There is now talk of my treatment at the Royal Family being appalling while reality is that it is rather obscene, such as being protected by the Queen which is incredibly unusual, however its largely a matter of being able to justify it all together and what really happened was that I wrote a Book on my own Office as a propaganda and the Media goons along with their American gits picked up my Book and ran off all sorts of nonsense over it during a five year period of insults that will allow them control my finances and work over enslavement at the end, during which time they appear to have been planning some stupidities with my Books that will bring about the demise of the Monarchy because black people don’t like it and black people own me with their insolent dirty faces; the outcome being the mix-up and mess they have made of my Office and that of the Prince of Wales and the stupidities they exhibit in Public all the time because of that mess. We will always hear them claim its impossible to live under the shadow of all that mystery without trying to find out while it was quite obvious it was never my obligation to get organised for a job that belongs to idiots such as these who have an opinion about their stupid selves which beats the imagination, never mind the fact that each time they make the money that they would not mind killing another human being for, the goons never mind their own business thereafter. The mystery they were talking about the last time we checked being that Male Society always has fantasies about what the UK could have been and my Books were written in context before they handled it as if I had signed a contract that will exempt them from such behaviour being classified as criminal activity to make a mess of my Office and that of other Royals and get about blowing off their big mouth on Media over it all the time – even now, I am expecting them to report on the revelation of this Mystery but am not holding my breath. That said, their involvement which causes the bottom of my finances to fall out is about to stop as its not really the case that most human beings are remotely anywhere near this stupid, hence the idea that tolerating them is normalcy being entirely false.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland