(Middle Class Rascals, Celebrity culture, Political Influence and Crime - 2002 to 2017 inventory of my Career and Academia)

(Of which it is said that I am driven by some sort of evil that stirs within but its utter nonsense as the driving force here is unnecessary work which needs be done because those who had worked hard to earn what they have, must have done something unusual to take it from those who were more deserving of it - so apparently all hell hath broken lose simply because I wish to explain how I come by what I own all the time.)

I am not suffering from sickness anxiety as suggested in anyway; what has happened is a handful of people spending about 12 years of my time, working me every day, as a character that is hollow and people can put things into, also had a great personality and public image that can provide people with a good night sleep and peace of mind. We have now reached the stage where the access they have had become violent because it is their nature and they loved to claim that none could see what they were doing to me while I have warned them enough to act and therefore started with a process of burning all that mattered to them, to ensure that their stupidities were see-able. It is particular motivation when they claim that they were kinds of characters that would wreck my career and pick up their own where they left off, in the meantime complaining to Politicians that I am a reason that a lot of people had suffered set back – so I am encouraged to ask them to get in touch with me and each they did, tell me I thought I was important but somebody else was as it were. It is supposed to be a sequence of events; from the idea my Books were a bum covering exercise, to questions of whether reading my Books made the problem worse, to people loving my Books and eventually me being a proud owner of a successful Bookshop and this idea that I can help others out with Intellectual property but cannot protect mine because they were popular is the ground zero on this matter. Currently, I have not been able to account for the way my time has passed between 2017 and 2020, which is the most I can tolerate of it, complete with features that showed a black idiot next door who got punished by the Police, wanting me to attack him and get into trouble with the Police as well, while an alliance between white big brother and Muslim/Asian guy had since given rise to an elimination of everything that suggested people should not get imagination up my bum or play the highway to schizophrenia games with my social life, each time I stepped outside of my door and it’s going to end badly when it ends as I want it to. The part where they have been punished for it, showing that I am not expected to chase my own security, as there is likelihood of my actions adding up to an important directive for public service and security Operatives. So I am told that people never stopped burning my finances but I am aware of this as such – even the wealth equity system that is taken up by mistresses that want to make something of the activities men spend their time on because they hated women, had nothing to do with my Bookshop and earnings, only the Celebrities who needed to show they thought of me as a punching bag and it is not going to end well either. They do boast that the wealth equity is now available to all which would mean as stupidly as possible that it had become a matter of activities carried through by gits with ideas about hating those who got along with me, therefore utter nonsense. So they do say the Royal family is in crisis but it is not, only the Prince of Wales performing some activities that led people to believe he took to certain women, got a wife and wanted another, calamity after another and now I am a centre piece for another saga i.e. he wants to do the work I am doing and had already made a grand mess by setting himself out as a character concerning whom criminals and ex-convicts may secure a different life from the one they picked up when they ended up in prison; a matter that is usually fundamental for people who had dealings with government as a show of good behaviour lost and one can only do the best I can for public stability that ensured that the Crown was seen to change hand down a specific route, thus these results are questions as to whether HRH could perform his role all together. It is not exactly clear why it is that people who believe the United State of America to have appointed them a handful of proxies and that the US Government spends its time putting them at the foremost stage of Policy making, loved to put themselves in charge of social matters about which they know nothing and set about getting others to pay the price for it financially. The current state of affairs are that Europeans, especially Germans are now engaged in a punishment spree, after I had a say in their need to chase business fortunes by having need of my assets, which is an unprecedented precedent for abusively handling others but they had decided was an unbeatable industrial popularity – the Americans are a little more incorrigible than everybody else, so I have to run through the popularity gimmicks and the celebrity and the politics and Media, whilst the British were a threat to anything I did to move on people who were a threat to my business image because I according to them thought I was important while other people were, the bottom chasing issues which had since become a phenomenon because they keep finding themselves in a situation where they had to fight my wars since they rather preferred to be bullies than they wanted to be human.

Eventually it is said that there is now enough evidence to show I will never recover from these matters, while there is really nothing to recover from, just the question of how I go about stopping people who enjoyed playing up practical jokes on my career and finances until they had wrecked it, claiming my responses were exhilarating whenever it was not a threat to their stupidities. As for my diet however, I seem to have combined food supplements in a way that eventually developed into something that appears to have the ability to control heart conditions – I am aware too that the Queen is aware of the creation and so is the Parliament but the idea of other people not being able to secure access to this creation has not yet achieved a process of showing that those who are involved with Government had a good behaviour requirement whereby they did not act in a way that helped to support those that have had an encounter with the Police over lifestyle issues. What it has done instead is stories of the way that Millennials needed to start taking responsibility for their abusive activities which is all very simple whilst a 12 year abuse of my personal life, personal and work relationships, studies and career, had since produced a result where the Media was manned by characters that enjoyed inviting themselves into my Court to get imagination finger up my bum for practical jokes purposes, power and a means to get what they want – this is left out of every complain that is issued about me and it was rather important that they told people about it instead of blabbing what Millennials had to do about their abusive activities that were a product of the fact they can see almost everything. This again will be said to have been a search for convenience on my part but it is not – I have tried as well, the biggest question these days is whether I pursued the fact these goons have recently trashed my social media because I am running a business with it, to transform a position they had adopted where they were not going to get jobs if they could work to gain access to and to control my Royal Office and its content property instead, this they say was a plan that progressed towards an outcome where their stupidities would become dot com millionaires in the future and none can tell what motivates people, no matter how stupid, to build a crowd that wants access to another person’s Office and personal life, instead of get a job either way but they are convinced that they were a threat to me and the insults cannot be controlled for the time being. So it seems that this behaviour was profitable on account that another group of idiots at Industry came up with ideas such that each time they abused me, they got rewarded with money, about which I had ensured it continued long enough for idiots of these kind who spend time dreaming and working towards a dream where I picked up a royal Commission and set about trying to make money somewhere around the shadows that the businesses they are involved with had casted at the market – hence they had since ended up with the kinds of employers, employees and business partners that their stupidities had always dreamed of working with and Millennials do not have to be accountable for anything whatsoever. In my case I now have to sell my Books but another group of fools had media jobs and were famous, so they needed to make a mess of the Bookshop for practical jokes and we have already done 6 years of warnings so far – the old story of the way we do our school leaving exams as a matter of the years spent developing talents acquired as a child, in a school environment but they have evolved to invent plans that helped them avoid the simple process of getting out of bed to chase a job without having most of their stupidities rely on somebody else’s ability to do the same, after which the idiots then raised the smell issues all the way to Buckingham Palace and issued threats at me, which is the reason they are getting a response.

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