I do get told these things have damaged my health but I keep patching it up to put out a brave face when those that cause the troubles have won; this is not actually reality. Reality is that the basis for making progress on any matters I deal with bearing in mind I have been rounded out and besieged by Community trouble makers that always have base opinions no body ask them for, who were dispatched to do so by Politicians, is to ensure they do not absolutely any what they want and concentration on my work at the Office is to be based on this and so is concentration on my studies, it is the only way I ensure those that can make the A grades are making them since it will be very difficult for me to. What has damaged my health is me and the way I work and some of the extreme decisions I decide to take and this is because they always make sure when the Queen gets anything from me they make sure I cannot sell my books by getting their own as well, claiming to have come from Parliament hence the Queens rivals, who are making sure the balance of power in the Country is maintained, in order to get support for doing it as well, to turn me into the Royal that never was and which everything else in my life will be subject to the same vandalism, like they made up ideas they were once like me and got savaged and mocked for and so since I have no rivals to Parliament of my own to grab things that Parliament gets from them except perhaps the BBC, I am happy to damage my health giving them the best possible deal for their insults. 


Now with respect to my lack of care for myself, there is nothing of that sort; I am just completely fed up with people playing games. I have by the way made it clear it has been five years since the economic crisis began and there are only two paths to recovery one of them is those who took all the money spending it to give others jobs and the other is the central banks of various economies printing new money into the system after they had put their money away and made sure nobody else gets to see them. The wider problem they create by twisting the nose is that of the time spent between the crisis and present date which has meant they have been going around draining the market of any finances that the consumer has and this money is not their own, especially when my product was used as a tool to make it possible. So the telling me what I must do to have money and how I will be shown how to sell books will not be enough to sway me into anything, I mean they have never feared anything in their lives so why donít they tell me what to do to be more beautiful? I understand where people to raise the issue of self neglect with me are coming from, it is not to be raised by them as well or used in their own context. All it does is bring up the matter where I am being forced by black people to do things which is utter nonsense; I mean when criminal besiege a white kid they claim it is racism and the Politicians believe them, so what do they say my case is exactly, except the fight that the idiots always win? Itís one of those things about which you get to do nothing because it is the Politicians that will deal with it in the end. I mean they put together their music industry studios and then set out of make those music CDs abusing me but when I set out my work and get to it, the Politicians enjoy wrecking mine and so is the question of what their point is raised. Donít get the wrong idea, I raise it and people can add meaning to it if they want, for me personally I see it as a rhetorical question because I know that the point is that I have gone and stolen the kind of success that Politicians should be having. I deduced that they do it on account that they wish to make me give back all those cultures I have taken and then claimed it to be mine along with the money attached to it because they are never tired of intimidating others with robbery, however in my eyes this question and issue only pertains to how difficult it is to run a royal estate with all those evil fanatics behind you, so I tend to pity them. The remarkable fact of course being that it seems the people who attack me the most are those that need my help the most at the same time.


Now the idea the way I have lived over a certain period of time sets the stage for the kinds of standards that women should expect of men is utter rubbish; I mean people should not be surprised if they find their toasters in pieces one day with me asking them to go get their people for the most part. Rule is simple, if you want to do it, then you do it but if not, there are constructive ways of telling her you will not if hell freezes over so that some people can take their own up and do it as well. In the end it applies for women as well that it should be stressed the fact that deviant people are not normal people and the rest us tend to run away from them to the right while they get all over the place and soon want to tell the rest of us what to do to make them richer. This whole issue of things I have done which is to determine how I behave in a relationship being brought up in itself by fools i.e. you attack people you donít even know to a point of violent attrition for which the bone of contention was a process where you leave them alone and you were the victim but to what end besides some other fool that wears pants and appears on television to get famous by culture? Unless people are that stupid it should never come up. The part where I do not know which class I belong is another nonsense too because I know I own a literary empire with a royal estate and bundles of equities in it that I can make lots of money from but a collection of fools have continued to gather somewhere and turn out on television to have elected themselves as the people and not me who are to cash into that money, so the story remains the same that they need to get off my books not assume I am too scared to mention the fact that I own such a thing; besides which I am perfectly aware of interests, like everybody else would, expressed by investors( In much the same way that it applies there are no such things as playing the middle and lower classes theme around my work; only the part where there is no other way to deal with fools who get up and handle people and threaten me with it, when we know that things will return back to normal again at some stage when the course of their foolishness and theft had been exhausted but by then people would have died which is the question answer to his or her question of questions we ask concerning which we already know what the answers will be with a big mouth). 

Naturally there is that concern older people have of my criminal tendencies but there isn't any; what there is, is an Equities and Securities book Empire of Industries and Businesses which I own and of course the communities the companies and industries have built for their various establishments meaning that a certain group of criminal tendencies and foolish girls who think other peoples companies can be made to look like a drain on their pocket money so they can be targeted, along with their media fools getting up to all sorts - they do not feel like laying off my finances at present because it is talking time as it were and I do not mind, only as I mentioned earlier. they turn up to talk rubbish about questions I ask concerning which I already know what the answers are going to be, along with their nasty habit of making people nervous concerning which I am not necessarily innocent for my part anyway. The products communicate with people these days and the language sounds like it has nothing to do with you but nobody is preventing you from buying them either - they have rather become convinced they know where the equity brokerage comes from and hence the attitude issues they pose all the time.


Now it is never really true that Government austerity measures actually is a death nail for me; they benefit from all I do like when I live on benefits and the process of doing so creates social stability in the sense that those who claim they hate unemployed people and those that are sponsored and supported by the Government want the money anyway and hence do get to shut up at some stage - but they have continued to make cuts to the Welfare system while at the same time regularly taking out huge chunks of my Equities that they are not paying for, to roll their affairs and help their stupid business idiots with at the same time and this is where the real problem will begin since I have also warned them about consumer based austerity but the three problems have constantly continually been used as a whipping stick instead i.e. take out my equities and leave me peanuts from the welfare system, make cuts to consumer disposable income so that there is no way of deploying the equities to create investment and ensure people can work things out with the little funds they have, cripple my finances so that I have problems and already hard hit people have the problems as well and unleash their idiots who want to be on all sides where the best stuff is and regularly divide society with their media to that effect who turn up here to take over my affairs all the time in order to have more money than they have already and pay off bigger mortgages than the ones they have and then spend more of the tax payers money on stupid businesses and the construction sector claiming to be creating infrastructure that will support economy of the future, when they are also depending on my work to provide the cross National security required to maintain British Interests which ensure such money is not a waste as well and so I need to stop the squander if I am to survive at all bearing in mind the need to stand up and be counted as well over this matter and since they have never listened in their lives; fair then to assume they do such things on account of being put up to it by women they have tried to take advantage of, however annoying that they take the challenge because they relish the chance where their attitude and behaviour has resulted in Industry competition created for me and this Company which will be given an edge while they take mine away from the Cabinet or other Government Office.

I. Uno I Founder CEO, Tunnel light books and holdings ltd

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland