They now want to discuss which slippery little twerp I am; a no respect whatsoever for what I do and bearing in mind I am not seen playing around with their salaries yet, of which the bit especially concerning their comments and particularly the ones to do with the job of business that fits me and the type that fits my daddies is not yet something they believe is easy for their stupidities to stop doing as it were I have to deal with it every day and then it tells me I never had an Intellectual property administration business while when I put information to culture and society in order to run it the scum will pick it up and please their stupidities on media and of course it is the threats we are talking about at this point, showing up in those suits to give me the impression they are counted among the clever organisms on this planet. Its never really been a challenge, just that when comments are the reasons you are damaging somebody elses livelihood it becomes a question of how difficult it really can be to stop making them as it were I for my part have made this matter as simple as one where they should only show up around my concerns if they want a Book and not when they want to make comments. I mean if somebody who was an organised criminal clipping my Book sales I could say an intellectual property administration business affected him, these fools are just ageist media scum who enjoy my reaction to their stupidities, talking nonsense about some slippery little twerp with that big mouth. Their excuse apart from the ease with which I prevent them from cashing into the market of my Brokers and devaluing our property in the process which from where I am and the frequency with which I have to clear out these kinds of stupidities while they insert new ones and build crowds on my reaction to it, to complain about a respect that is lacking from the way I work while this has continued for the best part of a decade and a half being full of its stupid self, is that my activities set to widen wealth gap, while we know it is their media stupidities and popularity canopies that facilitate industries that work to ensure products are of luxurious quality all of the time, ensuring the gap between rich and poor is fundamental due to simple choice, as much as socialism needs it and creating outcomes like we have in Brazil where the wealth is simply funnelled out of the Country because most of the services and products only provide business and custom from the very rich and yet simple tools like if I broker create equity with Lamborghini, I ensure that I do not give them one that is overtly separatist, solves such a problem easily and with far reaching results, never mind the lack of respect they have for what I do for a living which lets them talk nonsense about how it does not exist, talk nonsense about how a Royal Estate does not exist which causes me to pay attention to their insults all day when I could be selling some Books. Usually of course it picks up from all those things being said and done to have a go at me when a Soldier died protecting British Interests in Russia; whereby it is easy to say the Russians have a bigger Army, so their case must be handled with a sense of fighting we can actually win but then again which it does not mean that a soldiers death does not get the job done anyway: since it is obvious asking a soldier to help protect National interest will only lead to outcomes where he goes in there to do not actual fighting fighting killed and got killed and the Russians got their perspective set right on where their enemies are, stopped bulling smaller Countries. As for me, that would be an old story where I am Church person stuck with private part deviance where I then need help from community croons and homosexuals to sort myself out while I actually do not need such help since its all made up; so when I clip the socialism the Communists who sit somewhere to dream of ruling the world as a result of their wanton global vandalism end up only with empty fantasies and financial loss, I am just talking about the conditions that brew the nonsense we see on Media all the time to make claims that suggest I have lost my Estate. Its always been as simple as their provocation creating outcomes where I hand the company to them and run it from there see how they will hold manufacturers over a barrel on account they are customers but for now while they complain about me I am at a loss as per why it is so difficult for them to stop doing it; I already know people do not like me very much and that this affects my Client Brokers and they know that I know it too, they have been feeling the fact I know it too, so when I tell them for their comments and the fact we do not see me play with their salary too, how difficult can it be for them to stop doing it?

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