The claim by Banking and stock Market noughts that Government Policy is leading to less and not more Banking is the biggest load of rubbish I have heard on the economy since the year began. They know while they say such things that they have already got their own Policies of setting up their apparatus to make use of the Country to get rich, while others are meant to provide them country to get rich with but they will expect government policy to help them with their incompetence so that they can do more Banking. It makes no sense whatsoever, when it is rather easy for the idiots to run a business without being so concerned about making a statement on National Interest but we are talking about idiots with money here so it is still an on going task to get them off it so they can do their businesses away from the National interest and I am not going to make it any easier a decision either because it is the only decision anybody serious about running a business would think about. I intend to break up the economy as well into legitimate sectors, so that every sector will have its own connections with the Bank of England and thereby be able to develop what criteria is needed for running a successful business and so that when they the Banks crash Banks by lending money to those who do not meet such criteria for successful business in the UK, at some point it will begin to make a criminal activity as well and by that time they will find other ways of moving their frauds and irregularities away from National interest without being told.

They love to become more concerned with talking about rich people having some kind of power but that therefore tends to suggest I have no power because of course I do not flaunt my power as it were, only they do at me and it is the respect issue that is costing them everything about their business and so to show what they are and power they have want to do the stupid businesses with National interest and it will not fly as well. As for the poor people local community scum I will grab that their rubbish and sell it as well and those why buy pop music made from abusing me who can buy anything will buy it or else as well.

The things that American idiots get up to do not trouble me in anyway; it is the same problem involving fools that always think they are in a hurry to return to prosperity and that they are the only ones that need money and both matters are up to somebody that they also think that they can bully as well and has got things they want and need. The issue however is that they spend all their time on media making out that they are telling me to do things for the American government that I do for British Government interests, otherwise they have access to my books and will rip it up to make that happen and I always suppose they do so because they have no respect for anything in their lives. I mean I say little about it not because it is not a major problem for the UK economy and the global economy, in fact the only problem there is at the moment but because there is very little to say about it except things like the fact that when I had replaced capitalism with religion and they had realised I like money just as much as they do, it will certainly take a turn for the better as well. For now the facts are that the US wants to control what relations the UK has with communists and there are two possible reasons for this; one of them is that the US wants any relations that the UK has with communists to be repeated for the purposes of the US government and the other is the more dastardly one of the fact they want to know everything about UK foreign policy and then share it with all their allies to make all their allies the way the UK is and the warning of course is that it is all very well to get all over the place about me when I have done nothing to them, such things will certainly lead to serious consequences and a process where I cut it to pieces for them. However it remains the same old issue i.e. now they think they like money more than anybody else, clearly capitalism has not yet been replaced with religion in the west.

I do not give the media free range to do whatever they like with me and or my property. It’s all a load of rubbish that makes no sense whatsoever. They think that they should be doing things to my earnings that have the same feel that occurs when instead of going out to have sex with somebody I choose to masturbate and of course claim there is a good thing to that as well and I do not say little about it because I do not think of it as a serious problem, I do its just that at the moment I have not given much thought to handling and serious scarring them for it to put an end to the whole business and that is why I say little about it. It is still the same old issue of corruptions of involvement where they can get involved with any body’s arrangements and personal life that they want and in my case it is not just a matter of access to things that I get a important revelations from God that I can write down so they can have their homosexual sex with before it is even 3 months old, speak less of any thing being centuries old or anything like that and thereafter of course, peddle it to get rich making up latest trends. So it is an all in one issue. At the National side of things however, it is not the first time we have taken risks with the US, the first time was when the economic crisis was looming and we thought the country had one of the most unstable currencies in the world while we had the most stable and so we decided a currency owned by a Monarchy should have stabilities deployed for ally benefits of a currency held together by foreign Policy, what happened is what nearly bankrupted the UK for thinking they are important enough to help the United States of American – those games with our policy with communism is just that close to pulling the gloves off.

As for the issue of Policing and alienation from the local community, it does not bother me half as much as they suppose it creates a surge of adrenalin into my brain because it creates fear into me. It does not; what it is really is a process where the Police have to deal with these guys that are so violently immoral, evil and carnal that everything you do which makes them feel differently in their tummy will earn you violence; whether you are helping them, punishing them, aiding them, showing them a direction, communicating with them, anything you do earns you violence when it makes them feel differently in their tummy and so when somebody is a Police officer you wonder all the time how exactly you will put up with it for the rest of your life bearing in mind that is how long the job lasts for and now they speak of Police officers serving them on top of that as well. For my part I get involved when they involve me and once they do, those incredibly stupid ill informed opinions become really concerning because they are violent as well – hence there is only so much of it you can ignore or tolerate. Not to mention the part where the way you look might put you in such positions or like me, you are good looking but they bully you specifically to put you in such a position. So we know people are wicked, people are selfish and people are evil and always want somebody to blame for their problems but these idiots are in a different league.

They tell me I speak in such ways but will later want people to do my stuff for me of course but we have already been there; the one where they play football and do violent integration in my name and like their corruptions of involvement friends on the media love to force me to open my life to everybody, while their white friends talk rubbish about how the problem is that they do not get any respect. The one that has to do with the fact Christians do not like people doing gang fights for them or doing gangs for them, before we do their own for them as well when it is never enough and hence the question of whether they will have a white mans house comes up. I mean in Africa it would not come to questions of whether they want a white mans house so that they can tell me they want their own house these days because they would probably have taken it all up and done it by now.

As it stands they ask me what such sayings have to do with a process of dealing with economic issues and of course omit the matter of the small business community thing when they ask it; I personally have no idea what metro, decadent, modern life, force ideas violently on a whim on other people how they should live their lives in the city has got to do with the economy anyway myself but there we go. I mean heart of hearts, off the record, what I really think about them is that they are a collection of really evil people that do nothing with their time but tell others how to live in their so called city, in accordance with any necessary wickedness they have set out – they always say it is metro and no body can escape it as long as they are around, forcing it on people endlessly. So that when they start like that and you ask them what the point is, they will mostly tell you that only death will get them off you and cannot shut it like Police are not cooperating.

They live for nothing else i.e. parents that will create financial disadvantages for you that they can take advantage of to get somewhere to peddle you and all you do to be rich and famous and to dominate you with money, it is in fact the standard on which pleasurable violence against me is threatened all the time for false confidence and now they are showing signs they want to keep it that – usually more important than it is to get a day job of course and I give them the marks for all that rubbish they get off to do at the civil service as well for the time being, it is not the same and suggesting that doing my stuff for me thing again.

Naturally I am clearly told that what I say and do affects other people’s empowerment during and in business activities. I don’t know about that anyway but I think what the Police are most concerned about mostly is that a crime is a crime and that is the end to it. We are not supposed to be discussing their business powers in public. I mean they talk now but before then it was happy economic crisis – it seems the hard realities of the recovery and the hard realities of the crisis itself are beginning to make sense. However when people fear the emerging of vigilantes for example I do not think any will come through; these are a handful of fantasist and that is what I mean we should not be discussing their powers in public, just as they claimed it was about protecting themselves from rival business interests.

I. Uno

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland