I have been told that I appear to refrain from talking about these matters the way that it really works and this is not the case Ė the biggest issue has always been a handful of really silly individuals, very prevalent in US Cities, with ideas on how those who take part in culture and social matters in which they are academically skilled should be treated, handled or even punished. They boast endlessly about the British learning a thing or two about general stupidities but we know that before then the main stage for their bigotry was that the British do not have a natural right to behave stupidly, so itís difficult to locate which one they were talking about but that said, itís still very rich coming from a bunch of idiots who cannot stop handling my work, property and income margins in order to get their own done, quite disingenuous to be frank. There is nothing wrong with people having high sentiments about the arts, just that they need to listen to what other people are saying as well Ė where I have pointed out that my Books are set out fundamentally as dossiers, in which I have not bothered to check a lot of the dictionary errors, thus sold it that way because I intend to ensure I was sore all over on account they were cleverer than I am theoretically.

They love to get down the other path where they claim my work is set out like the coward I am, to facilitate the means by which bad people get around and I could never understand anyway since they were the ones helping people who are likely to make bad decisions unto riches and fame at other people expense all together Ė my bottom hurts and I am sore all over because they never listen and a lot of the times have not got a clue what their stupidities are talking about. Their friends at the Monarchy will be the ones that have been spending time fighting my battles for me to make it more painful naturally Ė it is supposed to express the full range of their nepotism and other stupidities with respect to whom they believe themselves to be superior to. If they say that my work is set to allow bad people mobility like a coward nicely, then the above is what I say in response but if it is a threat it should be noted their great achievement is to run around the cities with ideas on how other should be handled and then claim it facilitates a selfishness, destroys the moral fabric of society with their stupid girls and allows small businesses set out at the underbelly of Cities to be successful, the one that gets to me the most being the nepotism and discrimination set out to ensure they were working Politics in a way that got their tribes men into Government buildings; so it does need to understand that the most important thing on what it thinks about me is to show up here, not to hang around with gangs , helping people to money at my expense and blowing off the big mouthed insults about being a freedom monger and a democrat like that all the time but to buy the Books I have written, read it and review it legitimately or keep its mouth firmly shut, as there is really nothing its stupidities can do about me.

Some people have said itís a matter of different kinds of brains but it isnít, itís a bunch of goons whose insults have now come full circle and caught up with them Ė it showed up at the University with practical jokes to chase money at my expense until I dropped out and had not looked back since, becoming more and more abusive, more and more forceful and more violent with a big mouth. I am not saying they did not pass the exams in school for their part as such, I too am fed up with the insults for my part; where they have found themselves is one of those typical situations where I had decided to get off on an angle saying that parents could have spent the money to buy me a House but spent it on school instead and those who want to make use of it may do so as a matter of talking from my right instead of their own because they were my personal gods.

They say I have not had the tummy sorted while I think I can handle anything but the tummy is the product of spending time on Media insults instead of the fact society and culture trouble makers were planning some high level bullying they will exhibit on you and handle you with every direction that you tuned, itís clearly what can happen when that slips up but they can always continue blabbing like that until they prioritised a schedule to do something about it, otherwise itís clear I want their insulting involvement to refrain from acting in a way that affects my public image and income margins; so we can clearly see its corrupt in every way imaginable, talking nonsense with its exchange of body fluids, slimy drippy corrupt stupidities all the time, whereby they also say that my mind is unusual whereas itís an Arch Prince with roles equally split between Church and State and whilst they think the state office bits is the one they may mess with, their body fluid exchanging slimy drippy insolent disobedience blocking my finances with Celebrity culture from hell, as stupidly as possible is an example of the reasons we find it so difficult to live in a society where we are able to tolerate others, while the Church business one will be the part where they think I am unable to see the way they drink, smoke, sleep around and show up here with these insults and process of blocking my Book sales in order to confiscate my career for the financial issues, talking nonsense about being important as insultingly as possible the entire time, until it goes haywire Ė so it might be nice if they gave me my space should they want to do something about the smell. I donít think that talking about it in such a mellow way will help either but neither do I need to emphasise too much that I have had enough of their stupidities on my earning margins talking nonsense from their nepotism about confiscating my career due to their seemingly endless needs and the idea being that I now rely on them to co-operate if I needed money from what I am doing and their stupidities had a price for it, looking for a worse version of what they are complaining about. Itís much the same as the one size fits all insults on how some people complain about money issues because they are unable to commit to the little things story, that gets them sending out their idiots to make my whole life toxic all the time in order to share my income margins instead of engage with the Bookshop properly, especially on social media, blabbing nonsense on how I ought to write a Book and run a Bookshop if I wanted to make a living from it the entire time as well. They love the sense they are the innocent party but how this pairs with an understanding that Celebrity fools have spent a considerable amount of time setting out Publicity which suggests that famous idiots had grabbed my career and have been getting rewarded by Industry fools for it too, but show up here to block my Book sales until I promised to make their corrupt stupidities rich and important first, while thinking my tolerance of their foolishness ought to be limitless, beats the imagination. They have however said itís the same way I have handled their culture and society but we can see what this does is financial fear being inserted into my psyche and had never stopped since the last time they saw me walk into a Church as such, therefore I will one day explain the reasons I have handled that stupid culture and society to put fear into their bones as well. They claim where we agree with each other is on matters of wealth and social inequality but its utter nonsense Ė the only thing these gits are good at is the business of assessing whether those they want to target in order to run their lives on other peopleís wallets, are likely to react to what they said and the insults they threw around, the same way that criminals in prison did and once they realise that people are not likely to put them in Hospital for some reason the scramble to run their lives by wrecking other peopleís lives will begin in earnest, full of a sense that lies and truth were the same things depending on how you felt about them Ė much the same as they have said my Books give bad people mobility, leaving me to wonder why their sense of acquiring equipment by which to engage with the Public over some leadership purposes always plays out of my personal finance margins in the first place. The wealth and social inequality issue being the same as the fact you had £200 to start a business three years ago and you are still singing theme tunes today and itís all entirely a matter of other peoples preferred enjoyable practical jokes. Whilst they claim that this is bad generosity, their biggest advantage is still the fact that if Governments knew what I know, they would run their affairs and other international interventions in a way that takes into more account the position and needs of vulnerable people, not least on such matters as I have mentioned here, but if they know what I know five years from now when I had sold the Books and become a big star, the purpose of the information will be defeated, so I hang around somewhere sharing that information and incurring the wrath of their stupidities blocking my Books to fulfil their foolish dreams Ė so the complaint we face today is largely a matter of the fact that it got serious amidst all that clowning around and they do need to keep away from my Books, as we can see they believe I either do not know or do not take seriously that they were blocking my finances, the big mouth seeking out all the trouble it can find.

They do say they plan to teach me lessons on what I had done with the culture and society but for want of an understanding I have had enough of such stupidities, I should say itís not a normal state of mind to think that the nature of other human beings is set out so corrupt and stupidly that if you had an injury they were likely to stick the finger in it and gather a Crowd that will help them make sense of the reasons your reaction should be amusing and that beating them up at random makes perfectly reasonable sense Ė it does need to keep its insults off me and show it cannot lose suction on my sweet existence, telling those stupid lies on who the provocateur is, somewhere else. Itís a terrible thing to do from this point of view as a Christian, to sit around thinking of the things you would have done if you were a bigger and stronger person Ė typical scenario if you need to be reasoned with is that you may have spent time between 6.00 am and 1.00pm doing so and by 4.00pm the head Priest had decided an impromptu fast was the bees knees, it is a scenario where you would have had to explain where doing so did fit into the scheme of things; much like I have had enough of them and the idiots do need to spend more of their time and attention on their own stupid lives. I am told then that I allow these matters beat me down before I then set about handling them but I donít, what happens is a group of idiots who consider themselves opinionated and manipulative inflicting the smell issues they have brought upon themselves via the personal decisions they make concerning these gits on me and their fellow fools at the Monarchy who pick it up for them especially when they are female; what really happens is these goons begin the Political version of this nonsense by setting out that they believe the Law existed to allow the weak tackle the strong successfully and then it progresses into a single stage of bullying where handling my personality to make a mess of it is exhilarating, allows them divide personalities and play which ones they wanted if they needed some peace and free air and then progresses from here to more complex ones like linking the process with making money which turns it into a job that people cannot dissuade them from doing because they had to earn a living; so itís the Politicians that showed up to stop me at University when I wanted to push back, until I dropped out, leaving them to grow into what they have become today. It usually says that this means nothing as they are more successful and have more money than I do but itís all scary money involving a process of blabbing about being able to oppress me and getting Industry fools who conduct tribalism raids to spend money on it, so it is natural deduction to say that at some stage this charade will be exposed and then the real vandalism and destruction to preserve what they claim was a reputation their stupidities had built will ensue, so I cannot make sense of the reasons they are always complaining of the way I handle their culture and society to prepare for it anyway, it probably shows that they planned to win. The bigger picture is usually the cause for concern, as we know that if having scary money was the main thing in the economy and that the national income we spend at the Kitchen does not go to other parts of the economy to engage in economic activity but straight down the sewers, if we have not found a way to replace the National income spent in the Kitchen, then we are in real trouble. They say I talk like that but live on benefits and yes that is so Ė I live on benefits because they are blocking my Bookshop; it should be possible to earn the money that I am given as support from Government at an online Bookshop and I am sure they see how hard I work on it and understand this to be the truth Ė pointing it out so being another triumph where I have deployed their lives to fix the confusion about my online Bookshop successfully; the great old case where it should be possible to say that an arrangement belongs to you and a certain product is attached to it, before you got to spend money on advertisement Ė next stop will be the business of spending the lives of their Celebrities on the advertisement itself. They do this all the time; endless insults where they say one must walk before one can run but by the time I am ready to run all the money had vanished, same as when they say I have written a Book but none knows who I am, when people find out who I am eventually all the money had vanished and it never pays attention to the life its stupid decisions have built for itself, if it may rely on me not to do a thing about it.

I have been told I always tended to avoid the sinister part of these matters and I suppose I do as there is little anybody can accomplish with them but if people need the facts, itís a simple process where the Men have gathered somewhere and come up with plans on how the rest of us should be handled and pulled around to ensure they ran successful businesses that could not fail, so it tends to mean they leave their homes and show up on the streets to spend our time all day on ideas that involve getting matrimonial services from women we do not see them handle often and then extend the behaviour to me as well, which leads to the complaining we hear all the time. The other more public part of it is that they take up some very corrupt women and hang about somewhere on the backdrop of their stories about women being a problem and blow off that big mouth endlessly on the violent things they can accomplish, alongside tales of kids whose property they will collect to make those women comfortable and when I want to explore the fact they hated their wives as a matter of that stupid social corruption, the bullying gets all the way to the Monarchy to do my stuff and run Public transport from then on abusively. So they say it is fear that makes me act like I do which is not necessarily the case Ė what happens is uncontrollable rage associated with the smell issues being a matter of those foolish corrupt women of theirs they blab with spending too much time with their stupidities, then when I look like I had become a merciful person in terms of the plight of the female community especially on violent matters, they bullied me and left me with the smell issues associated with their stupid corrupt behaviour but the corrupt behaviour continued still, the progression being that I am marked out for violence over the smell issues and it becomes so difficult with all that rage going on when we think of the guys beating up people who give their sisters a hard time for instance, whether the part they found difficult was the bit where they kept off my case Ė so we see the behaviour run off like that endlessly claiming I am not necessarily the victim while it loves to get involved with a writer for all the wrong reasons and does not have time to read Books, as cracked up out of my league shop operative and management idiots ran off their own Industrial espionage on it.

I have also been told I need to let go of this and spend time on my own concerns as well which I understand but I have always known trying to get these guys into any sort of Public order sensibility is filial disaster, where the prime question will become one of what you are going to spend on your Children if you had spent that on them. the issue has always been one of American Entrepreneurial corruption and how we end up in the Middle with German sense that everything we think adds up to characters that turn on us on a later date is actually how to feel safe and secure and at the head of it are really stupid shop operatives and managers giving me a hard time Ė I can do this forever if I wanted because I know exactly what it is, besides which if I have finding it tough, itís worth sparing a thought for the teenagers that will get from home and slide straight into it. They however say that what I am doing is not measurable which is utter nonsense; the reality is that this structure belongs to me and there are Books sold through it as product, any who gets involved needs to do so because they want to buy and read the Books, or else we are heading into a future where it will cost them everything that the one they were supposed to buy had been bought by somebody else while their stupidities thinking they were very important pricks were fooling around.

They do say that itís incredible that I am able to accomplish these things without money but it does not take money to do the right thing; those who are talking to us about the importance of success for instance are the biggest threats we face when we say those who want to trade at the stock markets should have a statement and those who want to make trouble there should be allowed to follow their path to the consequences it deserves Ė it does not take money to do the right thing. Much the same as I have money to buy a product but when I get to the market it is taken off by practical joke idiots who think that itís one of those products that will get rid of my tummy issues before I got violently attacked for it, getting their stupidities to complain later on that I am not necessarily a victim when I had decided I wanted to make a mess of their whole lives as well, all the way to the developing economies where those products were created.

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