I understand that other story of my vulnerability to those who have a history of abusing children has become really popular but I cannot make it out anyway since what really happens is that every fool that boasts about how I think it is drugs and gangs pushing me around in the neighbourhoods where they are making sure I am shut out and my Books never get sold whereas it is those who are bigger than me and can make me do what I want because I have no sense of respect for their stupid vanities; so nothing I say gets lost in translation like they claim, especially when I speak of them and their Media getting off the need to get angry frustrated poor and destitute neighbourhood boys to do the beating me up for them while they run stupid jobs of vandalism of Media and public transportation etc and those of them that are politicians join the business ones driving around insolent saloon cars by which they will beat up a Boy with a big mouth that has become their answer foe everything. It’s as though when they wear those suits to look like clever people and turn up on TV to secure the money that will facilitate the next fancy dress party in which a stripper will appear on my Royal Property and I reach the point where I tell them it will be an ultimatum of 24 hours and they can handle it again, they stop and then we see them start again by morning of the next day; it does not in any way mean that I am vulnerable to those who have a history of abusing children because I am a respectful Christian who is not a child and therefore not protected by the rules. We do hear them say they have now reached a point where nothing I do can affect what they want to do to or with me, when the reality is that they spend their money on popular culture idiots to help them start off the process of using my personality for entertainment and merchandising by ruining my finances and setting out I am Royalty and not eligible for civil rights, then pretend this behaviour is their civil rights as well all together and no such thing will therefore happen if I squeeze their profits on the global stage and the provocation continues until I squeeze them here at home and gain my access to the neighbourhoods to sell my Books in the process. The other popular story that the Politicians especially come up with is that I invent these reasons to attack them as it is clear nobody inquired of it; the reality however is that they are vile twisted evil tricky idiots who want to get involved with others knowing that the fact they never ever communicate with anybody in an honest way will likely make such a thing into a financial weapon and then we hear them claim it is the same trick by which I grab the Country from stronger and better people and keep it to myself, which has no basis on the reality that is that I have a history with evil and sometimes it does feel like I am living in Sodom and Gomorrah around here – it is not trick, if they want some of mine I will give it to them again as it were. I don’t know where this story of me being vulnerable to people with history of abusing children came from anyway but the only thing that they seem to be doing with their time these days is whack me over the head and try to blind me to what I am looking at, make me breathless by watching me and insulting me so intensely I can feel them putting hands over my nose which makes me breathless and making me lick shit and spit off the streets if I see any when their houses are nearby and all these things are to ensure that I am unable to gain any access to the neighbourhoods in order to sell books while the Bloody idiots do my stuff by claiming I am doing theirs – so the Media idiots just make it a National issue because these are their friends and they want to sell their own books and popular culture products in place of my work anyway and then we hear the challenge of what I am able to do about it, which always comes after they had failed to beat up and the neighbourhood boys did not do it for them either, seeking privileges of injustice from Politicians and never turning up to beat up like we hear them boast of everyday and the Politicians themselves being the cliques that always work together and are now ruling the Country but will not go into an office and do a job rather than pretend it can do whatever it likes with my property on account living in a society that is tolerable for all will become my main problem instead of them; which of course is not actually sustainable. It is obviously the prize and power of disobedience and like anybody else I would fancy them not doing anything which affects my concerns.

They do say my case with Media is not entirely clear, however which it seems never the less that I lose customers every single day and lose them all day long because the Media are showing I am vulnerable to sex abuse criminals and need to do something about it. So there is that tale that comes forth which says I am a paedophile whereas what happens is that they were always free to raise children that will be the future of a republican Britain and will turn up here to settle with politicians how my possessions will become their own when that dream is realised and when it is not take the path of popular culture to own it all together and then it will not end as badly as the one that has just ended. Just like the Media too where there is enough Media hatred for the world all together as it were; they want to make me do what they want but that means spreading lies and controversy and lots and lots of very violent gossip and when that is no longer effective resort to tackling my finances to get my attention – hard to locate the black idiots that ruffle your private parts because they have secured their own means to sensations of convenience from it, the point at which Media tackles your finances to get your attention because they want to make you do what they want; it is not a case I intend to end well all together for my part too. I am not as interested in Children by the way, they are only ever presentable when their parents make them, so handling them is as good as handling the parents; besides which you will need to speak playground language to ensure Children understand you are their equal and also leader of the pack who puts them in order, if you wanted to be a paedophile which of course I cannot and do not have the time for unless I want to speak to children that are mine. The politicians are however the ones who wreck my finances for them and then restore their finances which is the only thing we hear and see on Media these days – I don’t have a problem with it either – the bloody idiots said they were doing wealth inequality and have still not yet worked out how to secure the respect that they wanted so much because their brains are too empty to work out how to. The case of being beaten down of which never being true just like this other one about how the Media tells me what to do; in terms of being beaten down of which it’s the government working so hard to ensure I end up on benefits which will mean by confidence is knocked and I can get beaten which has no meaning or purpose; except they find it amusing and the Media tackles my finances because it will annoy me well enough to get my attention and make me pay attention to what they want me to do and to do thereof for them. The incivility is the one where they complain about how I strip their communities of power but have been complaining everyday for 14 years about that stupid power being all about them getting sensations of convenience from making my mind end up in one area while my activities are on another and my feelings are affecting them so they can become intolerant about it and so the audacity to handle a boy and making gestures of it with their hands is usually the last straw as it were and each time I decide the day I handle their communities as well, it is usually when they appear not have meant it; so I go from pushing them off moving into my right hand to dealing with that and losing my academic work in the process while it is amusing in Government Office. I do not think it is unusual; what happens is that they hate authority i.e. the difference between a Politician and a law maker, the difference between a law maker and a judge and when you exercise power and people start to be assured of your accountability and the legitimacy of the source of your authority then the war begins because they are pure evil – I hated their stupid children’s inability to respect my thinking space on account they claim they want one like it for themselves to bring about equality – the ones they do I have informed them in the past is off the scale. So that the story of what I have done to socialists comes down to this as well, so that they might stop saving up their energy to persecute me for having things they do not have or cannot share, claiming that they are wealth inequality champions and that they work so hard and earn so little and that is the problem the entire society has for good measure. They work so hard and earn so little they say, of which they can actually account for the work that they have done and can also account for how they earned the money they have earned too – spearing a thought for the fact they have clearly not been working on people instead of jobs for all their lives in the first place to begin with and are poor even so at this point because they are block heads; talking nonsense about a Christian that will never get the satisfaction of preventing evils that happened to him from happening to somebody else all day long for trappings of power. I mean if people are going to make use of other people’s property at least the person deserves a quality of living as it were; the idiots were going to find facts about how the economy works and their plan for recovery was the correct one and they were going to make it quick and secure it with government funds; I mean I know what I am capable of and it’s not the one where it is being used to serve the Nation yet when they play their stupid games. All I have done so far, distanced from calculating them and making them suffer the same percentage as inflicted on me, is just making them understand what their activities feel like on those they inflict it – yet it has already become a matter of power and violence as per behaving in that way is actually their civil right. It’s not a matter of my inability to get along with socialists; it’s a case of dinner time is three am for me and 7 am for him – study time is 6am for me and 10pm for him but at 6am he has an extra lifestyle that involves drinking and gambling and smoking and drugs all over the study area but later realises that it can constitute power if he checks his skin colour and it matches mine so as to justify his right to be seen anywhere I go hence involvement that he can use as a weapon; this background is history and permanent and there isn’t a Soul in the world that can be famous with one like it – they have been helped to money on my public life by their stupid politicians and need to clear my space.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland