They speak of things I have taken from them especially the Americans wanting to cling to my earnings and inform me of the size of their military every day, incredibly stupid people and yet it could have gotten worse and did and I was pushed into a place where they could spend 6 years of my time surrounding me with racists on one hand due to all sorts of nonsense on Media and Tribalism on the other for none white Communities too and the problem we have now is that they are afraid, so although they love such nonsense so much they do not wish to see their stupid lives tangled up with it - the complaining goes far beyond insults about beating me up if I said anything, which I have to tolerate on their foolish media all of the time with that big mouth, it is largely a matter of how they would do anything the Media wanted even when they know they will complain about the results at a later date but for the beating up on media bits of which it is still a matter of whether they will try and keep it shut or assume it will get them into serious trouble pretty soon. I understand this case to be very important, where the question is usually one of why I am so worried what people think of my religion; it is utter nonsense of course as I am not in any way worried of what people think of my religion but need to be wary of the nature of wickedness when I see Politicians go off to fight Islamic terrorism in order to prepare the proper environment for teaching none-violence Christians not to get involved with the concerns of those who are strong and superior and so you know you will be left with crumbs and the crumbs will be about violence, so until they are done with Islamic terrorism and you are in such a position, you are not allowed academic work and a job. Same with the media who apparently join in because they think they earn more than the Politicians and should be getting more privilege all together. I do not think it is a problem necessarily; it is evil and a form of Satanism basically Ė I might have allowed them simulate this process of dominating people financially and then sexually, however we can see that even though it just a simulation, they are in such need for it that the whole thing is real for them at least on media and now the financial abuse and dominance is about to be real for them too.We hear the talk of my main problem being that I am unable to tolerate poor people problems; whereas what really happens is that poor people have their problems and it will always exist but having said so, it is a world of nauseating financial complications that give rise to the activities of ageist who wreck peopleís lives so they can wait in street corners sorting out bottoms to get themselves into, it is the sorts of situations the Politicians take into account when coming up with state sponsored processes of raising living standards: here they will say I hate the idea that the US would have a Welfare State but will not give up my British one in hell and itís an old story about how US Welfare shall be based on British Diplomacy Interests and all developed around the poor peopleís problems, so that when you do watch Americans rip up your finances and get the Politicians to spend some federal money on popular culture goons that cannot tell the simple truth if money has not changed hands, only to show up at some other stage talking about having a House that you are interfering with, you feel a sense that they have done it before and the victims did hammer them hard. Here I get told that I am apparently interested in the problems of poor people; it is an old insult but so can all see that I have built myself a work Court and that its existence prevents those sex Houses from springing up which mean that incessant and uncontrollable bottom chasing and striking means that Middle Class Women will have somewhere they can go to exist Ė so naturally the big idea is the question of what I intend to do with them women, so I have to say that I intend to use them as Nannies even as I walk down the street, although I am aware I will pay the price for saying such things but thus have to ensure it is said anyway; so I win again. They all do love to think they are terribly amusing when they say what I do is so complicated that people cannot determine where they are doing the damage but we all know that if I were on social Media to sell my Books, it would be a process of meeting people and getting met my people, while the Book sales itself will be a process where I have to be careful with peopleís feelings - what I am doing instead involves a process where Clients have brokered equities with me and will not buy any Books if I am not Famous enough and there is no real explanation save one of bullying for the Political insults and vandalism that works so well with Lesbians and Criminal background security Guards and their perverts with money especially on the Media (their frustration and anger is that they might be stuck with me and end up retiring when they have not made enough money to provide for their old age and that I want to keep it that way after being pulled out of University to sit about reacting to any of their stupidities that is built up on my personality and Public and it has taken a decade so far just to clean up and return to it all together, so since I do not have a criminal background, I am at a loss as per what they imagine in their stupid minds, that I must be feeling but itís an old story where their disobedience is everything while reality is rather that it simply creates a proper tools and correct measures situation that they can going to live to hate - the Media says they have got my finances in a corner as well and it is usually the perfect example of the fact that one should never let them forget how they spend their time, never let them secure an exit for it at ones expense and never let them manage their stupidities around here and it is never clear why I am always being threatened by them or indeed why they appear to expect me to spend my own time on stupidities such as explaining my actions to them every day). I do get told my edgy behaviour causes instability that is actually sourced from my Office instead of what should come from it but we all know poor people issues will always involve women and children and breasts and bottom hurting stuff and feeling sore all over, hard to see how the Politicians who time and again employ the services of criminal background security guards to do society business, tear up peoples livelihoods and wait for boys on street corners to insert themselves into, what they have said is that I damaged their socialist party and had to suffer the process of rebuilding it, so the idea is that I am an Arch Prince and it will be damaged again. It goes beyond a case of setting me a reputation for fixing problems as a replacement of respect for what I get all the way from Parliament and National Media; in the end itís a Political party it says but there is always one backbreaking process of seeking convenience at my expense after another which is not paying me and racists can take notice of - It gets serious when you want it to be obviously and I did want mine to be too; even now they claim my Books are a massive practical joke and it is what they had been trying to tell the world all along but itís the bit where aesthetical functions of a product was brokered with me and lesbians with their criminal history security guards and perverts with money have to tell the customer I am keeping an eye on my equities, damage my Business and pretend there is Royal Property they can confiscate to make fame by on their stupid media, never mind the bit that involves football people talking rubbish all the time, so this was the practical joke side of my Books, since I do not want them to do that and itís also now given rise to a process where they think I can be prevented from writing facts about their lives and putting patents on it to my name. They always say I would not try to solve the problem where it mattered but we all know these things amount to a Royal Estate that is always being robbed by Popular culture, Celebrities and Politicians and we will put that to the test when I start to make a Public case of the stupidities that is ĎKeeping up with Kardashiansí or the one that is ĎThe only way is Essexí for instance and find out how difficult it really would be ( do get told itís my black big brothers preventing me from joining the Monarchy and itís an old story of sharing a skin colour with them the insults and wanting to find out apart from their stupid girls calling me names and putting labels on me with a big mouth all day, whether they are here to buy books or fool around until they create a problem for themselves - that I share a skin colour with them and perhaps they might want to inform me if it is going to be a problem or not; itís an old story where if it wants to show itís a good person it will be doing modern Church preaching me instead of the Gospel of Christ, so it is not doing that anymore since last I got myself a Court of Female Journalists, it relies wholly on its stupid insults now along with a process of covering my life with racism on one hand and tribalism on the other so it can develop the second part of the story that is about my life and Public image and how he can make a lot of money from it, supposing it got out of this case of complaining about what I do to its stupidities on a global stage, when it gets killed by a racist it will think that it was counted among good people, especially if it can make such claims at my expense). Blabbing a big mouth about people getting into trouble if they get involved with me the whole time while I must explain myself to a stupid media seeking conveniences at my expense for it too, allowing its stupidities to climb social ladders where it can with media fools. I do get told I always refuse to acknowledge that I am being robbed but itís what the harassment and abuses are about i.e. opening up the House so to speak - the Politicians who work it at Government representing doing your stuff doing stuff demagogues in the House of Lords have not had their own case with these kinds of goons settled at all while they at it, my one was done my me about 2 and a half months before my 17th Birthday. So they say itís the fact I antagonise Politicians but cannot do anything about them all together and hence I am stuck, which is utter nonsense - we all know the media picks up from the bits where they can handle me while I handle the gangs in their lives and that most of what I do is lies at the same time but it has eventually become a matter of plucking up courage to do something about their need to destroy my property every day and that will be done on two fronts i.e. first the fact I was raised to think peoples livelihoods are almost scared (although it is obvious they do not share the same sentiments) i.e. if somebody became homeless in Winter and got killed by the Cold and it was because you messed about with his livelihood, in the end it was a job, it was an inconvenience but clearly now it is up to you like his life was up to you all together - the other is the behaviour towards the esteemed Offices of State that people vote leaders into which Politicians handle as a tool for causing me distress for fun and one of these days it seems I am actually going to stich this Courage together and then it will cease to be so amusing, cease to be something they start off every day and leave for the media and popularity goons to play with either in the mornings or evenings and it will kick off with the bit where they cannot keep their comments off my income and their hands to themselves. The bit about my involvement with the British Monarchy adding up to betrayal is an old one; if I said they walked around smoking marijuana looking like superior characters others want to take jobs from and thinking they were fighting for somebody else's civil rights, I would be told that was discrimination but as it stands, it will never keep its insults where people appreciate it. Now the case of being all stuck with them is nothing new but if every time I got lazy my prime concern in every way was that stupid muscle of theirs they would see there were stupid evil and wicked things I could do to them to keep their eyes off my body type and fingers off my bum but I like to say whenever they think they have the guts for it, they can show up and throw a punch around because there has been a bad smell. That big mouth says what I see presently is the most they will do as any form of work whenever they want to make money while they own me and while I exist and it will end very well obviously - they speak of war all the time and it only scares those who are unaware they do not have the courage to take the leap and are waiting for something they can steal so it might be worth it; for now they can always tell me they are trying to make me stop since the last time their Politicians were happy to send them out to collect information I put to culture and society to run this Bookshop which is actually none of their business, no matter how much it actually hurts them - itís trying to make me stop rather than get out and get lost along with its foolish women, like it would rather pretend I will suffer violence if there is a bad smell than just leave me alone. Itís like when I do get told that I supply extra details for everything I do to ensure people can see it is not unusual for me especially with respect to where I am coming from or my own Social Class, which is good for me in the sense that I appear to know what I am doing but not good for the masses who are unable to settle into it but it is always an excellent thing to do since the result is usually that whilst people want to make use of my Books in a condition where the commitment to buy and pay for their copy that they can read in their own time is something they are unable to do, perfectly understandable therefore considering their character and version of freedom and need to tell tales of how others should exist, except there is the added problem where we find them get after my finances as stupidly as possible as well talking nonsense about power and making out tales of Competition and Politics will suffice (a nature of evil).

This other story of getting into trouble with those who have a relationship with the Princess of York especially around what I write about her and say about her is utter rubbish; she knows it has nothing to do with her but we have consistently had to deal with goons who show up to handle my work as a means of getting into a relationship with the Queens Granddaughter, just that this time, it does not involve messing around my whole life, it involves threatening me and I fail to see how it will work when it only means that they do not actually matter and certainly with respect to what they think of themselves are wholly deluded. The point is that The Princess of York plays around with my work sometimes and it does not make it any less my own, the point is that Military Operatives are Loyal to me and I have a duty to the Queen, the point is their insults suggest that I must always respond to such thing via the diplomatic option because I am afraid of them, point is while I am an Arch Prince and therefore believe positive discrimination involves finding out what sex workers are doing with my public work, whenever somebody else gets around claiming other juicy aspects of my life and throwing around insults on media and public places, not only do they expect me to communicate like a normal person with them, they also expect me to select another existence at that stage Ė hence itís all terribly stupid. Like people as mesmerised that an Arch Prince who has an outlook towards the left would not notice while he gets around with women who have an outlook towards the right, that the Prime Minister is negotiating Brexit for England and Wales and overseas Territories and that by the time she negotiates one for the UK other peopleís children will have sat the GCSE while her city centre trouble makers would have been able to get completely out of hand.

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