On this occasion the big problem with Politicians seems to be the old case of how many times I get told what the world knows about my Company and the UK too where I live as a result is something they want to provide leadership on: how many times you get told that by a collection of pricks that should not have woken you in the first place if they wanted the state of affairs to remain like it was - a world where idiots make out that livelihood and money will work according to the needs and demands of Politics because it operates along the lines of what the majority have agreed and therefore should be the domain of the richest people in the world since you can only be if you are friends with the majority who then decide you buy your products. Now that they have woken me and understand that I feel my existence and that of anything concerning morality and the Church is under threat, I have no clue why they would love to think it is such fun games to make stupid noises bothering people on Media and all over the place and turning up to show themselves on my media equipment time after time on the basis of how they want to provide leadership on my Literary empire and its markets and what the world knows about me and knows about them which therefore is the same thing as what the world knows about the entire United Kingdom.  So I feel it gets to a point and have created this page to put up updates of their part in the provision of this leadership and laws they make to that effect - for it does appear to them they have not yet stumbled on an individual dangerous enough to earn their respect yet as it were and as for them people they love to attack, it seems when they are done attacking and bullying them then they will provide them leadership as well all over the world while I am still alive. In the past whenever they talk such nonsense on the basis of what happens in your life due to Industry idiots making trouble on the right and whatever happens with media and women on the left and your right to get around enjoying your life and what you have, people normally resorted to letting the Politics of personality run its Course - not any more, we are not leaving women behind this time for idiots with a greed that can kill others for money finding people to bully all over the place - I have got all the time in the world.

It is said of course that none of my activities come in any particular order but it is in that they make sense anyway – I myself have said this is not a worthy topic for conversation since I had created a company and set out the blue prints and secured the market so I can broker the equities with other Companies in order to run a government office and sell my packaged papers for a living. I will not pay attention to stupid women in Royal circles playing these games and playing up media foolishness but everything that continues to make alliances with them to wreck my finances will continue to march towards being my enemy. As for the part where I have no authority to do anything – what people need to know is that HM does see people in her world as well and some people she does really like and ask to get some things done for her and that is all that matters to them about me; of course I am much more than just that but I am not discussing my authority and they can go to hell. It is in the same par that it is said I expect entire countries to compromise with terrorists in order to end the crisis of terrorism, which is utter rubbish; the reality is that this is a good result never the less although it was not my original intention which if it was I wouldn’t hesitate to claim the benefits but it isn’t so I have to stick to the original plan i.e. we are talking about the original provocation that led to a person killing another person because his humanity along the premise of his leadership is being abused to a point where he has been robbed of everything that concerns living and existing itself like stupid black women think they will do with me and hence have made their white friends in politics and some royal fools that listen to them aware too, so they can use me to get rich, none of which is a fresh story in the history of humanity anyway.  It’s a simple matter of governments and terrorists and governments acting as if terrorists are difficult to control when every single contact they make with the rest of the world betrays something they would rather have kept personal, besides which they are only a hand full of people that cannot possibly be everywhere at every single time: this does not matter apparently if Politicians have got their own Government provided security to that effect and hence do not care, they have probably secured a backup plan for when the Government provided security is no longer available and those are supposed to be scapegoats, they have wrecked the finances of these scapegoats and intend to keep them wrecked as we speak and so it is all figured out – this the part where entire states are expected to compromise with terrorists works alongside people spending the low lives in their Political campaigns to pass insults at me along the lines of expectation I will react and the result will be that they turn up to adjudicate to ensure we make compromises and live together in the same world, it is a good result.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland