Naturally, the claim I prevent others from having or enjoying a good night’s sleep which constantly turns up on media is never true; what happens is that at 12 pm you will be very likely to see them partying, see them going after church people, see them attack everything that is comfortable with itself and the celebrities are worse because they have men who help them get involved with those they want to have sex with in order to correct the effect, those from whom the sex can be extracted from a distance so they never get close to those that are greater than they are, at the other end of the scale of which the sensibility is therefore that racism and other extremism is magic or just an occurrence, which is usually the finest sign we are going around in circles. They would rather say I pretend I am really tough but am scared of women but I never said I am scared of women; I said made it clear we go around in circles over these matters and racism is magic as far as they are concerned – after all nobody notices more so those times when they stir the extremism because somebody else in their view whom they love to insult and abuse is underestimating how wicked they are, which is clearly something normal people do.  It is never true I have been beaten by them over this matter and like to think racism is the worst thing that ever happened refusing to pay attention to what they can do; that is more concerned with the fact that sometime in 2001 they marked me out as an innocent they will abuse to bring attention to their problems and are still after my finances to this day; the part we hear all the time is the one therefore where they are civil rights victims and never the bit where they are bullies that are convinced they can touch me anytime they want if they so wish or intend. And I am not worse off either since I have set out a means of picking on them to a point where it has become part of living itself to do so because of course if it does not become part of living to do so then my books will never have a set place in the lives of the peoples of this world and therefore will never get sold. So, it is an old story; they complain about one and pick on another enemy – obviously their plan was that the new enemy was supposed to be a victim and not an enemy. Customer is King but only when they pay up, until then I am. They do say all I say and do is semantics of course but it is the same sort of semantics that means Socialists live in such twisted society that 20 persons may have died of a hate crime but the one person that can do something about it will be prevented from taking away the power others have to whisper and backbite so as to cause death and may even have a new hate crime committed against him or her, of which it all gets serious when One does not want to be a part of their Community and gets stalked by the whole thing, right up to a point where the Politicians can do nothing about it because it is too big a stalking - or indeed the same semantics which means that I may have planned to get a job and raised funds to buy a big house and help House children who are homeless because their parents are Modern and a Child converted to Christianity etc but will never do so if what people want to use the job centre for, is to find out if or not I have masturbated and if or not it has cost me a job and money too; so that I end up thinking about my Faith so deeply others cannot understand what I am saying and I start to get threats from them as well, which brings us to where we are now, since I allow it fester on account there is really nothing that they can do as such.


The story is ever present with us of course of me being stuck with women and getting all messed up, it is an example of the reasons I go from thinking about forgiveness and moving on from dropping out of University so I can sit about reacting to peoples society stupidities because they find my intelligent reaction exhilarating to having senselessness built up around my personal finances so people can get on media to trap a super son that will serve them while they determined if he was allowed to have money or not and his behaviour will determine if having money is out of the hands of his assailants as well, to a process where I have become resolved around the matter of digging that their stupid failure based ageism broken heart that cannot stop disciplining me with its own eating disorder and calling me names, pretending it is a successful person and better human being at my expense all the time. I mean it does not help anybody to do such a thing but they should have been thinking about that years ago before I has an empire in which the personal finance structures ended up somewhere else, so others can make profit from their insults selling me on, while I look like somebody who has made a lot of money and lost it when others have not even had their first attempt – then dropped out of University as well and end up in a condition where I cannot guarantee that what I am doing for a living is not amounting to an outcome where somebody else is getting hurt, to deal with this kinds of shit from them and their popularity media and political madness like I am now every day; they should have been thinking about the fact they got self-employed to avoid others keeping an eye on them years before they made these things happen. I could not be clearer about what I wanted it should be noted; I am tired of tolerating their stupidities showing up around my Business Empire and my Public image space. They can always ask for a common ground but we all know I have not actually complained about people spying on me and keeping an eye on my work for their various purposes, I have not complained about all of Industrial espionage playing out on my Estate for very filthy and insulting purposes that the none whites explain as racism in order to encourage it to take part as well etc but when somebody trains a camera on a woman and finds her pull out a set of drawers with underwear in it, what they do is edit out that aspect because it is not ethical to put it in the public sphere. The Women ones will be exactly the same thing save in their case, you simply cannot forgive and move on, it has to lead to the part where you find things you can do and get away with as well until somebody is physically ill.

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