Today we have been faced with an expression so stupid, one which suggests that some people such as me have gone about running off some influence which places priority on wellbeing over GDP. I could never understand when those whose thought pattern runs in these ways had stopped talking about one manís poison being another manís food as a form of Capitalism, then becoming very violent and aggressive when asked to prove themselves at Capitalism on the basis of competence, on the basis of the right to get paid, bearing in mind what we see Communist Government do for their citizens is really what we Capitalists have to do by ourselves without Government interference or involvement. Besides which when those who need the wellbeing the most aka the nearly retired, have retired, it will be a new market and I am wondering if they will not be clamouring over themselves for it too all together. The case of putting wellbeing before GDP is an old tale that every goon who wants to be stuck in a cycle of job, family runs and shopping believes to be the correct way to run a Capitalist system, instead of people making the choice to recover economically, thereby improving the prospects of an another economic crisis, such that it is only those who have thought about running a business in a way that avoid it come up with the solutions while these goons were busy pillaging the income margins. So naturally we were going to slow down in terms of recovery while they are at it, as the effect is that in the endless prospects for investment when people have money in a capitalist system, we are still busy experimenting due to fools like these telling us what to do and terribly government public policy Ė people do not have a job at a time, they have a job and then the prospects of what they could be in their heads on going. As for the Politicians who run the Government, those had decided it is all very well for the people who follow others around to share and copy and make a mess of people while people get on with daily concerns and diminish social standing were going to get about doing whatever they liked while the question of how young people got to school and got jobs and got apprenticeships was going to be left to its own devises, as long as they signed trade deals with other countries while big firms were on their side and returned to run the government on that basis while doing their own Political jobs only in the wealthiest neighbourhoods, to create this boxing ring in which they were on the blue side while the economic-dip was on the red and leaving the rest of us as spectators and blabbing nonsense about the fear they can create, talking nonsense about making their mates toe the line with a big mouth, like these other goons mentioned above become violent and threatening when asked to prove their capitalism on the basis of the competence that confirms their right to get paid by the market.

They do speak of where I fit into the matter but that was an old case of the notion that this method of handling National economy ought to be me fearful of war which it really doesnít, it just makes me go from getting around collecting and securitising National currency Liabilities to thinking they were blabbing about economic separatism, so they hate my Books already and I have taken a Public disposition to announce that the economy needs them every time we have to work out what buying products are for when the products have showed up at the market place; hence they always end up informing me that they will be spending mine to do so and then getting off to act on their threats but as far as I am concerned I collect these National currency Liabilities for Royal work and they ca spend anything they wish, the economy needs them and this is all that matters.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland