It had nothing to do with respect and had nothing to do with me, just a bunch of people who enjoyed fooling about with obscurity besides a preexisting problem where they did not notice that they are not in charge of public policy, making a mess of the lives of public work operatives with media narcissism and favourite insults and put them in charge of other people’s affairs, whilst expecting Law enforcement to work for them – at the point that they had realised that they must have created a problem for themselves, I ended up with a 2 decade career mess and my social life doors opened up to anything that wanted nothing to do with mainstream civil activities, whilst they clung to my finances and goaded me into a fight. I am now done putting a label and a handle on some astrological signs at this stage, the Scorpios and Virgos, the Leos were now the big talk as the need to perform this activity where the previous two did not know to go about a business of trying to handle my career publicity for the purpose of making their own money and always had to be abusive about it whilst calling on society backup, so it is ancient history that it always went well for a Libra like me until a Leo showed up to open up my doors to everything that wants nothing to do with civil living as a method of improving personal privilege, hence the need to ensure their interest in me came with bum sex which they complained about on Media endlessly and brought up the point with respect to what happened to them whenever they tried climbing social ladder and trashing my finances with insults to get around the business of governmental public figures, which I am set to progress with unto the part where I needed to maintain a writers profile by labelling the well off neighbourhoods a fuck more arena and when I put their famous insults in a box, the grandiosity will get insane enough to try tackling me physically. Upon collecting all the astrological signs for a history and a handle like so, will this nonsense become a little less stressful for me too as I continued to live with a career that was stuck because I was not getting into a fight with others on the streets like a mad man.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland