I am said to be driving my health very hard and am on course to some organ illness or failure which I am not technically – I am aware when I work the way I do by making sure what I know ends up in the minds of culture and society goons lest I have to pay the price for their stupidities on account I am on the side of freedom and democracy endlessly, it is my internal muscles that hurt and not the external ones like we see them and their  need to handle people physically due to the way they work operate – otherwise the main risk of such a problem is the fact that whenever broker companies have asked somebody who is done with their tribalism raids at Industry to sell a product, they want to sell an Arch Prince’s Public image to make the crowd feel good about itself instead and about which the qualified women of the world whom their stupidities have kept away from the equal opportunities for such purposes are taking the top jobs from the badly behaved lewd gits, who think being successful is about being strict with the female half and making pornography on other people’s public image, much less time spent on the jobs that got to their heads in the first place. The more dangerous parts of this matter of course is mainly that when the big picture is considered, we see a group of people who have gotten into our minds which we have groomed to think that once they have done their tribalism raids to the top end of big business, they will see why things are done the way it is done and we will have the same results and so spend their time making sure what happens instead is that each time they come across any situation that is either a test shakeup or a threat to them, there is disjointedness between them and other top employees of companies who are then also disjoined from the customers, then show up to tell me that I am elitist because they think there is something sinister about my Books on account it considered all the pitfalls of equity broker for luxury products when we know I feel the same way about their stupidities blabbing about disrespect on my part but treating people who are of the same age as their selves very badly, because it helps them decide how people invest personal wealth; it is dangerous because if they collect the wealth that people have refused to invest on account the time is not right to do so over this laziness of theirs, and hand it over to the goons who use their companies and wealth to create economic crisis and refuse to change the behaviour no matter how bad the problem gets, the government will think there is less money in circulation and print up new ones, shooting us all out to hyperinflation i.e. these scum will ruin us all if nothing is done about it – so when I do say they need to stop making stupid people rich, running off their media jobs and celebrity and politics on publicity I have built for my Books, I really mean they need to shut it as they have not got a foggiest clue what they are talking about while I am trying to sell the Books which somebody will pay hard earned money for, irrespective of whether they have sisters and feel like sleeping with those hence conceive it a better option to encumber my finances and mobility instead to facilitate media appearances and some character that is acceptable to those that may get along with them for money orientated reasons, threatening me all the time with a big mouth on Media.

The other half of this story is mainly that I am obsessed with women and it is my downfall; no factual prove of this has ever been offered, all we really know is that I tend to respond to a process of people building up communities that have ideas about what to do to me while their stupidities have an eye firmly fixed on my income margins having evolved from characters that need me to get out of my home, sleep around, show myself to be a big spender and engage with crowds I am not familiar with, in order to get into such trouble with them; the inconvenience is one of waiting for me to get my penis inside of them first in order for them to have me in their bag and use for whatever purpose their corrupt and evil stupidities had invented over money issues, so they have evolved and are operating digitally – I am targeted when I step outside of my door and when I am seen at academic institutions, about which the next time they follow me around for it I am really going to give them the trouble they seek, I respond to it by shutting down their popular culture and celebrity culture, so they might show up with the Goons that will beat me up and find out what I am capable of too.

I mean it should only be about my Books and my academic pursuits but I am sore all over each time I work and write at the Office because the idiots are always watching me and cannot keep their stupid hands to themselves; a measure of how it goes wrong unnecessarily. I do get told it was better to let them crash and burn somewhere having seen the way they respond to the test and threats of people fantasising that those who have achieved to the top may lose what they have achieved just before they retire producing the worst results of breaking up industry leadership to chase personal convenience on every occasion but we needed the money, we needed the stupid self-preservation and crime mongering energy that will not let other people breathe and we needed the economy to recover much quicker.

The talk of me being a coward who starts trouble and never does his own fighting has never really been an unusual one but the truth of it is that these civil and criminally disobedient goons are supposed to get involved with the Armed Services for the purpose of doing the wars and crime fighting which will secure their importance for the foreseeable future, what has happened instead is that they had become so important that there was a need for me to defend myself from them, on account another group of fools who think they are immune to such things on media and in government buildings showed their hand. I understand it is a matter of The Labour party here in the UK and the US Liberals making their claims of ownership to me outstanding but they own nothing here and have no rights where I am concerned, unless they wish to settle up on another evidence besides the fact their involvement with me wrecks my academic work, which shows them to be a collection of incredibly stupid people. Their insults are usually a product of a need to show that they are important and that should have settled it then unless they dropped out of University for such reasons before I did and therefore got the ideas for their stupidities from experience and are therefore blowing off their big mouth from their own rights and not my liberties – I have pointed out they need keep their big moths firmly shut as they have not got a clue what they are talking about and the Books here are being sold, which means people will be paying hard earned money for it and I have done it enough times to expect some good results at this stage.

They do love to claim what is happening is that of women getting the better of me which is utter nonsense; when people find older women attractive like I do, it is usually settled that the younger ones will become very irritating, so this was the first time they really got the better of me the last time we checked; I am about to embark next on the big picture, where it is not convinced it is a stupid person if its need to mess with the lives of those that can give the society and culture trouble makers some paddling as well without failing the exams at school are a toy, to an extent where I had dropped out and they had passed their exams to make media appearances and find they cannot stop telling lies and blowing off that big mouth about being important, which wrecks everything around here that we have never seen them produce let alone give the ones they had produced if they could to the frugal who wanted to play some practical jokes with it, as insultingly as possible, not convinced they are a bunch of fucking idiots because they think they are successful – the one that means each time they conducted these tribalism raids and got to the top end of industry with it, they are faced with people having fantasies of others working for it all and losing it before retirement which they respond to by setting a stage where every person fends only for number one, broken leadership between their stupidities and other top employees, broker leadership between top employees and consumers; before then of which it will wreck the academic work to show it can deal with my problems, chase my bottom, conduct some popular culture narcissism to make stupid people rich on my public image and find its insults very profitable, conduct some abusive politics of busy body opportunism to churn my tummy and some stock market practical jokes, all of which come together to ensure I am tired enough to think of the least stressful route to tackle any jobs I am faced with, if I want to make it through to the age of 60 as a living breathing human being and not a memory, now it has been getting the better of me again with the big mouth and simply cannot keep it shut and regard the space for my person and the Books that I have warned will be their undoing, enough times for them to make something of it all together.

I have been told I am working myself to death but I am not; we can all see every fool that is responsible for not keeping the big mouth shut, having wrecked the academic work, ensures my whole career is now something barely criminal trouble makers and social goons may play practical jokes that get me responding to the mental illness that passes on their left hand side and right hand side by have not yet ended up with a situation where I never kept my mouth shut to ensure that their own career ended up in the same situation as well, so I have no idea where they get these other stories they tell about beating me down and getting the better of me and doing as they pleased with me from, they have expressed the fact they hate it when I talk, so I really cannot tell if they would fancy better when I had acted on these matters all together anyway; it will not give me a breathing space as they have found themselves a new habit, so I am going to do it and then I will have to make it safe lest somebody gets killed via racism on my account thereafter as well and it will be a very clever process of making sure people can play practical jokes with their career and earnings whenever I said something or did something in public places too. I am also said to look as if no woman is good enough for me, which is utter nonsense too; the truth of it is that Celebrities and Media and Popular culture and Politicians are all fun, the only serious thing around here is when I spend time at an Office writing a book or when I am there studying – if I have a wife, she will work with me and I with her to such a result as is organised a living in such ways, it’s not that difficult, the complication is that fame freaks and celebrities have no sense of commitment and their need to get involved with me is legendary. Hence we see the idea I am working too hard does not make any sense and yes I am not denying I am dealing with a lot of pressure either but those pressures are coming from culture and society idiots who keep an eye on me all the time and cannot keep their hands to themselves and there is no way to integrate the pain and the health effects with the Book writing or the academic work which makes it so many times worse but it would not say it does these things, it will say there are punishment awaiting British people for the wars they conduct all over the world when all attempts at getting rich quick and being dangerous with money at my expense had failed as I usually find them unbearably insulting while they love to think they have a lot of power – especially the Middle east ones who get me thinking each time I remotely think of myself as a Man they were many layers of men on top of the men they are, on account they have spent much time in the Middle East where they were able to dream up real life hope of seeing somebody beat up or kill women to make them happy, as stupidly as possible. I do get told I professed to be in control of these matters, but I am, I am only answering the question of whether I believe there isn't a woman good enough for me.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland