Now the Politicians say I am one of the most prolific supporters of racism and I could never make out where they have secured the facts to support it, which then gives them the confidence to go on about it like that threatening me with intent and big mouth, seeking Political advancement by having a toy they can exhibit treachery by in such ways anyway. At this stage nobody knows why it is considered that the sad and angry racist in the local communities is more of a threat to us than the group of idiots at Government Office who spend their time showing those that work the problems of society the new ways in which we have come to feel safe, after years of spending tax payer funds for help the same goons build up a sense of confidence that was based on feelings of importance; the truth is that these goons have no idea what being an A Grade Politician or a B Grade Politician or a C Grade Politicians would have been, so they have not got a clue whether or not they are an F Grade Politician which is what they really are.

What actually happens in the society we live in is that of the adults, women are the vulnerable, so they are the ones that always talk about going behind your back, moving into your right hand and the finger of power so they can beat you up as well all the time – so nobody really knows if it is the fundamentally evil nature of the Socialists and Liberals that makes them such a notorious source of support for absolutely everything that wants to take this away from Women and then control it for other purposes all together anyway but we know that is all they use Government buildings for. So, if this is the only way that women can create their own sense of security, the question is what you do at Government Office and indeed what exactly has gotten people claiming time and time and time again as insultingly as they possibly can address me, that I am supportive of racism because they do not feel as though they are superior to me while their big mouth is rather convinced that they were.

I do not think that the matter is a problem as such, only the part where they say that I support racism time again without substantiating it; so the last time there was a clear sense of direction as per whether I am learning a trade or getting an education was in 2005, since then these fools have wanted to own the ways I handle sociological matters around my career until my Academic work was destroyed which is all they do with their time on Public places and the Government buildings they have come to treat like private property these days. The case with their followers is that the idiots have no respect for me as a person in anyway whatsoever, so the disrespect has built up to a stage where I met some people who are suffering the same things they do to me at the hands of racists, we then got together to build a life of our own and they had since decided time and again to run off Political campaigns and chose leaders that will ensure each time we organised our lives, we had it opened up to them for usage as they do believe it is what their civil rights actually looks like with that big mouth they have got. So perhaps they wish to get rid of the moral fabric of society to prove their superiority and show criminals or racists what the ways we have come to feel safe as a society looks like due to the access they have to government buildings, but it does not make me racist or a supporter of it. The need that their schizophrenic stupidities have developed, to show up all over my income margins and my writing career is thus becoming less and less tolerable; they have not been able to stop the academic pursuits of the racists they know personally right down to family members and neighbourhoods but they have stopped mine while they have no relationship with me whatsoever - they complain the most about wealth inequality but destroy my business and can do nothing about those who want to be the ones to manufacture all the needed goods and services in the land but actually have not got time for it and therefore need trouble maker friends who have money to invest and the list goes on like that pointlessly without end.


They say it’s a problem I have with authority that they wish to handle and I could never make it out anyway; Tony Blair was not the worst they had, he was one of the best and yet they have learned nothing from his mistakes about how I will respect him the way I regard God because I am a Christian and they needed my Public image. They always say there is not much I can do but reality is rather that National mistress only knows how to destroy all we have worked for and hope that when there has been no consequences a sense of convenience will emerge, which everybody wants to be a part of, making them rich, powerful and influential; I have been clear they need to express their clinical insanity somewhere else as I am rather aware of where they start and where they end and how I may go about stopping it if I needed to. The part where I always win and must always win is clearly one of their best moments, while reality is rather more a case of the fact they show up here to threaten me over money and will be stuck here too until they are past it, the same way they think that people who need support from Government concerning how they had organised their lives usually have vision and energy and time to commit crimes, threatening me all the time over some great difficult and life threatening and heroic Government work that they have to do – where if they are unable to show their children how to behave and allow them continue to target me like we have presently, the outcome will be one where I got my hands on that too and got off deciding what they were going to do with their time for the rest of their lives as well.

So they say I am Royalty, therefore have everything while they had nothing which has nothing to do with the business of expecting me not to respond while they tackle me year after year until they are able to have somebody that matters whom they have oppressed because they think they were oppressed for being important – we see that theory play out on that sense that those who need government help have vision, time and energy to commit crimes all the time and we find that the way these people expect government to tackle them first, so they might learn and adapt is the reasons the wish to tackle those that are smaller than they are all the time but when those who go into Government office to take away how the smaller people adapt and make the smaller people more vulnerable claim I am a racist supporter, they need to substantiate it – the same way it is said that I pander to everything that racists and criminals tickle me into doing while they were rather convinced they will stop tackling my income margins at a time that was most convenient for them to do so, same insults we see where women can never be allowed to pay the bills on time but the sexual assault justice never gets delivered as well talking nonsense about those who have a problem with authority because they believe their stupid selves to be incredibly important. So I am meant to do nothing about it until they can confidently oppress me which will allow them have something they have never had, giving way to that question of why they tackle me which answer was that they were evil and because they have made time to tell everybody religion was the problem we have ended up trying to make sense of the disillusionment the stupidities that they invent everyday causes i.e. there is really nothing wrong with responding to it violently but because it is a world where people make plans to hurt them violently as well, you must endure it sometimes and take everybody along according to each person’s pace. They do claim I complain about Royal duties which I do not; it’s always expressing an insult and then what I have lost because I did nothing violent about it while its Politicians got all over my income margins years before to facilitate it without reason and stop at a time they find most convenient; it is text book criminal syndicate nonsense which becomes a question of how I live with myself if they do not hear from me as well and for them a matter of how they wish to escape from the fall out of the fact they enjoy nothing more in this world than to make an announcement that the criminals have been striking my bum and that I have been getting myself all over the difficult issues that important Ministers of Parliament should concern themselves with, which to me means they are claiming it’s all my fault and therefore implies I will be getting them complaining about something new with me as the centre piece pretty soon as well.


They do also claim that I break Royal protocol all the time and will be made to pay for it, at the same time they also claim that I am a coward and that this was the main problem while I could invent in 24 hours some way of getting the people who were never really as successful as their mates off my back and the business of showing up here to lumber me with their history of bullying people to get to the top alongside it too, so we all know that supposition is not based on reality. However in terms of getting into trouble for breaking Royal Protocol, I do no such thing and the business of me getting into trouble will reach HM and then there will be new Russian Missions for them like the one before they claimed support I were providing for Armed Forces personnel where it mattered around my concerns meant I had gotten up to accept liability for what happens to Armed Forces Personnel in the field, to run off their nonsense with. I do however like to be helpful so if they wish to win favour back from HM having been that for some reason Political instability ended up somewhere at the Monarchy and they are not the ones complaining, I suppose the Media does not plan to stop its gimmicks any time soon and they might want to answer the question of whether they hate them or hate me more as such. It’s an old story about their insults and what they have taken from others through it all day long as such and it’s not a problem for me save the part where they are always talking nonsense about black women getting the better of me while we all know that if women can only make their own security by going behind peoples backs and having a finger of power, we can tell from the facts I have presented here, that I am very well aware of what it is black women are fucking around with winning this for stupid women who want to use it for money and give them privileges of having babies on people’s public image; I for my part was first told I am a psychopath when I was a younger person because I used to catch spiders and light matches to burn off their legs, so we can see where the stupidities of black women who have no wish to keep their insults where it is appreciated and their fingers off my bum for it fits into the matter winning the finger of power for people who are three times my size to move into my right which is not just a problem in its own right but must be that I had done something wrong hence their need to handle me 24/7 looking for more of what they are complaining about as it were. There is now this sense overall that I am in such distress I wish to go back on the support for the relentlessness of women issues which is utter nonsense – when women are relentless, society goons have to decide exactly how they feel about Media and you are not a loser when you defend yourself or a loser when you had chosen to do nothing all at the same time, hence I do not believe it is ever going to work. They do speak of an absence of a dividing line which is rather not applicable since the dividing line is clearly Books written by an Arch Prince of a Country with overseas Territories in South America, which does suggest we are geographically closer to the US and South America at the backyard than people think we are and it is probable that the proximity of the UK is closer to Argentina than it is to Europe.

It’s the same case as ever; every time I had something important to concern myself with, they do show up to lay out their money issues on it and all over my public image, prepared to break any rules in order to get rich quick, soon had gathered up Men that will threaten me over it.

I understand the tale is rife of how people spend their time listening to the twaddle of some fear mongering coward like myself but then again I suppose cowards do survive in any case and while everybody dies, the important reality is whether or not people get it done that needs to be done, before they leave this world; it is the reasons we have tyranny in a Country but people get by anyway, we have racism in a Country but the Government can afford to ignore it and so on – I my case I am quite something because I get it done all the time without as much as burdening people with the guilt of risks that I may face, so it really does make me such an abhorrent coward. Either way we know if I said women have the right to chase the bottom, they will get off on the villainy and tell me women do not and it will kick off all over again with the world being blinded to what civility really is and where their stupidities place us instead, partly setting them out as people who need to be seriously beaten up. In the end they speak of me being well looked after which makes the violence something I can do but we all know the bottom chasing means they have got freedom and that they can never do without the aspects of culture that can decide what should be happening to other people’s lives which I had by the way made very clear I do not want them doing me favours with on grounds I am a dedicated Christian and such things should be seen with a sense of fear, before they got themselves out of their depth each time they see my Books and want to handle my income levels, talking nonsense about cowardice out of their depth. In the end when talk is talk their very important stupidities do not like it that way ; they do not like my Books so they set about stifling my income and finding me a real job because I am likely to listen to what other people have to say – we Christians believe Christ sits at the right hand of God and I do not want any idiot moving into mine, thus it becomes their main prerogative to try and do so, talking nonsense about what I would not do if they were dangerous criminals that were a threat to my life – then there is the part where they target me all the time because private security industry goons had put a bounty on my head, promising rewards to any who can calculate me into a difficult position so I might be taught a lesson, which had resulted in this outcome whereby the fight between me and Public transport operatives is popular already. In the end I would fancy they stopped handling my Books before I get to handle the one that gets to their heads too – 13 years of my time I have given to their stupidities to see if they will simply move off since I am aware of what these sorts of idiots will do if given the chance to, it will not give me a breathing space unless it has to as it were.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland