They do claim I am a very irritating character who does everything on a Shoe string but we know it was never meant to work that way as this is a Business of Equities and incentives – the way it works being that I set out a cause and fight for it, people apply the benefits and read Books to get more but what I have ended up with year after year is the insults of modern idiots, media and celebrities to an effect where it is now seen that throwing money at a business of incentives and equity makes it balloon out of proportion, while working it until people came round to what it was meant for meant these fools crashed the finances – so somewhere in the Middle we see how the Con men who got to test what it is exactly their stupidities can do when faced in a present danger become the characters they become and we have ever seen them do a thing about a single con Man, while in my case, I am about to assess the social effects of the insulting reputation they build me and set about building one for them as well; a reputation that will ensure their businesses and careers had no meaning to anybody, so I might crash their finances and spend time insulting them as well, if I wanted. I don’t think it is a crisis because the business is still functioning very well, I simply need get the media making the comments about their families and American supported idiots not reinterpreting my business looking for trouble they will sooner not want to spend time with, as stupidly as possible but it is difficult to see how I can make that happen without causing them harm. We see that they will show up to mop up my Public life for their own financial well being and boast about the powers of some idiots who support them on violent matters, knowing it will crash my Bookshop and spending time through a Media job or on social media blowing off the big mouth as well. The claim that women take advantage of me sit at the heart of this, since the women were shining examples of what I am really worth – where they claim the Kardashians who had no talents whatsoever were millionaires and I had a contributory role, while what happens is that the women took up a task of protecting an Arch Prince from their bullying, kept a good attitude and put up Clothing lines and Cosmetics, so I am certain that they did not know how the women became financially comfortable people but then again, if I am to compare what I should do and say to laden them with a reputation that ensured their careers meant nothing to anybody like they have done me, with what we see to be the content of their characters manifested in self-exhibition, we will find that they were a handful of geniuses.

Time and again we will find the gits set about guessing what my feelings about the British Royal family was and yet it was clear even if I didn’t feel that they were friendly, there was still the fact that compared to the insults and gimmicks produced by goons who want to invent their own country at our expense, so they might decide what became of those who were inferior to them, from a disposition that allowed them to move on without taking responsibility for the outcomes, the Royal Family is doing a far better job and more so as applicable to interest of ethnic minorities who are identified as people you can make a lot of money from through popularity because they always needed to spend money on personal maintenance due to the abuses. The cowardice issues can in this context we understood as 15 years ago in my 20s, I belonged on the right and established a Court of older financially better off female journalists, whom I must have forced into doing something they did not want to do at some stage I suppose. The stupidities claiming that they were Ministers of Parliament because people like me were tough but could not apply the strength to achievements, we know however that this was not something they wanted to discuss, since it tended to reveal other facts about the way that they planned to be MPs since their SATS exams and none interfered, while I have been persecuted for writing Books they found incredibly useful to promote their career and itemise me, since it tends to encourage people to attack Politicians and Celebrities on the Streets. 13 years ago, they were so popular they ended up getting caught in a war on normalcy, which meant that either way they curtsied to the Royal family or not, they were irritating characters, while I dropped out of University and ended up in debt, paying the price for their stupidities over a perverted interest they had in me – it was self - explanatory and should have been the end of this matter.

It leads to this process where I am told that I always tend to trawl through facts of the way Government works each time these idiots offended me but that is because they think that the fact most of the work done at the Monarchy is cultural, the government does not work the way it does. I am facing financial difficulty solely because of a perverted interest in me, the wild girls they pick up from overseas and American fools who cannot stop putting up money leverage to let people trade as if I had lost something important. We have one history so far and it involved complaining about the way that Cadets usually think others were big enough to fight their battles but didn’t because they were big puffs, especially when cornered and all the training given to them as to what to say and how to respond to such situations had failed – reality of the features of state operation apparently, will not stop bugging Government operatives and show up here with a stupid lifestyle to get imagination up my bum and dream about dominating me, hence we are about to secure another history that fits really well with their stupidities. The insults only need continue a little further, making sure my career does not mean anything to anybody and there is no way that we will end up in a scenario that was set for just them and me and it had to be settled.

I have also been told that I had dug myself into a hole but have not dug myself into anything; I devised my writing career to show that Celebrities, Media and Politicians were not entitled to access other peoples careers and on this basis was it meant to be successful – they are always good at starting the trouble but find it impossible to drive them matter down to a dialogue when it needed to be, now I am helping them out with a business of getting them to make comments about their own families, stay away from my Public image and my Books which is currently not enough for them. It is now suggested that I deep down wish I were like they are, hence, my problem but I do not at all – its all the sheer degree of pressure to mould me or something of that sort and then I must get out of it knowing that if I did not, I will be something I am not for a very long time, the abdominal discomfort which is unbearable. If I said they were little things on the streets doing favours, always sexual, always expensive, always abusive, always a sense that what you keep from them held the keys to their freedoms, I would have created the risk of opening the sewers and jumping into it literally, so I think it is better they were informed about keeping away from my Books and ceasing all comments about my concerns as such. They have suggested it’s all me wanting to control people which it isn’t, just a realty where they assume too much and the most important of these assumptions were the huge big stupid and useless responsibility of being disciplined by them, especially if they believe it will make their siblings, children or themselves feel more superior – in the US it’s the mass shootings which become the problem, in the UK it’s the street stabbings.

It had since developed into a three part story which produced a two part result: the three part being a case of people who didn’t have proper jobs but did not spend their time bothering me, people who had proper jobs and did not spend their time bothering me and these goons who do not want proper jobs because they preferred to bother me in order to make money – the result being businesses that pick up my assets, property and equity to invest and make money without permission or Book sales, then I had to display what I was doing with it on social media, so the statement became a question of whether they were at war, considering they had given me nothing in return and what people did with me was to be approved by the Queen. On the other hand, the case of the Media, Celebrity and popularity gits picking up absolutely everything I did to put through a process of goading me, telling me what to do and feeling as if their stupidities were in a nice place ADHD attitude, which now had to stop. They do claim I have had time to prepare and attack Celebrities which is utter nonsense – we know there are people that can make their world look like child’s play and we know that most of us do not respond to their gimmicks because the boundaries are respected – in my case it seems I have ended up in a legal and social no man’s land because they were conducting an experiment. It goes all the way back to teenage years when the morally upstanding activities in an immoral world, built up pressure that affected parents and they got off getting paid for being popular while developing those abusive political gimmick on relationships others had with their parents, if they are not suffering the same things, like in my case, they make a systematic process out of their gimmicks involving the flushing of my whole life, starting with my personal life, through my academic pursuits and career and eventually my social life, which keeps me single and ensured they owned me like an item with a big mouth, from safe distance – after years of being paid for these abuses by industry fools who expect me to lose at some stage when I must have allowed them appear to have made profit by adding my income to theirs, they were supposed to go away with their money and do whatever they wanted with it, which is not what has happened. Hence, we are in this position where I am at the mercy of the feed of Celebrities, which I am not, as it is rather clear, no matter how greedy, a person can only tolerate so much of a git having a need to pick up their property and service processes for some alternative purpose.

I. Uno I

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