The big idea being of course that they do not like men who can cause them harm as well. So we have a problem in that in order to manage men who can cause them harm as well being so determined to do whatever they like with peoples livelihood and then talk so much rubbish about education which their stupid children must have by such a time most people will realise all the purpose of the setbacks, have acquired first and then those activities will even become funny on places like public and National television as well for good measure, asking you stupid questions about whether they are not powerful Ė the sort of questions only fascists who have gone into positions of government or influence which offers enough prospects for their vanities at your expense get to ask with the patronising clichť of ďBabyĒ; by then all hell breaks loose with the insults while you must have been driven mad as well with work.

So although it is mind blowing for most people that they hate quiet men such as myself, especially when we are famous, which is why the only thing in my head currently is them; it is not so surprising that they would like so much the idea of somebody who tells the rest of the world their problems because they know there are politicians and other evil scum like them who are ready to harm the person by taking it up. So it is completely relentless, without reasons and terribly indiscriminate without purpose and the days when they boast and get away with it at international communities in my view must now exist in the past. The madness and the cash flow crisis at the same time, then coupled with and made worse by such things will not suffice.

Now there is clearly no point an IP administrator whinging about usurpers, however, there is also the corruption of their men who abuses are always clear indication of what they feel they sacrifice for the world to have its order, whereas we all know they purposely got married to each other in the first place and if any fact casts doubt on that there is nothing else to explain the viciousness of the other group that have strange relationships with money and women, whose names you donít know but it already seems as though you share an identity with them due to how close they are to your finances all the time. Those of this category that are top executives in companies are the ones that get my stuff the most because they do not need to be destructive here when they have such vast amounts of money to spend on themselves and besides which what they suppose they need from me can be found within copies of my books which are at the prices that any books can be found; so there is a real problem with them that must be settled as well Ė the fashion idiots and pop culture scum are just cheap shots and soon enough they will complain of civil rights issues and sex based abuses.

So it starts off with things they know are a threat to others but because in this case we have royalty to threaten, there is no point thinking that is matters. So count your costs and do your jobs when there is an issue to look into and what is most important for people to create out of any activity you indulge in is your political and social irrelevance and therefore the need for a revolution, so somehow they will eventually take the process of telling you to do anything that you already do, so seriously that the end product will be a process of claims they make out about how you are trying to be more political than royal in order to survive which shows irrelevance as though the fact you are royalty means you cannot kill off relevance of Politicians as well; in fact anyway they suppose it is impossible to because every Politician and Politics is better built out of a system of ex royalty but while they are at it they do not say it is the way that it is, they will say it is about representative and accountable government, hence I have been on a rampage so far for the last couple of years and there is no love lost.

Again a typical example is expressed by Bankers, the usual people because it is the easiest place for people to access a lot of money with irresponsibility. On this occasion I would never understand what the resignation of Mr Bob Diamond CEO of Barclays, on whose watch Banking Malpractices took place to a scandalous point in Barclays, has to do with a statement that the UK has sent out against go getter Bankers and how the meaning is that the UK banking system needs to rebuild itself from scratch. I have no idea what this means and or what it is supposed to mean. I mean, I have extensive knowledge of Banking because my Mom used to work in a Bank; so all her friends were likely to be Bankers and she was not the only Bank worker in her Family, so I had considerable experience of what Bankers are like from a very wide range. All I can make of this is something like the fact there are cool and calm Bankers who look as though they are old men and women and then there are flashy flamboyant Bankers who like fast cars and stuff. So I can only deduce since no further explanation is forth coming that what they are saying is that the UK does not like flamboyant Bankers and that flamboyant bankers around the world need to take a stand against the UK. I mean are these idiots really building themselves a Banking Army yet.I mean I always get told I fight very expensively but clearly first of which I am royalty and it is the only way I can and then of course there is the other side as well where saying that the UK has sent a message against flamboyant Banking and that flamboyant Banking and Bankers need to take a stand against the UK is not necessarily a crime as such but it is the usurper streak that I will be waiting for. That usurper streak that has shown up where every problem that has occurred in the last 7 years at least from when we started taking stock, that usurper streak that runs at the backbone of absolutely everything they do these days, down to the media. I have kept abreast with it myself anyway; the premiership becomes the richest in the world and after that it is something else and then after that it is another and then another and then another and the appropriation of property changes hands until they get to the point where they can decide that if they do not have it then they will destroy it and so I end up where they want my equities and start hounding me to get it and so when I break up the business and give it to them hoping things will get better and I will get a job, they immediately start to become paranoid terribly and violently over the claim once I have a job or complete a programme of study, I will want the equities returned and so it is not a good enough arrangement, hence took my equities and went off to drag the entire economy into a recession to tell me at the other end they were only demanding more and that it is human and that there is nothing I can do about it with a big mouth. I want that economy back the way it was; last I checked that way it was, was the 4th richest in the world.

I always tend to get the sense when they do such things that they believe I like them very much but I donít, along with their media idiots; I mean are they building a banking army yet?

I mean those stupid girls they get around with say I am the greatest force of reaction and violence in the world and that I say things about women that are completely wrong all the time which needs to be reckoned with. I wouldnít know anyway, all I know is that as I mentioned, they donít like men who hit them back and that is why they hate Muslims so much; Muslims do not understand the idea or concept of actually tolerating them, so they generally think somebody will play their ball and wipe out Muslims and so on with a big mouth. For me it is not as much a matter of tolerance as it is a matter of that their stupid usurper attitude; when they have gotten very comfortable with barging into my life to tell me what to do over every aspect of my work, to the point where they begin to calculate I am no longer relevant, then I want to find out what niggles them as well. I mean my earlier question really was whether they are building a banking army yet? Now we are talking about the toughness of their backstage media idiots whom when I get my hands on will want to see what they are made of as well bearing in mind for the most part they are really tough in the first place. So it remains as it was, they hate my guts because they do not like men that hit them back and hate men that take care of that part where they have another set of idiots that are always out there telling their problems and stories to the world, all the way to the international community, which has become intolerable because they want to hug the institution itself as well and as for me, I am not entitled to earn money with their big mouth and they are entitled to cause me suffering with a large gob and we have not heard anything about any of it yet. After all they have democratic idiots that set these things up so they are in my view well aware of the risks and no matter what the cost is always get to ensure the confrontation happens because they are able to make whomsoever they want to into a bum with their insults. I have warned anyway those my books and market place will be their undoing, they on the other hand want a Prince bum and the last of their worries should be the cost of it; bearing in mind it is not the first time or first occasion anyway Ė it has always been that way: they donít like men who hit them back, they hate those who as much as show any signs they will stop people from telling the world about injustices they suffer at the hands of men that do but will never rest unless they completely tear your livelihood to pieces, turn out to get educated and claim they and their stupid children are superior to you as well, taking risks with extremism and making sure they tell enough lies to make it your problem as well, besides the fact that whatever low ebb they lived in before they realised you could be their gate way to stealing money at the financial and stock markets which is their favourite spot is your problem as well anyway.

So finally they say I donít care about white people and that I am just a selfish black man who thinks he can do as he likes without regard for the fact other people exist. The truth about it however is that I cannot go around or be seen or perceived to be going around doing things for such an insolent group of people, especially so, lest they put it down to the notion I am their slave as well. Their Politicians say I should get out of it, get over it and grow above it for the most part but I always suppose they say it because they like being insulted in such ways. Everybody can see things happen in the form of the fact they can do those things, pass around those insults and even make me out to be the person whose blood must be shed so they can be covered from evils but in the end once I find a way round that, they get off following me around to do it when I go into the shops and the supermarkets and so on, wind me up by gaining access to my valuables, stretch my temperaments and feelings to expose me to their witchcraft and before long they are on media as well and that is how we end up with a result which is that even if the idea that I am doing those things for them and have been dominated by them and am their slave and they are superior to me which is their own stuff and I donít mind anyway unless they harm me, is made up, it will be enough for them to start all over again. I mean how do you treat a people about whom your privacy has come to the point where it is clear that each time they trouble you they will have such problems as racism to deal with but they price it open and let themselves into your personal life anyway? It is only when you harm them as well in like manner that the complaints abound all over media. So until every single bit of it is taken away, every means by which they can make it up does not exist, it will continue to happen. So I maintain my stand; they all need to zip it and that their violently insolent culture of usurping in this country. I do not think of it as a major problem per se, I mean faith wise; Christ himself did instruct us that no body gets in by any other way but the door unless he is a thief and the thief comes not but to steal, kill and destroy, he also said that unless a man is born of water he cannot see the Kingdom of God, unless he is born of the spirit he cannot see God, so I have no idea why they attend church anyway, except I am to deduce they have found somebody they name weak link to bully recently and no body therefore knows why they complain either. Career wise it seems the problem has to do with not only the fact that I live in a country where people expect me to get around doing things for them but cannot meet an employer and trust my instincts no matter how qualified I may be, about which I want to see what they will do about it as well if I donít but also a matter of how the rudest most insolent idiots seems to be having the best jobs and so such that if they are using my morals to make that happen there is no chance whatsoever of me getting any one of the best jobs. So the big issue is always that of the fact they fail to understand how far exactly I will be willing to take it; I mean the Bible instructs us to forgive those who use us spitefully and I seem to find it in me to do so whenever they do but am I going to choose for others what they do with their own conscience as well, when I am meant to spread the gospel and hear from their own lips what their choices and response may be? This is how they ended up in a place where they pick up my work and travel off to other places in the world where they think they will be able to sit down and make up ideas of oppressing me in peace without being bothered and so I always allow them to do that for the period in which the good in my work lasts, when it is time for them to flip and start hurting people I will always be ready, so they can flip somewhere else. The extent of this matter can be reflected in what is happening in the economy; they think banks are places full of rich people who live in lofty homes and that I cannot reach them there, so they can be safe while nursing a practice of an entitlement to cause me hurt and suffering when they are women, followed up with insults about how I get involved with them when they are beyond my league, they also think the media is full of rich idiots who can get violent and I cannot reach them there; I do not have a clue what makes them think that and it is beginning to turn out that they will have to make that choice, take that leap and choose a different system for making a living and getting around which neither has anything to do with my own money, property or indeed existence and then I suppose at such a point their dream of knowing what I am like on the inside will finally come true.

So this is the brief story behind why I donít care about anybody else and am just a selfish little black man that thinks he can do whatever he likes. It appears to these fools who can sometimes make themselves educated idiots for their purpose that everybody will tolerate rubbish from them.

Now some say this is just another process where I rip to pieces security that is being created for me but it is utter nonsense as well. I mean what they are referring to as a collection of really silly men that think they are really tough and exist at the pinnacle of their usurping culture but at the end of the day, everybody knows those men are really stupid, thus none will ever really believe that they did come across anything that belongs to me in their lifetime, so what we are really talking about here is the personal problems of a collection of really stupid women that think they are incredibly evil as well. So as far as I am concerned, the way it works is that either on account of me or account of themselves those women will get jobs, deploy those their strengths they want to beat up everybody with and make money to pay taxes, so if they can manage that when they forget they are bitches we might be able to get along. For the media part of it, it is the same old story of how working on television gives you the audacity, the fucking guts to get off and create a dangerous situation for somebody else and so when the person creates one for you as well bearing in mind your face turns up on TV and everybody knows what you look like, you make noise as if you donít know he is more powerful than you are or that there is anything you can do about it. So it is the same old story; it is abuse and insults not politics and for them I can understand that the only abuse there is, is sexual abuse and maybe we will get there as well, so that there might be an establishment of the sense that abuse really did happen, otherwise they will continue to lie the way they do all the time. So there are left off other minor things it is said I did say for example about Royalty which has led to some of these matters taking place but of course they have not read the books as it were and the fact it is all an amusing take on matters that have happened; like for example a situation where Knight in shinning armour was meant to save damsels in distress but I am now chasing the Princess of York with my dangerous stuff because she has been really doing my stuff and of course when I say I want an apology from the Prince of Wales of which everybody knows such a thing will never happen and that it is utter nonsense but it is just an amusing take on matters. I am not saying it is not unpleasant when I am the subject of such humour as it were it is but it is amusing and that is the point of it.

In the end, they say they donít want to read books I write in which I say all kinds of rubbish about the Heir to the Throne or the Royals but I have no idea how it was conceived that I wrote it for them anyway. Those who are in possession of loyalty to me do not read my books with intent of getting connected to the Royal family, they on the other hand are a collection of fucking idiots and so all kinds of nonsense can be expected from them.

I. Uno

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.