Most recently they have begun to suggest I have been beaten down to a point where I am starting to drop the act I put up and am starting to be my real self which is less than worthy to be Royalty and I have no idea why any fool would think such things are amusing anyway Ė what I know is that the only thing they have beaten down here is that the only reason we have issues is the insults on Media which happens all the time and exists set to complement the damage to my Books and that they damage my Books because they know there is nothing I can do about them for the damage they do to it, like idiots I need to work very hard to keep myself from beating up all the time; they love to mock me for this as well naturally but not the part where nagging them makes them homosexual and Church business helps me cure them of that homosexuality as well Ė itís the one that gets them blabbing that I am set to get myself into trouble with a big mouth. I have never really thought it a crisis mostly, itís the good old case of useless people in society securing their creature comforts at the expense of Government Operatives Ė where they think Public Office should exist to save their bums from the abusive effects of getting a job, which effectively means they pragmatically think Government people should kiss their arse for a living if you are not beating them up seriously; what has happened is that I have given it some time to show everybody what this behaviour was really after and we have seen it on Media and Popularity culture and football blabbing nonsense and spewing threats all the time, so this business of beating me down until I abandon the act is one that will ensure they got on my nerves again as it were. The main problem has always been the same i.e. once popular culture is shut down nothing they do has an effect but even though I am doing it only with respect to my concerns, the Politicians who complain about their behaviour the most will never allow that succeed Ė I donít know if they want an explanation, detailed analysis about the fact what really concerns these fools is the way peoples grown up personís body parts look, after which they get off playing with obscurity and not long after realise they need to be rich layabouts and will do anything to make that happen. The women always start off claiming itís a matter of their civil right which largely is about weak men working for things that strong men take from them to share with women for sex but now that their fame and fortune popular culture is about the consequences of threatening me over their money problems, leading me to ensure they got the fame and fortune while I also got my ability to supervise them and ensure they gave me my space and kept a distance from my career everybody can see what it really is about. It feeds into that tale of how there are still questions for me to answer if they are financially well off and stupid while I am clever and poor; they have however never actually sat down with the Wife on a cool evening to do the accounting for whatever makes them the money they have, not when they were making little enough to work those maths themselves not now that they are making more than they can keep an eye on because of Industry idiots, they have never done it and cannot account for anything that they have got thereof Ė what they know really is to target people, seek out those who have been served by their victims and then it will be a matter of time as per whether those Clients will be spending money on their own products because of public exposure and pressure while people the Clients had a real relationship with went without Ė this is the only work these idiots do and when they say they have beaten me down to dropping the act and being my real self, they have started a course of action off very well indeed the last time we checked as it were.

They speak of what I have done to provoke people and make people so angry the same way they say my Books are disrespectful of their parents, while I am told living on borrowed time like I do is not ideal. I am not living on borrowed time first of all; my Books and writing career is completely free of this nonsense and since they last began another gimmick to ensure that it wasnít, I have had to do the borrowed time based damage limitation which effects I have no plans to spare them and their fellow American idiots. As for what I have done to provoke them however, that would be a case of being distracted all the time until I dropped out of University, so not counting the 6 years that featured such nonsense as renting spaces to find the woman next door cannot stop getting up on her Window to make a show of my personality, while her pubescent idiots started becoming freer and more threatening, once realised she had built up enough nonsense to ensure people chased my bottom and built pressure for my tummy, she then decided she was comfortable enough to live in her own stupid house and these abuses have never stopped since, hence we find they are so organised that every space a rent comes with that first four of five days or more in which there were no curtains as this nonsense, just like the damage to my academic work is to the Men and the Muslims idiots who run shops, must have been a great victory that they had won Ė so I did set about making sure they were never organised at home or at work or at the popular culture and Celebrity culture as well. My Books are said to be disrespectful of their parents who are still at it naturally, still busy with the business of finding out whether my criticism of their stupidities showing up around my concerns, hoping that I will grow sideways during that time, to see if I would have done as well as they did when faced with the same conditions they faced while the eyes are still firmly fixed on my income margins with very nasty and insulting behaviour attached, so that when they stick the label of bum on me, it will make sense the way the label of looser makes sense when stuck on them as well, which is why they always need Politicians playing games with those who want to shut down the Celebrity culture, so that they might obtain some cowards victory from it: the rest of the time comes with a suggestion that an alternative existence which is due to a response to their stupidities on my part over a period of time, which they made up entirely, that they want me to be homosexual Ė such nonsense are usually better than just getting a day job for these idiots naturally but they must be thinking my experience with human beings have always been this stupid and I am likely to get accustomed to it; hence we have ended up with a grand case of we are stupid and you are good looking in this society and must be homosexual, reality being that I did not beat them down before I started to face the career and academic work because I could do it on the go, so we are about to hear some complains that went global again very soon. It makes sense of the part where HM always says the problem with the Media is that they show up either for love or hate carry on about your duties until the bad things happen and they sought more decadence out of the results.

I am told I were completely confident that I can handle them while they think I am due to get into some serious trouble but I am not going to get into any trouble; the Community croons abusive to a point where they have a problem with my thought pattern and need to stop it, share my personality to a point where they stop me being aware of it with an imagination that goes up my bum as leverage are the ones who feel the effects the most when I speak of selling that stupid culture and society for a living - the society Men will be the ones whose insults and abuses that are set to improve the lives of their children at my expense, now running around complaining to everybody seeking revenge - so the big brothers and big sisters and the most destructive and disobedient of all and we see them guard their own possessions passionately because they know what they consider to be fun looks like and it is approaching the stage where I will be using their position to resolve the way the others react to me and how it tends to affect the wider society and then it will all stop the way that I want it to. the other part of the story has been that the way I work is something goons at the Monarchy want to play with and I am aware of this, much the same as they hate my guts with a passion - I mean if somebody knows how Royalty works and get off taking pictures of their stupid selves all over your house and Public image, blowing kisses at criminals, no matter how entitled they are, they know they are doing something very destructive; itís always the older men younger gits relationship thing that also allows the popularity twerps to get around blowing off the big hoodlum blabbing, so their gangs and racists might hear them blab, of the problem with older goons and younger female gits relationships to be that the females always end up allowing goons like me take advantage which shames the stupid husband that will not keep off my Books, Hermitage and Literary Empire while his stupidities are not necessarily in need for financial aid. I do get told the difficulties I face is immense which it isnít at all - itís quite simple taking pictures of yourself blowing kisses at criminals at the House of another Royalty is very destructive thing to do and that itís not a matter of money of which they are not in financial need to begin with, the same way we see their fellow idiots think they will manipulate me into a tool that fights their enemies at the Monarchy - they are always at it 'we are going to do it, we will do it, we will do it eventually' but tend to leave out these details when they complain to Politicians about my attitude, never mind wanting to be me as their throes of society and Media goons who both think they are each otherís employers at random, means they want me to me, as insultingly as they can. The Public effects are such things as the fact what women are saying is disappearing and it means they want to be women in my view; I mean when he still attacks her and her career while she told him itís not his person or work that is used to facilitate anything she is doing for instance, would that have meant that he was unable to understand what she was saying when he was clearly not Her Husband or would it mean we are on course to becoming an overtly homosexual society in which they were the Bitches; what it clear is that I do not write their Book around here and their continued need to handle my property is what constitutes the biggest problems we hear them complain of endlessly.

I am told My Books do not paint the Prince of Wales in Favourable light and this has always been the problem but my Books are written at this Office in terms of the fact I am in charge and those who read it do so on the basis of getting involved with me and my concerns in order to read it, nobody else is in charge here but myself. The Books have set out that HRH has a long history of getting his hands dirty with the fantasies of Male society trouble makers who think of what the UK could have been all the time and that it had caused me to drop out of University too, which means I need to ensure they had stopped messing with my academic pursuits. It has always considered that HRH has been a single father for the best part of 30 years and that we all do what we do based on facts that we have had access to. All the same, I am also told HRH does not think lowly of me the way I get off on an angle which I am very well aware of but HRH is the one who spends over 90% of his time with people who have had a lifelong orientation with one form of academy or another, it is an issue about which I think I must take a strong position.

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