in on such matters and decided to play a big part on it in the global economy. Itís never true that I am done and down and out either; what is true is that they are now thinking like me and by the time they start to write like me they will not be able to sell their literary work like me and by the time they can they will have been old enough to retire from mainstream employment and therefore give me a break for being younger than they are. It all happens because they are evil, something to do with punishing me for the loss of control over neighbourhoods and of course conducting some competition against what I do with Church business altogether to make connections that involve money. The rest of the time itís mostly a matter of fear that they will have to get hurt to keep women and children safe which abuses that come from the insane celebrity and popular culture I do not wish to tolerate any further. In the end the most annoying forms of their involvement and destructive incompetence is the very Liberalist behaviour all together; the one that always wants to split my personality and use me as human shield or a blanket to cover themselves concerning everything that besets them, rather than buy Books I write and there has never been a thing surprising about it Ė I want them off my Books and I want them off my Broker Associates, want them off my earnings and Public image.

Now itís never true I am in a bad way at the Local Communities, when this question of what motivates me needs to be answered; the truth is that I am always being attacked by local community croons who are severely mentally ill but are also in love with their criminal children; so if the money that is sent to them by their drug dealer children is depleted because I attended Church and the Community was affected, the abuses and bullying with intensify but the problem naturally goes beyond what the men that make use of these thing do, itís a matter of never being allowed to continue with a Hermits existence without another me running around on Media passing about blasphemy, especially the part where if I were Jesus Christ I would die on the Cross but nothing would have happened and then others will have to attempt it in order to see if the process of saving others by sacrifice of faith would work; so it was never the reason I will end up destroying the Celebrity and Popular culture for them as well considering how long it continues for and we see the same about Books I have written at a Hermits Office which will be sold on Celebrity and Popular culture as a do or die affair, leaving me with the wasted 24 hours that go by for every day I have to tolerate it, while they build crowds that will help them prevent the Books from getting sold all together. We see this process of creating problems for themselves then set about blaming others and wrecking peopleís lives on Media by all the time; if I am a nobody itís just insults that get me stuck with social issues and develops a perpetual state of conversations about how my death will benefit others, if I get a Royal Commission after that, the insults simply get onto the Media and people become Celebrities by it, then we find them complain about a lack of respect from me on account they have got jobs as journalists and believe they had nothing but had since become Celebrities the last time I knew them, thought being that if people worked their lives in such ways on Public places they would me making a fool of themselves over a fat salary like we see them do all the time - likewise when the neighbourhood goons inform them I keep the lights on in my Bedroom for most nights and they think they want to own my personal life and public image, thus when I have had the Books published, their problem is the grafting that befalls them if they get involved with me and address me as a writer, so what they want to do is build a crowd that will help prevent my Books from getting sold thinking they have the power of God at their fingertips while they are at it. Much the same as the effect is when they catch me out breaking up an Empire to broker the Equities with Companies and help manage an economic crisis, thus their obsession with Media has become one of preventing me from selling my Books to recover my income because it will be the route I need that lets me get married into the Royal Family when others were more deserving; as it stands of which I have not done anything to them, just took up realisation that as long as they continue to show me other forms of respect which exclude having copies of my Books that they obviously need but clearly do not have the time to read at the same time, they will destroy my Estate.

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