Much the same like the Women that are tied to me as a person these companies are tied to this Firm and there is an exchange of holdings to that effect which allows a process where they do not trade or conduct advertisement or conduct operations or make products unless they do it for me and again it is for me and not other people and to this I must respond since it is how I earn a living as well and the only way by which it works too. The main facts to remember is that contrary to popular claims, I loathe women because of the number of things they are used for, the fact some of them chase people around to abuse them in a sexual context without even having a shave or a wax and do so with a certain confidence that men would normally always want to have sex with their worthless selves and the fact I do not want them getting involved with me to clean the dishes when people are done is very clear with respect to what my appreciation of women is and what my equities and securities and temperamental colours which companies do express by their products, that I am not talking about prostitutes thinking it is up to them to re-balance power in society or indeed women acting like whores in that capacity, that is way too low for me and I am not of the left hand side and do not appreciate all those wickedness and Godlessness that likes to stir up violence so they can handle people and handle their property and manipulate them to get rich, then talk nonsense about extremism and all kinds of lies they have made up with media to do whatever they want with and if all these people and the extremists as may apply stay out of my Empire Trust systems and property and do not vandalise the appearance equities of products made from Equity brokerage with this Company then there is nothing to be worried about - these behaviour of destruction here are things that One is completely fed up with at this stage. The feel, temperaments, appearance and aesthetics of a product made from equity brokerage with me should never be altered by anybody who has not the permission to do so - it is property equity destruction and the property does belong to another person - this is the reality.

On this occasion the issue of inability to tolerate men shifts not just to the fact my friends do treat me like I was a parent and there is not anything they have which I have not and anything they know which I do not know but also to the case of my actions working to sabotage my own security by doing the job that others should be doing to serve me. Naturally of which I can only repeat the fact they never listen.


We hear this talk of people bashing big business of course; it has no link with reality whatsoever – reality of which is that first of all I want to control everything that happens with my books and between me and my customers, want my stupid parents and their Politicians to keep away and the media and the businesses as well. The practical side of that with respect to bashing big business is an old story in that Mr CEO of large global company really enjoys his destructive personality competition with me and they enjoys it especially so because it means that even the pesky members of the family of his junior managers can get to play games and bottom out my finances for the sake of it then show off and piss me off with popular culture as well. It is never clear why people would behave in such ways when they are so rich in the first place but the big conundrum is that of how they expect me to tolerate it because of the cost of the cars they drive and the homes they live in for example and we are talking about damage to an empire here first of all and secondly the fact the entire world knows of this empire and the fact that it does belong to me, so it never makes sense why they expect tolerance for any of it. I want the Politicians and media and businesses to stay off my book sales while I determine what I do with it regarding the customers and that is the only issue here, considering which the problem persists in the sense that some of them have now bought shares with other peoples companies and thus delegated the difficult task of running a business which not only means that their money works for them not the other way around first of all but also that they have so much time on their hands and that means I get to live a nightmare in their view  yap ,yap, yapping – result being that they want to do things with my sexual needs all the time and even have pornography they create to that effect and I have seen some of them and it is really violent towards me and the profit margins of my company because it is how they like it. On the part politicians play on the matter issuing demagogues all over the place to help them, we have recently ended up with a case of shut down of the US Government and it was mentioned that the founding reasons can income ways be traced to a contribution of mine; but of course I have continued to reiterate I am a statesman and this process where peoples insult can affect your finances is something that can happen to anybody depending on time and place and age when you got your official commission and therefore things people feel they cannot put an end to following you around to perform where you are due to familiarity based insults they claim is some kind of culture that gives them power over those that are weaker than they are  - after years of insulting you to desperation and tiredness of course helped by their Politicians, whom I do wonder what they suppose they are doing anyway, wonder if they think these fools care about them or care about the Country, when in actual fact they are supposed to find them a fight that goes deep enough to run in their blood over the values of the Country or indeed settle for the liberal idea of being more consultative of the general public so all they do becomes a matter of opinion and nothing more notwithstanding of which I am a typical example of the fact they will stage a war on normalcy in a heartbeat, to ensure they turn up on that media to squeal all the time on the basis that racism for example is bad and illegal but they are just as twisted and evil and violent and cannot stop touching and handling people violently like the racists. That said, the claim of support for big businesses that want me to save and maintain security at the city centre with my own Royal Property that is then made available for everybody to do whatever they like with is based on a delusion - they have respect for nothing and have none for my earnings either and their entire lives especially that of their stupid violent women that want some of mine all the time is based on intrusion and insults that become the answer to everything while stifling my income and suffocating me and they will find no other way of making money at present either.

So there is the age old story of how I never address the fact I run a campaign of verbal abuse which when black women who don’t like it and think I am an appalling idiot chase it up I will end up in prison; I wouldn’t know anyway since it does not add up how a normal person would have thought that a campaign of verbal abuse would resolve a process where people follow him around being a menace and a nuisance, in order to create the British government staffing based problems that they make out is all possible on account that I exist to punish me for not doing their bidding the eternal insults. At this point linking themselves with me by a skin colour I share with them has a resulted in building an empire in which the money has ended up somewhere in context and it is an unprecedented level of abuse which is hard to see how it then got to make me the shrew in the matter all together. That said I think the problem with these women is that people never get to pay attention according to my recent behaviour and activities as per how far I will be willing to go on their case – so I will keep to the usual advise that is supposed to fill in that gap whereby they believe they are unaware of the effects of their activities and therefore need more information, with the usual fact on the ground i.e. I don’t want to know, they need to get off my Books and clear my space – I am perfectly aware the situation improves when I say nothing and that is why I say something to show what I am capable of too. The reasons it happens are clear i.e. that their behaviour means each time I am organised for my concerns it gets disrupted when idiots I have never met are able to tell me to get out of their House, the reason they do it is because it means freedom and democracy if the world is an evil place an religious persons are being persecuted – so that if the devil wants anything done these days women are to do it making evil prerogatives that can be sold to twisted industry scum, the reasons they do it is because of their laziness and the need to secure a man they can bully but at the same time has the strength of a man to do their problems for them, the reason they do it is because it is competitive of which by the way I am winning and the US cannot help them. I have simply decided not to tolerate it in my generation because there is no way that it can be justified a process of disrupting my concerns in such ways on a daily basis by being set up for a process where women can walk up to me on the streets and tell me to get out of their House and I will cut up any of that International community nonsense along with it as well the competition which I am currently winning thereof. I created this Intellectual properly emporium and Empire Equity space to allow me and my equity associates all over the world to think and to develop products – apparently when we do what we do and become good at it we get their attention, when we become aesthetically proficient, we have stolen women’s beauty and need to hand it back and I did not create it for their convenience and will sell any part of that stupid culture that I have not already sold yet so far, all they need to do is get on the fucking temper like they normally do and then let me see any of it too. As for the bit where I am being protected while I think I am big enough – it is when I crack down on those that are a threat to me so they can stop protecting me that this matter will become a lot more real to them than it is at present but so far I will tolerate none of it from clubbing and partying to International community corridors – they need to go to hell and clear my space and I have a problem with my temper especially concerning these stupid evil women of freedom and it will become more obvious when I start to have a publicly obvious career for it as well if that does not happen and happen really soon as well the nepotism that is good for their health and well being and a big mouth to show for it issuing threats at me all the time. They say I am now the biggest ally of men but we all know that when it comes to society, it is usually sweet to extricate power from abusing and bullying a religious person, trapping me and issuing statements about the things that would not happen in neighbourhoods if I had provided leadership on it, in order to push me closer to gangs, pretending men do not live in those neighbourhoods and people do not live in it. I understand they want the freedoms they used to have in the 80s, so am I aware of the devastating consequences of children having less civil rights than their parents did which is what I have created but it has to be seen the two reasons for it of which in terms of the former is a case of spending time and money to get organised, so that when I step out of my house they can tell me I need to get out of theirs and run it for eternity day after day and in terms of the latter is a condition where I had become one of the best the Country has produced in the world, so they just breed their children to become a competition.

So there is the big question of why Women like to target me in particular but we all know it is because they are evil and the whole game of stealing all I do from a secrete culture where they were planning all I know all along which I got involved with to steal it as such had to cease to be amusing - but above all, the only way the girl who spent her time thinking about where Teachers anus and penis is while everybody else was studying, can make money from my property and public life and abuse me for conveniences supported by her Politicians and Her Community is when she is now 60 years old and has a civil rights and a connection to Britain like the White person does; so every bullying from them results in a vengeance where they are detached from any British identity they have but even with consequences that heavy and the complains we have to listen to about my activities, they are still doing it anyway - this is why they target me all the time. Hence my Business provokes them because it is Intellectual Property Administration and there is always an aspect of it that has to remain in a perpetual state of in-completion; in case they mess with brand and property of an associate and I am drafted in to take care of it and do the neighbourhoods as well - these stupidities of theirs as we all know gets worse and worse with every generation; its just that when I do, peoples grand Mothers cannot sleep for weeks which then really makes sense when they do that stupid Popular culture to secure finances on my public life and Royal Property in order to make their bullying more violent as well.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland