Eventually they say I have run out of time and Politicians are trying to stop media people who are friends especially from buying me some more time, which is not actually true – I have spent the last 12 years wrecking people’s lives so I might fix it later and claim to be superior like I have learned from them, my Book sale business despite being the reasons for most of the carnage I have wrought for vandalism around my concerns only started being a real business in the last 7 months or so; I am sure the progress made in that time does not show me off as somebody that has run out of time. In the end when people say such things it becomes some sort of a brick wall that prevents access to them from happening the way they access me with intense community organised abuse, but we still see them scale that brick wall to handle me and tell me what to do and abuse and insult and play out all sorts of nonsense that show they consider themselves to be a handful of bullies. Apparently it’s not normal retard obviously, so that even when it is talking gangs and crime it is still convinced that not only are you interested in him but also that he is doing you a favour; so I do get asked which part of wrecking people’s lives so I might fix it later and claim to be superior is a good thing but of course this is not a question I can answer, it is a question I think those who invent this behaviour by having Political systems in which there are stupid children and relatives of Politicians that have a certain view of the world – for the last 9 years they have been seen around these Books I write which do not do them any favours every day, making an exhibition of themselves on their stupid media over it and over my Public image as well; I mean I dropped out of University 10 years ago, so I am still working outside out the gains of an academic institution because it must be such a hell of a fun out there for them all together.

It’s like when they say I am caught up in a fight I cannot win and I find myself thinking either way when I warn them about inventing benefits to co-operating with an abusively blasphemous media and also coming up with ideas about hurting me being connected to processes of making profit at the market place, regardless of what stupid opinions they have of themselves, if I have a thought about it, they will be obliged to listen to it and comply. I have waited and waited and waited for them to do some popular culture fame and fortune that will move them on, complete an academic pursuit that will move them on but each time they have such things the situation gets worse and it’s pretty much the same with their fellow goons in the East who give media goons talisman they can dominate a Statesman with and if I was unable to communicate with them that they should not give any media idiot such an advantage at my expense, that would have been a very different eventuality but I actually am and did hence they know exactly what they are doing and deserve everything they get from it too. They always say I am totally dependent on others and without people assisting me would do nothing but we all know that I could easily set out an amount I need to spend to settle the campaigns that will fulfil he areas where people are assisting me, be it media or public service, however the importance of the fun based approach we are using is that the questions can be answered as per what happens when everybody does it i.e. every time you are about to protect yourself from local and money mad trouble makers, the persons that were responsible for the fact you fell into the pit you found yourself will interfere with it and talk nonsense about how you hate the privileges associated with their stupid success and thus  likely to create public instability. So, it is pretty much the same story where traders should trade and leave alone Princes lest someone gets off starting his own money campaigns too, where they will complain about their hurting bottoms and get involved with my concerns until my bottoms hurt as well and therefore imply, they are out of my league when they are still cracked up at it. It’s the basic civility issue where I have given away all the information about my Book but when people want to get involved with me they must get a copy anyway – basic civility where you see a single Mum with four kids and want to compete over personality, where you will likely win but it is clearly civil of you or when told to run a business and they pick me out over my brokerages and tell stories on media about how I steal money from aspects of their careers that their wives and kids can do something with to earn some money by the way side – or when they say my websites are full of swear words and set out to change my behaviour and modify it on the assumption that people should expect to see their own fucking leadership fostered on other people’s websites etc – when I say civility their stupidities normally think they need to dress well and exhibit themselves to wind me up further. So, we had reached that stage where the same people who invented business with fun are the ones complaining about it the most because they are unable to have the fun and it is not blabbing so much about a hatred for the privileges of its stupid success when I defend myself if attacked, it is issuing threats instead which I image amounts to a hope I may just build a public image out of this stuff as well. In the end they say the reasons people really hate me is not what I get to talk about but we all know that to be the fact that despite all the trouble they have made, the only money they have gained is the one they have gotten from people who spend money fighting others and they have not made enough of it to keep them out of the trouble they have invented; so that the path that they have chosen might have the full recompense paid – it is the reason they hate my guts. It is as though it is a matter considered in terms of the fact it is not normal retard and when we eventually start to hear it complain about the throes of the unprotected, we realise that somebody is going to kill.

The case of MPs irresistibly getting after my finances is nothing new, one can only invent so many ways of avoiding a confrontation with MPs knowing a fight with them is an answer for everything; I mean I do pick on the media and popularity culture ones instead because it does seem that the Politicians do not actually make their minds up for them all together as it were, but the insults of the Politicians is quite legendary. It began years ago from marking me out as the guy from whom they get respect that kids of today do not give anymore, since then taken many other forms including the need to get up on Public places to have fun ripping up my business and has now taken a position around matters of my attitude; the getting disciplined bit is nothing new as such but it is taking up my time and if I have to put up with it one more time a line will be drawn around the matter, I am going to find where they are their community croons hide their anus and penis and they are definitely going to start a fight by the time I am finished too. The media and Popularity ones like to blab about how I can do nothing but we all know the Politicians pretend the treasury is their property and now that they can see that they are past it and I am not past it in terms of raising money for my business, I am not past it in terms of finishing my academic work and I am not past it in terms of raising funds for a pension, they do realise it wouldn’t matter it was but it is still annoying to show up here like some unusual retard ripping up everything to create government initiatives that help them spend tax payer funds of themselves and talk nonsense about how I can no longer regard them as stupid now that they have money to show for it, whereas their involvement causes me to drop out of University all together and is still showing up on Public places to live the high life with stupid children whose needs to be famous on the radio means others cannot keep a factory job and need to be famous on Television means others cannot keep various other forms of career, having a stupid comment to make about my livelihood and a personal problem they have at wealth inequality all the time, showing clearly that the whole civil rights nonsense around it is a lucrative fraud and that they are aware of this too but wish to keep the money they had never worked for. So what these idiots do when I broker equities with people who would never take me seriously if they did put their Company logo up somewhere and it was not safe, is that an idiot is asked to make advertisement and the purpose of being paid to put the logo up means he has to rip up my business – what happens with these idiots is that I have not yet reached a stage where I want to make the journalists feel as small as they really are by starting a fight with their whole corporations, since it is clear that my book sale business is owned by a single person and there is no occasion in which their companies have made a decision that was made by a single person but it continues to amount to fun vandalism of my property to get on Public palaces and National media to exact some punishment on my finances claiming I have been stealing clients from them. I cannot make it any more simpler than telling these fools they need to discipline their mates and get themselves into trouble keep off my Empire and stay away from my Books and keep themselves off my Public image space naturally – they have always rather decided I have no empire, then returned home to spend time with their families and make sense of why they attend a job and how much they are getting paid, as their stupid comments leaves me unable to release money from my Estate and pay my way in the world like everybody else – I want them off it and do not care what their problems is, do not care what their wealth distribution palaver is.

These fools really have no other way of getting involved with me especially the media and popularity ones, save a process of squeezing everything I do for information while taking over what they can find on my public image and if I have to deal with any more nonsense from their Politicians about disciplining me I will teach them one they will never forget for my part too; we are not talking about what they are complaining of at the moment – that concerns what we are not taught to do at Church being to get into a fight and their big mouths showing up here all the time so we can find out how they will do any fighting from where I will place them in this world too; the Politicians wouldn’t say that chasing me around to push me into those places where I could get seriously hurt in a bad neighbourhood amounts to an idiot in government office threatening my life, so that if I hurt him they will say it was an attempted assassination and not that we were in a fight for a lives when we do not know what each other’s names are invented by them without reason whatsoever, just a case made of how people like my character are good for it mostly. I hope and pray the laziness of the Private security Industry will not come into the matter altogether anyway - those always pick up security stuff and then we find them escalating it for National security operatives all the time, whereas people who work in those areas attend academies in order to be qualified and their whole stupid lives are about doing things that will ensure I am past it in everything that matters in my life and my world as a whole - hence now they are all past it and complaining, I win again but I do think the Popular culture ones especially want to be made an example of.

I. Uno I

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