I understand it is said I spend more of my time on other people’s families instead of mine and it does not make any sense to me whatsoever, all be it incredibly annoying, as the only people getting involved with other people’s unsupportive Mother whose support was never required as it’s difficult to tell what further perversions may end up racking reality, especially in terms of finding a partner and introducing them to Parents, to create a detachment from reality that allows them tell me other more superior black people are eligible to do the academic work and get the best jobs as decided by my parents, are the same stupid individuals blabbing about my involvement with peoples families which they have no prove of. The general sense is that they have had me all calculated and can tell what I am capable of but I do not think that their behaviour suggests that they have – I am not in a difficult situation over their stupidities like they believe me to me; yes there are society and culture feeders with insults that will affect my bum and stories of damage I have done to culture while they get their hands and eyes fixed on market I built for my Books, an assumption if I rip up that stupid culture and society, I will never get away with it bearing in mind they did not pay the fees at the University where they showed up to botch the academic work and are not paying the bills now either – there are also Mumsie who are Celebrities and Media developing incredible stupidities which ensure they rely on me to preserve themselves and run around with rich people when required and there are taking candy from a baby scumbags with Community croons that do not get to handle good looking people gaining access to me at their discretion but no part of this Literary empire will be shared with any group of people and my Bookshop works for me to serve those who buy products from it only. They do claim I make the decision to shut down their entire Political systems but we can see that no other ideas appear to work for people who are purely evil here, none save the fact all wicked things and are good and fair when they are not practiced on loved ones or large populations, about which I also plan to ensure they paid the full price due to my view of the size of possessions I have to destroy here to my satisfaction if I wanted to be a destructive person, there are no plans here to allow them an exit for all this nonsense and it’s all well their children blabbing at me for it too, reality will always be that we shall put to the test what they can do when it reaches that stage of being stuck with me until they are past the careers. It’s nothing unusual, the origins have not actually changed i.e. a group of people that are so evil, they chose poverty and then set about targeting any who dares to have what they don’t, never mind the fact they are pathological liars and when I say chose poverty, it is a disposition that allows them set out and pursue exactly the point at which your parents may have gotten into a behaviour of patronising you, talking nonsense at me from government buildings which tended to encumber my Book sales. The part where they are tired of the Monarchy being the one where the existence of the Monarchy has continued to serve the stage for all sorts of stupid things their foolishness are rather convinced they can do to me, from seeking connections to making me the person that will get close to it and betray it and I am have enough of this nonsense that does not affect their families as well and will not be given up as a habit that they believe their stupid selves to have a lee way that lets them get into their work Offices and practice at me from a certain corner in it – talking stupid schizophrenia that was a product of their wickedness that only added to their stupidities, the same as my Mum wanting them to have the things I was raised to know and do from childhood, doing damage to my finances and talking nonsense about proud parents of celebrity for it like we see them give their own to the frugal as stupidly as possible; I mean the exact character of individuals who commit crimes that carry a heavy sentence, going round and round in circles, now part of their government concerns, out of their depths, issuing their foolish threats at me and thinking themselves bully Political leaders the whole time – there are not exit here and I do not spend my time with other people’s families. I mean when it started years ago I wanted to know why some women are just intensely annoying and was told it was a matter of water and milk and knowing when to take which, since then a personality I have cultivated at a hermitage has been a product of sleeping with peoples wives and the society ones have wrecked the academic work and told me they have built empires alongside celebrities and fashion idiots on my Public image, concerning which whatever I thought of saying is that which I must swallow down to my tummy and make a bad smell but for the bad smell will I get beaten up too with a big mouth.

I understand it is said that my life is a sad story which has no bearing towards reality whatsoever – we all know it’s the part they leave out when they complain to their Politicians, Muslims claiming I am a heretic and an infidel, Celebrities and Media claiming I interfere with their civil freedoms and homosexuality but first was the relationship with parents, then the academic work and now my Books, the purpose of their misogyny going beyond the interests of their criminals who commit crimes that carry heavy sentences and criminals who are also victims of crime themselves, towards one of deciding that the contraption they build up to claim it is who I really am, spending time to decide what happens to my Public image, finances and academic work, was where the money ended up when I earned it and they could never stop lying especially the Celebrities. So the lies they tell is that right through to their racism, these activities are concerned with other things except money they have not earned becoming their property to spend and that I am facing difficulty at the Monarchy while what really happens is those who consider their duty towards me while I perform mine, especially at the Armed Forces being frustrated that I am unwilling to pick up the business of getting somebody to punish them for incessantly ripping up my own reputation, fame and then earnings as well for the sake of doing it, which is where the fame idiots with no sense of what is right and wrong gimmicks gets to claim my whole life was a sad story and we have not yet heard of such things as endemic Police brutality over it so far, all we have seen is that it is relentless because it is linked to mental illness.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland