Now I am told that I have claimed that my Books have been taken out of context now that free leaders are after me and the fact I creatively encumber peoples freedoms and it is utter nonsense; I have claimed my Books are taken out of context because they have been taken out of the context that was equity broker with Companies which worked with me to secure a service for consumers which optimises their productively and promotes economic recovery; they have been turned into something that encumbers peoples freedom by Liberalist and freedom idiots who have investments on Media and Entertainment industry, thus send out their insulting bottom chasing goons who ambush people in all works of life to make a mess, to do what they do around me – it is very simple an issue for them to clear my space and show up here if they really are interested in the Books or find they will have a reason that explains why my bottom hurts every time they do it; currently the money mad fools have gone from claiming I will never sell a thing until they had agreed I could to abuses of security industry tools that add up to a process where my mood is the main reasons people want my Books but are not buying it, there is no such thing as being fearful enough to say my Books were taken out of context, their stupidities around here is soon about to be looked upon in the same way I view the Russian threat that I have ensured cannot make any money at my expense when it knows tyranny is risky business but continues to engage in it never the less – their case will involve Barrack Obama at the helm and their need to damage my income to work on. They do say I need to set out exactly what I think about them so people know who is friend and who is foe but it has always been a case of liberalist goon ripping up your academic work by planning a life on your wallet – Obama’s leadership serves to help them communicate to me that I need chose between being a Prince and being a writer so others can be important as well and their case usually starts when those years of insulting abuses of dumb students that do well in school decides I cannot settle up what my tummy is meant to do, then get around telling people all about the so called bad smell and I in turn decide there is a cure for the problem as well; they hate a book they cannot plan their finances on when it does not belong to them but believe the person who wrote it is likely to be less of a problem. Then we hear the blabbing about racism and how they do not care which racism is getting out of hand as long as I am specifically eliminated but are confused concerning what I mean when they are the ones to do the elimination and racism is an impossible thing to tackle since white people will always fall short of their abilities and people will push them down while they try to get back on their feet until they think racism was the answer is a white majority Country, so I will eliminate everything that racism feeds on as well for my part; it’s an old story about how those cultural issues that gives people impetus to decide what becomes of another person’s life not being a toy and that Government Office which I am not worthy to hold as far as their dumb students that do well in school in insults had decided it with that abusive violent nonsense they believe is how to get around in the world shows up here to express it as well, gets to decide the clarity that makes available the means which allows Police Officers to make decisions without complications whereby somebody was to get shot in the foot and it went badly wrong to end with a head  wound etc. they always say it is dark things in my thoughts and the enigma of my person that encourages these things, both claims of which are utter rubbish; the dark thoughts of which refers to a process where I made crime less profitable than it already is by some action due to the fact it will not stop targeting me because those who work it find themselves amusing and then I allowed some 4 to 5 person run off the Popular culture associated with what becomes of it from day to day, only to find each time I tune up my radio that everybody who has planned a life on my wallet is making music and money from it as well as disrespectfully of my patents as possible – the only time it is obvious I do not know who they are and we are not relatives of which is when they make a point of those communities and friends and families of theirs that have become well off by destroying what they can around here; the same people from whose lives the idiots could have made the music from and sold to in the first place as it were, by which I then get so scared I claim my books do not encumber their freedom and was taken out of context with a big mouth. As for the enigma of my person, we can see that when this happens and I decided to get around the retail outlets looking for products that are being sold by famous idiots, so as to ensure the profits are affected as much as those radio insults that keep it going, they always tend to listen to what I am saying to them for a change, hence nothing about my enigmatic person or indeed dark thoughts in my mind involved in the matter at all – we can see their own case never improves, it plans a life on my wallet and gets its stupid boys and girls to extract an income from my public image telling me how to exists all the time, until I prepare their own ripe for the kicking as well before it stops. It goes all the way to industry where I broker equities with companies and my big brothers took it up to ensure it was completely absorbed while they got top jobs and got into a habit of telling me how to exist all the time, which has led to action taken and results placed on Facebook as well, followed quickly with public declaration of hate for me when they were warned right from the very beginning of their apparently trendy economic crisis since 2007 when it broke out – now full of regrets, hates my guts, still clinging on to blabbing rubbish of how I should choose between being a Prince and being a writer so others might be relevant as well, to tell the world about the bad small and talk nonsense of its freedom looking anything like that and will not keep off my Book sales, which is developing into another issue its own right all together. We see them at all the time; lay down a career to look after a family and it has to make them rich or all hell will break lose , same as when you laid it down to support women on gender inequality for a certain period of time, the world will burn if it does not take up the rest of your life – at it all the time, exploiting peoples weaknesses, loves being nasty but does not like to get cracked up as well and says I claimed my Books were taken out of context because its stupidities were about to teach me lessons while it has already claimed I will get into trouble if I said they were incredibly stupid which they actually are. I am far from done with this however; we can see that like racism, when Politicians speak of racism, they always say you cannot kill a none white person as we all know it’s the one where you kill it and then get off grabbing the career, which of course shuts down all the abusive insults that lets them flout other people’s authority and I need to ensure I am protected from the blacks as well and they will hang around my case seeking what bothers them until it is all spent and then the business of being the Prince who seems to know what to do about issues and hence able to avoid violence but is always being threatened by them which constitutes how state provided security is to protect him will then be put to the test in terms of their prowess as well; I mean I did not pay for Publicity where people tell me to choose between being a Prince and being a writer so others might be important as well, to get around telling the world about the poor smell it causes when it churns my tummy due to their disobedience blabbing nonsense about war over their needs all together, I did not pay for publicity that says people can get off claiming I said my Books were taken out of context because I was about to be handled by free leaders who wanted to teach me lessons for encumbering peoples freedoms, so I have no idea why publicity has been spent on that myself either; speaking of Publicity for me as a Hermit of which is usually a matter of perhaps an inventor in a shackled building hidden away from mainstream living because he does not want to be disturbed or in terms of running the Bookshop and being involved at Industry, women who look into the issue of CV faking, women hating society loving goons abusing people and giving money to celebrities to make a living off the pocket money of rich peoples kids which allows them to get on media and foster community narcissism, getting involved with Advertisement, which is now being threatened by peoples socialist mistresses and the fact the idiots not only believe themselves to be productive people but also think they are famous – then they say most of their activities are a matter of being provoked by women who said ‘beat that’ to them and so on and each time they do I rather become convinced especially with respect to damage done my academic work and continued damage to my Books and Office and Public image, that the Media and Celebrity culture was my problem and that I will need to get rid of it – as for the insulting bit where I am not worthy to have a Royal Commission; we all know it has dragged me out of getting a commission and taking out an academic endeavour if I needed one to get it done, to a world where it dump students that do well in school is blabbing of me claiming my Books were taken out of context because I was about to be handled, in an environment where I had become Arch Prince Lord of everything on account I am dealing with a power because of them all of the time, which has not ceased to boil down to a simple case of getting on with what I need to do at the Office or getting books sold to those who need it, both affected of which means that they will pay for every wasted 24 hours of mine over those insults that they had decided they wanted to spend their time on and need to stop wasting mine as well thereof, at the end of every day. The point at this stage is that they have a history with me except the Industry ones; the Media ones need spend their hospitality on their news trade not claim the livelihood I created for myself and my academic work explains the bullying that involves dreaming of seeing me tackle neighbourhood gangs everyday – same as Public transport operatives doing the same over the fact their hospitality is meant to get the general public moving from point to point and same as the Politicians being theirs is meant to keep society stable and so on; it seems Industry ones are still at it and traders will not spend their own trading without bullying me and yet we find them complain about the bit where soldiers need to get a job done and require my order to do it from time to time and sometimes unexpectedly – its apparently because they have spent so much time on me they are full of regrets that is sapping that stupid bully energy all together as it were. Rightfully I am only concerned with the two things of people who end up in a Court system of mine because they have jobs that expose them to publicity and want me to provide them tools to beat themselves up with and thereby keep their families while at it, beyond this is my academic work; the rest is distraction upon distraction and I can remember that I had all that nonsense to deal with throughout my teens and got them into a corner that let me keep my finances and academic off them and the criminals that follow them around, only to find them in my life again on social media because of Politicians whom I get it want me to do something about it all together but apparently have done nothing to sort out the problem of those who turn up to want me queer and want me violent and want me in a way that is not in keeping with what goes as God intended all together but that said, I am not the one complaining about encumbered freedoms all together anyway, that would be the damaged goods in human from we have never learning from the consequences of showing up here to make a mess for me all together. They do say it’s a matter of the queer nature of my authority which is utter nonsense; the real problem is that they want to see me do things the hard way, see me learn a trade and go through tough times so people can make use of my personality; I am doing that but they are not making use of any personality and intend to ensure it takes up their time like their insults take up my time as well, all they need to do here is buy Books; I mean we see it all the time, where Prices at the markets will never be determinate because women have children and there are some medical procedures that do sometimes get to the head and encumber personal mobility for them to copy and play stupid practical jokes with and yet when women bump people all the time because there is hustling to be done then women get beaten up – the solution they say is acquiring more power which generally means that the same women will now go from difficulty in detaching themselves from home chores that always need to be done and get involved with some public and social issues that help them resolve matters of the inequality we hear complains about, to serving their stupidities. I mean it’s like when some people say if we met an Alien race it would be the very things we do that ensures we are never one thing at a time that will constitute the reasons we got annihilated and much the same as the claim that it is fear which causes me to support women the way that I do, whereas the reality is that of work which never ends and never pays, when you can learn from somebody because they are older than you are one moment and then the next it is clear you can kiss people without their consent – simply civility and the way we were raised coming through for us when we need to get things done as human beings; we cannot get it done, it’s only the big mouths blabbed by scum who think they are famous in public places getting in my way, supported by stupid leaders and ex leaders who had built up a habit of giving word to social idiots to stifle my Book sales while they held government Office all together as it were, claiming I said the Books were taken out of context because they were about to handle me. They do claim I do not respect how much trouble I am in and I am not in any trouble; HM wants me to get things done as the hand of the Princess of York will not be waiting for eternity but as we can see there is a reason to take a cross section for Public transport operatives to abuse me until they churn my tummy and make a mess of me everywhere I go because their hospitality is the one that is used to get the general public from point a to b – there is actually a reason for it and it comes down to the bit where I step out of my door and do something with my own Royal Hospitality as well, to find they will take it up and hand it over to a Celebrity, then expect I should not take action to find out if that was the main job they did from day to day all together on account they have told enough lies to ensure I am seen as the person doing such things, they are covered before they even did it, yap yapping all the time. It’s the same when I am asked if my acceptable of roles offered by Politicians is a process of making civil servants irrelevant while the reality is the reverse and even so knowing the civil service is in touch with most of the Companies I broker equities with, it simply just cannot get going while I get Books written and sold on a part time basis and attend to my academics and career because people have needs and Media. Of course they always claim I do not understand what people are saying to me while the reality is that I understand exactly what they are saying but there is a problem with how they are saying it, since the main issue is that they do not spend time with their mates because they would rather screw around with me on Media and these mates are sometimes criminal and violent, so the prospect is that they are actually trying to get me killed. What then happens is that the idiots find it impossible to stop saying and doing things on Media that gets whole communities of deviant and violent goons spending time on what is to be done about my body and personality claiming they are trying to stay safe, which just shuts down my whole life simply because women are trying to stay safe, all because they have a problem with the idea of showing up on other people’s concerns to keep to some little rules that have been made. Then we hear them claim I do not have a grasp of the violent issues, while they are very well aware people do not screw around with me readily due to the prospect of chasing their own lives because of me and the ridiculousness of a smaller man moving into their right hand (it is okay for my whole life to come to a stop because they have a need to be safe at my expense on account women want to feel safe in the general public - I understand every aspect of it very well indeed and when it comes to their needs in its own right, it is the way that they say it which causes the problem).

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