I am not facing any crisis as such, just a bunch of idiots having claimed I spent time trying to rub shoulders with them while criminals were better people who made money to buy show business, they had since engaged in a two part business of building PR to change my career into something they think it should be to cover their backsides and another group of idiots have been buying the products they sell from doing so, to make it real. They had since become the only two group of fools with the health to pursue their daily concerns and were also the only issuing threats that were a product of narcissistic insults they claimed was a link to the higher power they were responding to, finished off with statements about what is in their bank account which affected Clients that engaged with the Bookshop. So the next insults which are a product of a need to handle my earning margins while claiming everything or something people said provoked them will earn an outcome where I played a part in the decisions about their right to keep their salaries as well but it is the part where it gets its fingers up my bum to attack me because I smelled, adding up to its criminals making a career out of tackling me for the Media presence they got, I would explore an option that involved doing some physical harm. I have been informed it is a consequence of clashing with Americans which does not bother me in anyway, as far as I am aware it is a bunch of people who progressed from complaining about consequential personal decisions into a process of forging an alliance with terrorist Muslims and organised crime black people to target me over a career they claimed would fulfil its full potential if I covered their arse for a living – so I should say it is fair to imply that the next time they handled any of my concerns because they were feeling powerful, the outcome will be a matter of me, them, my relationships and the role that the tax man played. The main problem is that these fools have built up this matter of idiots who got hurt by the fact I am engaged with intellectual property administration and have built it up to something with a media presence phenomenon, now they say the problem was that I did not engage in a fight and we know there are layers to such nonsense as would ensure I took time of my career to do something violent, so it was a bunch of fools out of their depth talking nonsense in public: it is a matter of people showing up on a street corner to make statements about my bedroom window and secure followers for it, which another group of idiots used to make themselves important, so it is then built up by the media to disturb me to such an extent a low life can show up near me all the time to announce their station in life by getting fingers up my bum (they controlled the situation, there were people who had done little with an existence and those people were healthier and braver, they will get imagination up my bum, a fight between us two would be prevented and the idiots would control the scenario – everything here including my personal life having stagnated and a need having developed to show up here and tell me their jobs were really important and if anything affected it I would be attacked like a child which is just amusing as it’s the big mouth wagging in a really big way, none knows what they are now doing if they were saying they did not wish to find the trouble they sought), if I attacked them, I would have attacked people without a real substantiated reason, the part where they claim I smelled and got to attack me because I did would set the stage for me to show that when they end up in A and E it really made sense.

We ended up here because most of their gimmick took the same form; something about which if I responded would make me the person that attacked others without reason, now we have ended up with the one that builds PR to alter what I did for a living into something that covered its arse while another group got off buying services from it to ensure that covering it arse was what the public expected of me, beyond which it issued threats and shot off its big mouth about what it did to avoid the trouble it sought, Alpha males and Alpha females; never do I write their Books or live in their existence around here for good measure and the entire scenario had been built from personal decisions that they made in their own lives while I am now suffering consequences of orthodoxy insults. It is not what I did for a living and those stupidities that suggest I would end up in real trouble if I expressed these matters in public had not actually taken into account I might have a need to ensure I did not before I expressed it. It is not really a crisis, just something to do with a group of some incredibly stupid individuals loving an alliance with quasi criminals who show up here to build up friendship with bad people on my social life for me, to make sense of something they described as a little pipsqueak that chased a career that was too much for him but it is the business of building publicity to say I covered their backsides and my work was to prevent people fingering their bum, while another group of idiots spent money on it to ensure the idea it was what I did was a living was real, which is set to create serious problems; we have done 5 years leading up to 2022 of me complaining about it the entire time and everything here coming to dead stop including my personal life. The next big instance of me having to deal with a stress level associated with their stupidities, I will require their health to follow on my own career and will play a part in decision making processes that decided if they could keep their salaries, I will need to do something which either shut them up where I am concerned or ensured they channelled their narcissism somewhere else, along with the follow on statements about what was in their bank accounts. They claim they were able to forge an alliance with popularity criminals stealing my career everyday for them to play with on Media because they had money but the question lingers as to whether they were spending their own piffling resources to make it happen i.e. needs find a real toy or I will end it badly.

I have been told that people cannot work out what they had to do with the matter but there is nothing to do – its simply difficult to believe that after the history associated with these idiots following me around at University, we have again ended up with a situation in which they hardwired mentally ill people to pay attention to what I did with myself and ran it off to such an extent they were able to tell me which parts of my sleeping patterns or bedroom arrangement they wanted to steal and it was all built up on Media and used to run me down to such an extent my career and all else down to my personal life had completely stalled while all I worked for my whole life was either put to a lifestyle catching up gimmick or converted into a job I had to do to prevent people fingering their bums, a publicity therefore built for me to such an effect. It is usually self explanatory as such and I think I am likely to get away with another process of hurting their stupidities badly too.

The idea that I am finished where this particular point is concerned had no bearing towards reality or truth – the truth is that they have harmed so many people and their victims have responded in so many different ways, that they have lost track of time, where I am will be the part where it did not look like gold digger until I dropped out of University whence it then did, currently now not paying the bills, the worst had not yet happened so it does not yet look like one and its inability to be patient on anything had infected me like a disease, either way which it really loves I suppose that I have used its own social life to clear up the matter like so. It comes up with those stupid ideas about what I should be doing either on the left or right and never stopped lying that society gits took advantage of people due to desperation – it had since decided on outcomes where its Politicians were saving up my career to win elections by and wanted to win elections against me at the same time because they were desperate to win elections, but we have not yet decided if this gimmick I have been dealing with where people stifled my Bookshop because they want to use my Books for power when I had not yet performed an act that got bits of me all over their pay packet, is what we were going to do in the next parliament. I want to build it up to a state of hatred – where it was said that they never stopped making a mess of my finances and I got my hands on my careers and earnings as well, it became a tit for tart, I hated them because all was brought about due to a need to get involved with me and after putting up all sorts of rubbish on my Public image to get rich fast, take out the completely unconnected act of ripping up my finances as well, therefore I withdrew access to me and they started a mini war, so I hated them because I needed to look after myself, especially with respect to the Celebrities. This nonsense had since developed to such an extent they never can make use of their freedoms of expression without suggesting that I am inferior to them and without making references to my Royal Office. This is not how it was supposed to end, where it trashes peoples lives to pick up the peace and quiet in the personal lives of their victims and build restaurants and holes where their communities got to cook class A drugs and move into my right hand and whenever it got complicated built me a social problem and all was relieved, social problems like claims that based on my Books being a product of Intellectual property administration service, the part that gets their politicians stifling it to use it for power while killing my finances being the one about people ripping up other peoples careers to employ criminals in the neighbourhoods and then purposely being less productive at work lest they end up creating enough jobs to rob them of the power, all three of which was completely unnecessary. Social problems like the suggestion I protect their anus when people want to finger it for a living and an idiot with money would buy a product on it to get the public along with it. It was supposed to end in outcomes where their desperation to get out of the consequences of their stupidities was so profound that it was a phenomenon and I suppose that if the Politicians were complaining more than I did, they needed to find themselves real toys to play with. They do claim their problem to be that I am a disgrace, whilst the real issue is that I am doing Royal work outside of the Monarchy because they have built publicity to suggest it as equally as they have built up publicity for fools that have always dreamed of peddling my faith and social life for a living, a publicity to help the idiots claim that they had stolen my career and made money from it, only to shoot off the big mouth about responsibilities they thought I had because they were badly affected. So whilst doing Royal work at the Monarchy would mean that getting into a relationship with somebody did not require you to show how you dressed up or the money in your bank account, I am doing it outside and cannot get into a relationship with them because they are always unbearably and life changingly annoying as their nature dictates – so I have tried building a relationship with them for this as well and they have turned out in droves to sell my personal life for a living. Hence it really does come down to a need they had to pick up my Assets especially the Germans and Italians who pick and pick and never stop picking as much as they were complaining, I await what they believed they could do about me when the business of having conversations with other CEOs about the way I picked up work that should have been their own crashing my finances this place is no longer enough to get them out. As I mentioned, I want to build it up to hatred associated with a need to look after myself considering their involvement with my concerns uninvited and currently I am not selling Books anymore, I am being forced to by gimmicks such as claims I keep imagination fingers off their bums for a living which substitutes buying and reading my Books when they had media jobs to do and could not keep off another person’s Intellectual property administration equity especially when paid to put their faces on fashionable magazines, being forces to serve stupid market masters with their criminal popularity backyard, prostitutes and the dress well self exhibitionist narcissism over ownership of my Public image and earning margins. I think it is about to develop into results where I got my hands on the careers and salaries of ‘you, me, employers and bottom chasing issues’, creating postcode lottery when Children needed to attend school among the many public control problems they build for British society and then will it find itself a real toy to play with when the outcome will be terrible which I am looking forward to (It should build up to a ‘you, me, my relationships and the role of the tax man’, showing up on their doorstep to inform their families of the nonsense I had to put up with each time they had work to do, they will then get to hope we did not end up with a shootout).

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland