Now it is suggested my main problem is that I had no respect for rich people. It is utter nonsense naturally as the respect we are talking about involved a process where after a decade of resolving matters surrounding the damage they had done to my Books, I have ended up where I was when I first wrote the Books i.e. society gits with a need to get people grovelling for money, pillaging social life and career and the ways I had come up with a solution for it, the Books which were the result and I need to control that and extricate a process where my social activities met up with the services Clients expected at the Bookshop, such that, if this continued to fail due to their interest in me being one that gets me fighting for them by spending everything that I am meant to serve Clients at a Bookshop with, I am set on a course that will burn their important rich persons incomes as well.

They do say that as long as I had not gotten the Media and Celebrities under control, I would never make progress on it and yes I wouldn’t; these industry rascals forget their place all the time, the distance between having a sales army and Royalty is blurred thereof in their view, such that they cannot stop persecuting Government operatives because of the Celebrities – so far the resulting relationship with me is that the society gits spent time ripping my career with practical jokes that are still hanging over me like a cloud as we speak and whilst they and their children complain they were still doing it, these rich people then showed up to conduct a certain amount of investment that will bring about gentrification but the problem being that their children cannot now keep the fingers off my bum, such that my entire life had stalled and when I book appointments with people over the phone, upon stepping out of my door, there are a thousand and one questions as to the reasons I thought I deserved to. This was all possible because Celebrities are always getting involved with my concerns and each time they did, they left with a trail of destruction, then they go one better by building a public disposition for the boys from the neighbourhood at my expense and get society gits running around pointing local criminals towards my bedroom window – from here they want my assets as a cover for the consequences of their personal decisions, they take pictures of themselves blowing kisses at criminals on my social life to make magazines that are sold at corner shops, and they generally chase every carrot and stick disposition by which I effect public control, to access matters of conflict as a tool for bullying the public into accessing wealth that will help them pay off several mortgages but they were still more important than the fact I had been furnished with a means to supporting people and lifting them out of financial complications, just before they reached their retirement age. The last straw was this business of the way their gimmicks and that of their celebrity culture goons fed into National service i.e. we see them act abusively towards police officers and they claim it’s all civil rights but it is not; they are getting their tax worth from Police officers that were meant to serve them but their bottom hurts all the time because they are clearly not getting the service and each time they saw a Police Officer at work, they were off to ensure that was one such opportunity to get the most out of Police work – the whole thing extending to the Military, such that it had become impossible for service operative to achieve job satisfaction in the provision of public security on account that their actions were teaching the enemy how the jobs of the security service personnel in the UK work.

Eventually I have given them their exit, I have made it clear they needed to make their comments about their own social lives and stop handling my Books but they had decided any action on my part will lead to war – which does imply that they would fancy one of those occasions with their boys from the neighbourhood on one hand while I took the other with public security operatives and a tit for tart experience was what we wanted to accomplish. What then provides them the disposition for this insidious boldness naturally being that their daddy characters with abusive behaviour spent most of their time attacking other people over respect issues but when ignored for a short while, we found them doing the same things they criticised, to people who were about their age or older – so the people at the Monarchy and National service are always poking me over it and when I lost my temper I do towards the existence of such activities while the idea gets built up on media that National security operatives looked like that i.e. I do not see that their celebrity army and proxy boys from the neighbourhood soldiers had a chance. They speak of powers at play in the matter which is nothing emotive – the relevant fact I have not mentioned here is that that if tribalism raid manager at a company makes a mess of my Public image and concerns one more time, I will embark on a process of forcing him or her to manage the quasi criminals and boys from the neighbourhood, while getting around with the celebrity gits they loved too much. I am aware that there are powers at play; we know that if you want to bring a country that exists in your head into other people’s civil living, in a country where none is starving, none is getting killed from conflict, you will need alternative ideas but my livelihood should not be one of those as it were, or I will ensure their own case of the power to preserve their career and earnings while they trashed mine, ended very badly too.

They do say I never had a chance naturally but it’s an old story of what will happen if I fucked the society every time I saw it, I pillaged the Celebrity culture to ensure I had damaged the popularity and had their back to the wall to see what they could do and when they showed up around my concerns as a threat, it would be an expression of the fact they were mad enough to. The first will churn their tummy for every interest in me, the second will ensure that their lives stalled as well and the third will be a process of making sense of those times when eliminating the advantages of the shooting and stabbing gimmicks usually left the Politicians making claims that others had adopted a position that allowed people to be dangerous to others, whereby we can set the stage to see exactly what they had in mind. It is usually a slippery slope to start handling them the way their stupidities suggested that other people should. I do get told that the Celebrity thing is getting bigger but it is not in my view – they never had any respect for the way that other peoples lived; first time round getting involved with my concerns and it was a university fiasco as a result, now we are simply sorting out public security mess associated with a process where I had to get on with a life and the entire time, this destructive business was an advantage, compared to others who had at least 5 professional bodies working with Government to decide what they earned for services provided, therefore I never had a chance. I mean when the bottom chasing issues hits it does really hard because it takes me completely by surprise every time that it does and this happens because I am buried in my work and I am buried in my work because they pillaged the social life and the finances, became a one thing when it comes to relationships I established with others for work and personal reasons, became deadwood in the flesh at my expense and the finances were a mess, such that I couldn’t buy myself time – we know it feeds into those stupidities where telling them off simply meant that I had lost access to the market that they had taken from me all together and this business of a history that existed at a time which I had not responded to their gimmicks, was my history and not their own to exploit, even if they created it. Eventually they speak of US Government influences as applicable to my position, which point was simply that we are neither a proxy of the USA or Russian Allies and they are not in charge either – such that after they had gotten off to burn my assets and run off somewhere to make me suck up to Hollywood, it turns out that each time Russians think that if your House had a Door, it should be broken down, the Celebrities thought they had more money that I did, so if I didn’t get it sorted they would bash my head in – same as when Americans get imagination up peoples anus to claim it’s what market does. Apparently, there are causes and effects naturally and there were reasons for their behaviour, just as I have seen them engage in activity aimed at ensuring they only ran their lives based on the size and scope of wealth and social inequality, such that every person that would take these photos of their social lives which existed by magic and splash it out on media, would have preferably been an ex-convict. I plan to straddle myself between government interests and Celebrities; should never let them go because they use Government as well and should want to dominate them all the time because I had more power.

They do claim that they will never stop making the point that they could do more with what opportunities I have had but it is an example of comments they must make about their own social lives – what happens here is that we begin from the part where Government had set out an amount of money to support people that will pay taxes over a 50 year period, once done, we pick up the others that had fallen by the way side and are a real public control issue and set about a carrot and stick routine – those who want to pay more than five mortgages need to stop interfering with my finances and I dare say they are not really important people.

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