I am now told what I am faced with when it comes to the idea that Politicians and their goons can do bad things with my property and my whole life and then undo anything I may have done about it anytime they wanted because they have access to Buckingham Palace, generally means that I am facing a daunting task for putting up a resistance and setting out cases on my websites which scream of jobs the Politicians should be doing so there might be a racist onus by which I can goad them as well. It is not a daunting task at all, I have told these goons before that the person who made them think they are famous must have been just as insane as they are, so my point being that they are not and nobody has been able to work out exactly what the fuck they want from other people’s lives showing up around it every day. If people do not have business with my concerns, they need to keep off my Public image, it is as simple as this – the theory that they are famous is schizophrenic.

They have however continued to make out the problem with me is that I behave like a child which I can still remember was the main problem at University; University where MSc holders are allowed only to handle Departmental work and only PhD holders are allowed near the lecture rooms, was the place where I dropped out of studies on account that I was too old to attend and therefore generally attended to find out the talents of the younger people and steal it from them. I have been blaming myself for what happened at University for years and in all that time I have not enjoyed a single 24 Hours in which they do not show up here because the fact I dropped out makes my life a point where they have gained successes with respect to their civil rights stupidities and therefore set to return in order to gain more, continuing with the business of chasing my bum to make me smell like my loo – having been that the scum have since built up this sense they are the icons of success in the Country all over Media and continued some form of privilege based bullying with it all over the Country and one group of goons stand out above the rest, whom I love to use as a standard and it’s the Boy Band called One Direction; never really clear why these teenage scum who have still not built up their stupid popular culture fame and fortune away from my Public image have rather gotten used to issuing threats at me anyway but it is likely to begin the process of what I am going to do about the stupid celebrity culture all together, warned them enough times they are getting on my nerves.

I do get told it’s a matter of me not giving up on playing with journalists which I am not in any way whatsoever; if it is not following my social Media profile, it does not have a working relationship with me and if I have not followed it or included it in a list it does not have a relationship with me at all, claims that it has is stupid time wasting Media gimmick that they would not fancy as well; I mean if people think that getting around with these persons because they saw me in a complicated situation and decided it was the one that helps facilitate their career while I do what I do to support them due to the number of sexual predators that get involved with the Armed Forces and show up all over the streets making out we all owe them a debt, then they are all welcome to take part in the playing. These other goons who think they are famous and therefore gotten used to threatening me, really have been going too far as it were – they are not famous and need to keep their insanity off my public image; next time I attend an academic institution and they follow me around to want my personality and public image to perform this nonsense by, I am really going to give them the trouble they seek and the number that some Simon Cowell has been churning out into Public places every year I will make them all see counts for nothing for my part in this matter as well.

They do speak of the reasons it happens and the only ones I am aware of is the old case where some girl will make songs with what I did at Public work and get a record company to put labels on it and the only way to ensure she carries on with her own while I do with mine is to see that I had made a statement the whole thing was facilitated by me – what has happened being that these goons had since gotten involved with the money and the reason I am hated is because of the community croons that used to wonder where Teachers Private parts were at school and the behaviour has not really changed thereof, blowing off that big mouth all over the place as girls making songs about my Public work is clearly not hurting badly enough yet, I am likely to get hurt by them when they do, as far as they are concerned, therefore am dealing with a daunting task. They do speak of the threats I pose to these kinds of women of course but we all know it’s a matter of the Men that will hurt people to make them feel safe; the fact that when they had decided they need to build up atmosphere of evil that gets moral people fighting for the life against gangs and criminals, when such men attack the moral and Church people it is counterproductive and makes them more of a target for anal sex as it were but it has never really stopped on account the idiots have a hope for that, I therefore only need to look after myself and ensure she does not set me out as a person to be bruised and battered so that she might have a cynical revenge on such Men after years of using them. The point therefore is a very simple one where I can hold a Royal Estate and get a job in a factory if I wanted, not just because the two kinds of women in Public life like these show up absolutely anywhere they wish and therefore job type is not a determinant of where people want to deal with the matters as such – so those who are not working with power in the Country need to stay out of it – those who are not Royalty need to keep off Royal concerns, those who are not Politicians mind their own business, then I get to face daunting tasks from there too especially when I am studying at a higher institution. They were threatening me because their bottom hurts and their bottom hurts because they were doing that thing whereby they do not think that Armed Forces Personnel do think their jobs are the Bees Knees as well as their Celebrity madness does the fame and fortune and therefore I thus face a difficult task, so I guess it is probably set to continue until it ends terribly.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland