In the end, for an opportunity to become a social and religious awareness escape artist, my Bookshop was the thing that people were supposed to show the respect for, the way I respected their lives and careers which now puts enough money in their banks to allow them make trouble for me all day, I will burn their world for it too.

So, we could never secure freedoms from claims of harm having been done to me naturally there is only Media making a mess of Royal work here because their stupidities having been working my career and finances since last the gimmick was to get me dropping out of University and then setting out to work the market in terms of practical jokes that would make it difficult for me to be successful if I relied on market for an income , which I can always back track on and fuck them as well but they have since come up with another plan to cover their tracks which involved picking up my social media and my Bookshop to build a version of me they were comfortable with and a publicity to suggest what I did for a living involved keeping people fingering their bums; outcome being the problem with Celebrities picking up my Public work, Media screwing my career because I had not yet done anything to ensure their families got the feedback and society gits running me down on the streets they have done this over a lifestyle that is a product of their popularity and have also set me out as the aggressor, has not yet attacked me because I smelled when it turned up on my Public image to suggest criminals were nice people, while pretending its tummy was not affected. So, this is the last time they made a mess of my career, clearly enjoys starting a gimmick that it believed would build up to a process of moving into my peace and quiet to sell sex, keep restaurants and cook class A drugs, this nonsense is not what I did for a living and the next effect will see me engage in activity that will affect their next salary. The story is that I loved to try and get involved with people beyond my league but we know I am the one being bullied by idiots with sales armies and pyramid schemes to unleash on the public, the middle class gimmicks showering me with insults when it is still unable to explain its interest in me.

The part where they were a threat will be the part where it says criminals are nice people, I have been picking up a career that does not fit with me, builds communities that get imagination up my bum and scares the public away from my Books, only to set me out as the aggressor. Then it says it was a shame I was allowed to get anywhere near the Monarchy, a follow on from the gimmick that anything done at the Monarchy was okay as long as it was done to serve them, of which none knows why it loved to get involved with me and the reasons it was always so insulting and abusive whenever they did; anything done at the Monarchy was good as long as it served them, it has been wrecking my academic studies and now my career and finances but its abuses had taken a whole new turn because it had been fighting my wars, in fact there is a crisis for it. My Moral dilemma had since here come to an end i.e. that if I responded to the destruction of my finances, publicity that made references to my problems, replicates my public image, makes references to my Office and insults me to get people giving them money over my Wealth Equity talking verbose nonsense about their Celebrated position over my reputation and turning the abusive process into an attitude for a cookie jar etc, I would first take a series of actions that affected the pay packet to follow, then I would end up trying to get Industry people to retrieve what money they had by racing each other to the millions on my income margins, then will I take full advantage of the instances where a lack of access to me would mean that they returned to obscurity and hit them with a legendary wealth and social inequality problem. I now believe that doing so is the best way to control this nonsense.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland