I know it is said Businesses and Industries have not authorised me to do any of the things I have done with my establishments but there is no need for anybody to authorise me to do anything with my Royal Property just because they turn up on it way too often for their own good, along with media fools and advertisement industry idiots and Popular culture vandals - by the way of which they are no Royal Princes and this is where a process whereby they never listen when warned about the personality competition with me that causes them to seek leverage through my finances. It is therefore the same old story about their bloody-mindedness about which they need to get off my Literary Empire and find their money somewhere else; I own it and broker the Equities with businesses I want to, besides which itís been years now since they decided every public appearance costs me the derivatives, equities and income of my company, either for work, for shopping and anything that causes me to appear in public which these days is no longer relevant because they have enough to ensure they can take anything they want whenever they want, like the street gangs who are dealing with the kid that likes to tag along which is incredibly annoying because it has all been made up and then validated by insolent Politicians who think what I think about what I own does not matter  - hence there is really no concrete thing that suggests they have prove I do not own anything I claim to besides changing my own story over my Own Literary Empire to claim the income with structures they have erected to extract the perks of my job with; they have built it, I am not very happy with it and it has a story about which we must know what the ending is as well. No need to say more than about how my inability to prevent trespassing on my royal Property and its earnings is a myth. There is nothing imagined about anything in this Company and those who have not awarded me an insignificant share of their Companies or shares in a Company do not necessarily need to worry about anything I do since none of it would have involved them Ė these shares are my property, the Emporium here where I have a personal relationship with Entrepreneurs is my property as well, so are all the Equities, displayed on this site in action everyday and of course securitised by other means all over the world and nobody elseís, those who think I cannot defend them in and out of Law Court rooms or otherwise are completely deluded.  

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland