So we hear them claim I have a problem with the power of the people as well, which is more like the power of the civil bullies – all they spend all of their time on is standing up on public places to decide there is a bigger power and then is a smaller power compared to them and being stuck in the middle brings about the homosexuality and alternative lifestyles people complain about when they are still so disrespectful and it leads right up to the point where it is making use of me and my work every day to boost its income and assuming that the insults it passes around because it feels it is a steal destroying everything around here with that block head will do. It’s also like when they say the main case is that I am always on a power trip with the Monarchy while the truth is that unless the Monarchy gives me some kind of security support, I can never sell some Books and produce an Heir for my Estate, so the war that they will make while I am wondering what on Earth is wrong with them on this case in the first place, is largely based on the fact they have their bottoms chased by those whose job it is so to ensure every one produces an Heir and then we find those insults that are getting them all tangled up with the ones that will stab them for it all together. I do not think it is a problem; I mean there is nothing wrong with my Books at this stage – they are elitist and will appeal to Middle and Upper Classes but I am being hunted down like an animal and trapped by the lower classes instead, since I halved the price of my Books, I have gotten even more abusive practical jokes for them as well; while the reality on the ground is still the case where equity writing and broker generally tends to mean that I am this guy that solves all problems that are put into him to be used by others, then got off to play up the criminals in neighbourhoods and other people’s families routine and followed it quickly with media abuses and it is getting so serious starting from their inability to live with the bad smell as well. So the Germans especially are at the helm of this gimmick that involves the problem with leaders who have no Office being one of where they cherry pick the benefits of public office and I should say it goes without mentioning that I have stated they need to return to consumers and establish a relationship with those all over again bearing in mind creating the economic crisis is such a buzz, in order to get out of the recession – this is what the text Books advice not a process of talking rubbish at me. It’s really difficult to see how they hope to recover economy by doing other things including ripping up diplomatic relations that the British have built in order to start building their own too in the next couple of weeks, which stupidities are not unusual, just the question that shows up as per whether I plan to suck up to them as well after I had stopped their fame, which would have gone beyond insanity as an action i.e. I intend to get them stuck with me until they are past it as well. This business of idiots who line themselves up on the internet especially to get counted into rich list while knowing nothing about the way people get around the world to let them put up capital somewhere and build a sale army somewhere else to get to those rich lists, especially with respect to comparing themselves to me while their stupidities ensures I cannot sell Books even when they have very good jobs going for them has rather gone too far and I am certain they can feel it as well from the things I do to them about it. With respect to the economy, that would go beyond their main case being that the Monarchy has to develop a special security arrangement for me in order to me to sell my Books and run an Estate, of which nobody really can tell what on earth is wrong with them; that would be a case where idiots who would not trade if they are traders and let other peoples be do not wish to speak with people and find out what is going on as it is not obvious to them the money in the economy is finite and that food products cannot be recycled, thus unless we find a replacement for what is spent on food we will run out of money, hence no way to locate innovation that lets people sell products on a regular basis, without speaking with the consumers to find out what is going on, instead of blabbing nonsense at an Arch Prince to profit from insults that have to do with the needs of the hungry Political crowd.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland