Now I understand it is said I spend a lot of time criticising governments without paying attention to what they are doing and what bad people are doing as well; it will never make sense of course since we all know terrorists are text book examples of what criminals really look like and its a matter of how much of the government is like them in the first place anyway; these goons are therefore convinced right across the west that economic growth will come from Communist apparently which is why they need to continue to behave in ways that scare the population all the time. Even now, we can see they have combined it all with surveillance in the name of an insolent security that is supposed to have been developed around what government does to help when Mr A and Mr B both have the same talent but Mr A gets to the money first, makes millions and puts it in the bank but because he has seen Mr Bs Talents wants another go but has no talent for it so is after Mr Bs Talents, knowing fully it will lead to a protracted process of economic recovery because there is no way Mr B will give up his talents without a fight but are perfectly okay with the part they want to play whereby whenever they want a war they must always have it, better still if they can seek out somebody elses personal life preferably Royal and ensure they are able to blame such a person for it all.

Its never been an issue either although they do like to think it is the end of the world for some people around here; the reality is the same as ever, the games they play and ultimately stories they tell and the part about how my books need to be held back because it is not educating for their children that are obviously prospective superior people to me claiming it does not have correct diction etc not being very far off either of which it is the same old case of every stupid insult from them white black blue green coloured etc is based on past participle nonsense that gives them a sense of superiority that they can deploy to extract an income from my purse hence only serious when they are being handled for it as well which is how the books did emerge.

I hear their Pop stars speak of the one thing being constant in my life these days is change on account their idiots in the US are spying on me and their popular culture idiots are on media to own anything I do about that too; but it has never been an emotive issue, I have twisted them all into the corner they find themselves today because I do find a use for a process where I react to each and every one of their stupidities, so when I have no more uses for that process I will discard everything. Its like the issue with Greece and the Elgin Marbles being pushed on by these same American idiots who will sooner have made mention of global instability that will be the fault of those who have refused to co-operate of which nobody knows what they suppose they were talking about in the first place with the only thing constant in my life these days being change with that big mouth. We all know that the Elgin Marbles were picked up by Elgin at a time when people had a certain behaviour towards Greek culture and artefacts and that period predates the period in which people had a certain behaviour towards Egyptian culture and artefacts as well both of which predates the period in which there was some law made to protect these things; so that when you do give the Greek Government what it seeks by demanding the marbles it amounts to blackmail that democratic con artists from America will be very happy with and if you take what they seek to gain by demanding the marbles from them and then give them back the marbles, it will make no sense. As for the Americans, time and again the bloody louts you learn to hurt will always find something to do to push you to a point where you had decided you have a certain influence in your office and that it will be deployed to ensure as many people in the world as possible have American style democracy so as to create an outcome where they have a little area in their country where they get a share of US National income year on year, which advantage the Russians are always keen to push and push really hard indeed but until then there will be no sense that unless Politicians in the US are doing government work for free or will tolerate that nonsense from them to the extent that I have, they do need to keep their insults with their own leaders and try not to export it that far.

The Greece matter is not one of a kind either; it is just one of many Countries where we hear people declare they have a crush on me regularly; so whilst we have this filthy underground campaign by Americans to wreck peoples finances and destroy their quality of life to spread wealth inequality and be popular, we also have their own version of the truth on media day in and day out all the time places beside their declared hatred for those whom others have a crush on but never show up in public for it regularly; which of course is how their stupid popular culture idiots come to feel it is appt to sit around National security spy systems and chase my anus and penis then turn out in public to pretend they are famous passing around stupid insults like the thing constant in my life being change for an incestuous instance speaking of which we are here in a place where they cannot be free of me because their incest must be imposed on everybody who clearly are none the wiser until they fall for it and it is named civil rights. The stupid popular culture cynicisms after it makes use of other peoples possessions that allows them to cherry pick peoples lives and ruin the owners of the lives they better themselves with, those behaviour like they are the only negroes on the world and so on etc is all very well but I have had a sense it is on borrowed time for a while now as well.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland