I have as such picked up on the sales stifling story that I work like I do because I am lazy; it never goes away provided feral black women especially have somebody powerful to rally to but so they do not end up working really hard when and because I am it is still recommended that they shut it, since it is clearly rich such nonsense therefore when it comes from women who feel as though they want to chuck out a man all the time and ruin it for other women for what seems to be every single second. In the same par of course with claims my books are not written properly which is always brought up by those who wish to be able to practice those things my books do not recommend and or condemns. The idea that mentioning such things plays into the hands of men is wishful thinking; the problem with the men is that of imitating me but doing so on media to be famous, however the big issue being that they do not imitate everything - hence completely natural I have to deal with really insolent women as well. There is actually no truth to or shred of evidence to support that stupid notion that I am either concerned about Asian economies becoming more successful or that I put together environmental programmes to crush their rise and so on, what is true however is how much time their media idiots spend on pillaging my work and making sure it affects the British Economy in order to build up expenses as well. The reality to clear up the matter is largely that of how the Middle East was the main supplier of fuel for the world economy but since there has been too many conflicts there recently things have changed and Russia, China and the US are all looking to Natural resources in their own home countries instead. Now I do wonder exactly how that meant Asian economies becoming more powerful and then dominating European ones but since the pillaging will not stop and more so from the other groups of South American idiots as well, the fact it will get them into trouble with economies that are not really as dead as they think they are needs to be made clear. I mean I speak of what happened to Greece because most Asian Economies for example are all places that have economies that are heavily dependent on tourism – the reality of tourism of which is a matter of deviance that you can afford, hence the marginally less deviant Greek Economy with its larger European Counterparts all over the place goes bankrupt three times in a row while the very deviant but self disciplined Asian ones with its less well off neighbours survive, then we hear stories of what Bankers get up to when we all know the reality to be that of more irresponsible bigger economies in Europe and then other stories as well which will tend to suggest there is a reason for it too. I am not trying to crush any Asian economies with environmental issues either; they are very stubborn and regularly get to confuse themselves to that effect too i.e. not only do they perceive me as somebody whose life and finances every stupid girl that needs money can pillage for he has got it but cannot protect it and more so since that was created with the help of African idiots who really give meaning to such phrases, there is also the fact to be concerned about with respect to how much they confuse themselves after causing all the trouble they do i.e. BMW for example is a Company and Companies that big exist in the form of small villages, in Europe these villages are becoming more homogenised and that is what people see in public all the time i.e. the part where all the homogeneity is built with This Company’s Intellectual Space, what people do not see on the other hand is what I do which is that they rely on me for properties of Equity and Securities and in that sense I am one of the richest persons in the world whose only problem is how to release vital cash from his property – hence they know the only way to avoid a process where I harm them which they love on account they are Godless and stupid and want to wreck my life as well to better themselves, is to stay away from my property and away from my book sales.

I. Uno I

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