Now they do say I speak of people deploying my work against my wishes but never what I do to deserve that kind of treatment but it leads directly to the same thing as well all together anyway i.e. the male ones claim I sleep with peoples wives and that will be the Work Court and so because of that they deploy and employ girls that will get involved with me whether I like it or not and do whatever they please with my possessions which does tend to show what is happening with peoples wives on that stupid media but nobody gets to pay attention to because the fame and decadence they offer is far more important the problem being that this claim I sleep with peoples wives is something they tell racists so that they might be able to exasperate me and get rich by doing so. The girls who complain on the other hand would have gotten into enough trouble by being complicit with it of course but they have their own trouble to dish out in their own right and it involves the man who will not stick to girls in his league, the man who must be led on and disappointed when all he needs depends on his relationship with journalists that do not know who the hell he is and more famous and important than he is and so on so that since became the biggest problem I faced around my academic work and the chances of ever getting a job because everything I did simply became something about which i should be disappointed until my assumptions are denounced.

So if anybody is to get killed here they are the people to be killed and if anybody is to have a broken marriage here they are, since they never ever listen to what people are saying to them and never ever leave people alone and hence are building new feminists, new celebrities and new stories about an end to violence against women on this matter as well and will not let me be with that big mouth.

For the blacks I am black Apparently and since I am so hated by racists and now them as well, I should be able to stir things that create matters that kill people if not multiply them for those who stir them all together. For the whites it is a case of a break I will get from them when they give me one as well if I may say. It is all taking the correct pattern you see somebody was responsible for all those civil rights nonsense on the streets in the past decades and I should be responsible for my share as well as it were - All I have to do is ensure all of the lose ends are taken care of on a global scale. Compromising my financial security by saying so is utter rubbish - that would have been so if I cannot beat the Market out of them and keep them off my Products, however which that aside their Politicians are not actually expecting to endorse nonsense like theirs while pulling off diplomacy and economic success at the same time as it were, such as it is playing out for Mr Obama in the US and other goons in political office we have here in the UK. In the end Celebrity lifestyle is violent and those who work with me I protect but they feel that the violence I will deal with while my money they will own and that is what I must put to the test and extricate a result - so that because I am black I might share British National Interest because black people exist and also be scared of my Parents the bottom knocking to that effect.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland