I am aware of that story told that nothing will work in the UK unless the idiots we see at Popular culture and Media want it so - it is utter nonsense of course and I cannot understand why they find it so difficult to keep their filthy Mouths shut as it were. The story has always been the same case of making sure celebrities are able to oppress those who pillage my business but end up with problems every day because I am being pulled in all directions by Politicians and Media and society scum are having a go as well, bearing in mind these never stop complaining about the effects on their insults in the first place anyway and I am always in the game as long as they do not for my part as such. The reasons the Politicians do it being that they have money and the reasons the Media does it being that they can decide what the Public thinks about peopleís lives and property and these two reasons never cease to constitute a platform in which people get on my business empire and subvert my products every day, then send out society scum to attack me if I have to take out an extra job too - all I have to do them is take the money away from the Politicians and the Media away from the Journalists, of which they always say I could never achieve such things until they had to complain about it all together. I have no idea why it is such an issue anyway - Politicians have always had money since if every inch of a Country is on fire, they will be the ones getting paid to put it out and Media have always played their games since if the same is applicable they will be the ones getting paid to relay information, so it is hard to understand why it serves a means by which nothing will work unless they want it to with that big mouth. They do say that the reality is that people fight my battles and do my dirty work for me of course but that was always an old story - we know presently that while the Germans and French and their other scum in Europe want to spend time setting up statements that the UK leaves the EU because it disagrees with its Treaties which were made to prevent World War because they want to start one of their own and that the whole German laziness on other peopleís property and at other peopleís expense should now give rise to chasing British Talents to boost its Industry which explains why they ensure if there is no opposition to usage of my public image at manufacturing Industries, they damage my Book sales and finances because they cannot do unless they have a history in which what they got from me was done as a result of oppressing meand the French on the other hand have made silly Labour Law recently which means that Industry scum can do whatever they like with workers but do not have as much as a confidence let alone a guarantee that they can retrieve all the taxes that will have been gained for the National treasury, if they can express their gonad stupidities and nonsense first of all that is and then pass around insults with it for good measure that will ensure their success like the Germans is based on other peopleís failures. I have never thought the issue was a problem - these idiots like to want to get from Girls and Boys gangs in school to claims their stupidities and intrusion and need to spend peoples income on themselves using media and popular culture is an indication they are people of peace but the reality has always been their fear of War because it is their stupidities that are normally used to make sense of it whenever it breaks out altogether - so they are scared of it, what they are not scared of is robbery and gang land killings and street murders and all that popular culture nonsense and drugs and gangs and Public office money used to ensure every scum that made bad grades is school is assured that the meaning of life is to abuse those who have talents but do not have money to throw on it and so on - yap yapping how nothing will work in the Country until they want it so - cannot watch their mouth as such.

Itís never been a problem as a whole, we all know that people like me are respectful of authority when we have not been well looked after contributing to the difficulty they have in raising their children, which means that the children will want to kill me and grab my fame and the Media will desire and demand it over some insult and lack of respect for their all-important jobs and contracts Ė the first source of this problem was the unjust laws that Politicians make and means they raise criminals and send them out to appear on the floors of parliament all the time. It is all so very well sorted out if a certain Mr Tony Blair who is not done being middle east peace envy with this his stupidities until they kill him for it as well stays out of the way. Apparently, the Politicians have to deal with the fact somebody hates my guts these Days, all of the time but itís always been an old story of it all being well to make yourself invulnerable to being taken advantage of by Civil rights idiots but then again, can you handle the Girl stuff? So they are clearly not blabbing anymore, not least the other one whose Girlfriend is the same size as him, indicating the stupid opinions he has about those that are not actually asking of it; so I dropped out of University because of their stupidities and even now it still tends to happen every day, such that when he will continue until you stop him and when you do stop him, it will become a background story he can tell about how he has lived and which ones where the glory days of plenty in his stupid life i.e. it adds up and they are not blabbing anymore. Of course they always say I am punishing people and nobody knows which day I will have enough of doing so, which is utter nonsense - the day they will be free of me is the day they are no longer seen tinkering around my finances and that can happen when they just get lost or when I have sold my Books and taken a Holiday, so I might be myself again; as long as the cloud of my Complex engagements hang over me, they will feel my wrath as well: I mean they have a problem with the idea I am important I can understand but then again, is what psychology says about insanity is true, then standard of Living is an insanity, will tolerate none others, this is not their own lives; enough of the questions of which one is being used on the right and which one is causing an inability to make progress on the left about what happens around here. I understand a case of my so called respect issues but itís a matter of how much I have to pay so an idiot who knows his Children got their stupidities from the Genes can avoid punishing his Children and take it out on me instead: it will turn up like that and learn something from me, go off to boost his stupid income and then I will fall ill and drop out of University and have a hard time at the jobs markets and end up with a business that is debatable while they makes up their reasons for behaviour and organise a Community to it as they go along; then tell me itís a problem beyond me, when it is obvious I need to set out a new statement every single day and follow it on until people I am responsible for are able to carry on with their concerns as normal and sometimes it will take up the whole day and I will get through, set out structures of what else I must engage myself in for the Morrow and get to bed but I will be waking up to Community Croons beating me down in my own bed while popular culture idiots attack all of it to get rich quick on social Media and the Journalists invent new uses for me that are violent and abusive and destructive of my health and wellbeing too - so I will cut up the culture and society every single time I see it until I am back at an Academic institution and no scumbag is following me there anymore especially those who share my skin colour and for the Pop Stars and Celebrities and Journalists, it is obvious unless I take it to heart and handle their own lives and property in the same way, it will never stop, it will never stop until I start to hate them as well in a real way. So they do ask why it happens as usual as equally as we all know it happens because they think they deserve a break, they deserve to have it and the need to make statements and grab my income on the this basis talking nonsense about being good and working hard and deserving it has become a second nature that only functions on the insanity that is Media and it is not a difficult matter in any way to deal with, I rather believe I have given them enough time for my part as well - especially regarding the case where every part of my body hurts over any projects I am working on or anything I am doing regarding financial wellbeing and property because they think they have got me in a corner and so on. They always say itís my fault which is utter nonsense; itís their fault - they are the ones that are always blabbing about how everybody will be better off if a class society did not exist and until it leads to outcomes where others drop out of University to sit around reacting to the world around them because it makes them feel good, resulting in violent behaviour as well when their stupidities cannot fathom the knowledge that is causing them insanity as a result. They do say itís a problem for me of course when it has always been as simple as the fact they are impatient when it is my life and property and products but it does not mean they will buy my products and leads to outcomes where I lose the job in the livelihood which may have paid me for working while they continue a new found high life to live and do destruction that can be rewarding at a later date - so itís usually twisted in every way, such that unless I regularly have to explain where I have been, this will not be a problem at all: yap, yap Classless society and when they have brewed a Crowd, so that Upper Class ends up with Lower Class, then it cannot write a Book and even if it does it will never get sold with a big mouth. I mean the serious one is when somebody wants to fund their Cocaine addiction through his Super Model Wife whose picture he splashes out on my Public image for uninvited and unauthorised, all the time - so when I set off to look after a Royal Estate and ensure somebody does not pillage it like that, he will take a picture ofbeautiful Castle from the Air and snipe my income every day with it on social media and the internet especially, while his fellow Media fools are the annoying ones with stupid ideas about how to conduct their affairs which impacts on my income and profit margins every day because itís some sort of a rush with that big mouth getting Politicians to handle something of the fact they hate my guts every day, trying to ensure nobody takes from them the fact they are fans of what I do but are the wrong sort of fans and need to get involved every single moment and never do anything without issuing those stupid threats. Itís like we talk on public places all the time about me getting bullied by the local communities and so on which is very well understood but I simply cannot understand why people do it anyway for my part; I mean these goons have been beating me down in my own bed for the best part of the last decade and a half every day, while their children chase my private parts and so it tends to mean that when getting into a fight what becomes more important is that your enemies are all gathered round figuring you out by the last time you fell ill and the last time you didnít think properly and the last time you had a tummy upset since the whole history they have with you has now been built on these points of time in your life all together, talking nonsense all the time whenever they feel they have reached a point at which they are no longer afraid of me and yet if I were to mention that we never get along because they are class a drug smoking goons who play around all the time and look like characters that people wish to take jobs and careers from, I will get told this view is discrimination but what people want to talk about when obsessed with who can beat up whom does not actually include what I will be thinking about when somebodyís stupid girl has a need to feel like a real girl by getting involved with my writers personal space to mess me up and laugh with her fellow stupid friends about it on account they have got a big boyfriend every day, leads to outcomes where I am lying somewhere in a pool of blood on their bloody account as it were. I understand it is said I may perhaps find other ways which do not involve violence but that would be the one where the kids are always damaging a writing career because they obviously want me to take one out of them and find out what it is they can do when I am off selling it, while the parents are always violating me because it seems they want to be tied down somewhere to have property and lifestyle given up facilitating solutions to my personal problems. In terms of the beating up bits we hear that I am always pushing people of course whenever they think they are entitled to a share of my life and so have I made it clear none is to peddle my faith and personal life and public image or any of the three either way and that if I get hold of that stupid civil rights that wants to see me get into a fight where I will be beaten up on account I do not wish to be controlled by their insolence, I will definitely cut it up for them again. The other side of the beating up bits will be about the Politicians who set out to laden me with over a decade of systematic insults and provocation that will make me such a disturbed person that it will be impossible for me to continue to exist as an introverted person, which personality they can then deploy to feel glorious at Government buildings Ė now they have built the life they want me to insert myself into on media and public places, we are listening to the complains they put up talking nonsense about making decisions that affect the lives of criminals because they are having trouble enforcing it and nobody really can tell what their problem was exactly, all we know is the excuses they make such as when somebody who offended them in a big way looked like what I have been groomed by them into over the years or that whatever they do need not bother as the source of solutions for all I do comes from within with that big mouth. So itís an old story those who talk about who can beat up whom need to put to rest as soon as possible; we can all see the worst that can happen is them getting about neighbourhoods as illiterate goons with money their parents have left for them to do my public image and career at popular culture with talking nonsense about people that are below their league which is not an existence I wish to be a part of in anyway whatsoever, making this whole business so marvellous all together and it goes without saying therefore if I get that stupid popular culture it will be the last time that they see it as well. At this stage the main story will become that of me being the guy people get to put problems into which makes the situation worse according to some but does not to me at all; itís the evils people perform when they have a leverage in the bank and some still might say that this seems to be the only mantra that I have got and yes it is the only mantra, definitely not daft; since it will rather stop when there are my Books on the red corner and those stupid salaries on the blue so people can show some respect for what others do for a living around here as well Ė itís an old story; you never get a certificate of rejection from them after decades of squander without purpose or reason and the end product is usually one where they create those who do not care much for the things of the world such problems that their victims end up caring what cars they drive and how much it was worth if it was given away etc and it becomes this statement they bandy around all the time as an interest that says that it does not actually constitute a part of their wellbeing for other people to own a source of income and nobody really knows how long they expect to declare this sorts of interests for before it gets them into some real trouble in their opinion. What I do know however is that they have played their cards right and those years of telling tall tales about the Church now means that it is no longer on the global stage a direct rival to popular culture but even then, they are the ones complaining about hurting bottoms when people who consume other human beings like items get up to all sorts and the priests and Arch Princes were wrong to have had an opinion about it that says such persons are evil etc Ė personally however itís a matter of showing up to provoke and abuse me over a period of time during which I respond and display what I do with my faith so they can pick that up and get around the world being blasphemous asking silly questions of disposition that politicians need to answer Ė usually a ball until I had decided they do not have enough money or celebrity culture to create a fame and fortune insanity that can do talk to the hand routines at me with that disobedience, then it starts to get serious. They claim that I act like a gang myself which is utter nonsense; such a notion is usually brewed by the same goons who are playing up a leverage they have at the banks over my earning margins all the time and as I have mentioned will eventually get us where there will be that salary on one corner and my Book on the other before they show up here to buy a Book and not to play with me all together. They always complain that is sounds rather like I am forcing people to buy my Books but we all know itís a forceful disposition when people make use of your products and build you a fight for their convenience that will make them fame and fortune on account you are a moral person, until bad and evil people that are worse than they are show up to tell me I thought I was doing something right by writing those Books and now am panning to stop them on seeing that an alternative ideal has been created looking for more trouble Ė so they need to show up here for a Book otherwise the fact they never needed to run off popular culture on my public image to make money will become as important as the fact that unless they are stuck in at the source of those salaries others never get to experience a sense of normalcy and give way to a process where their victims are supervising them finding a routine and a learning process to make a living instead of making sure others are distressed from dawn to dusk and telling tall tales about it on media to have fun as well. The bit where they claim I am determined to destroy everything about their culture is an old one; what we have is a group of goons that have spent their time over the years ripping up my finances along the lines of community croons claiming they own me like an item while leftist goons attack me on grounds that not beating up the community croons means that the community croons move around which affects their jobs and Politics, for which reasons I have no right to feel good being told how to exist with their big mouth, now we know they have set themselves out as owners of my public image as well and have set about detaching me from the Monarchy out of their extensive goodness all together and we are not talking about going to the shops to feel myself at the top shelves every time just yet Ė that would be when the discussion of their death dealing abusive insults at celebrity and popular culture was an item on the menu; for now they said I was determined to destroy their culture and I had to be helpful again. Like they say I bring it upon myself by mixing things up all the time but we all know what they mean is that if I have a Court of female journalists which stages an affinity with single mothers living on outskirts of Towns around the world, it is a place where they can run off some sexual liberation gimmicks Ė so of course I am happy for people to join our cause, work to prevent abuses and domestic violence and so on but when they get to make statements about my Books to follow up insults they channel at me which they have gotten used to and those statements have been made so often and so intensely that the phenomenon that is the content of my Books are affected in terms of what people are thinking which means I need to explain them away on account others are insolent ageists, then we have a problem and the problem is one people who are so stupid that they think that messing about with what is actually somebody elseís personal finances is worth doing, hence they need to know there is a difference between doing it and spending time on what they think they want to do with their own time. The last word these days is that no matter what I say and do I have hurt their bottoms and itís an old story whereby they need to stop pinching my Books; I was never going to be so inept as to write Books that are vulnerable to those whose whole body language is about doing other peopleís lives and property and even public image and personality coolness that we see them get distracted from driving while they are handling automobiles on the roads for everyday Ė it feeds into that other story where I share a skin colour with them, so they round me up and claim I am one of their kids on whom their future depends and stir racism in my direction, at the end of which getting a job means I broke their records of black race success, which is incredibly annoying hence the reasons they are not blabbing it at me anymore these days. In the end there is only one other type of job out there where people just go off and hurt their bottoms with somebody elseís product the way these goons hurt their own with mine and itís the jobs and livelihoods of organised criminals; when they started their own, it was all about blabbing the only person who owns a limousine in dilapidated neighbourhoods and has a thriving business for it too, whose greed I am going up against by writing my Books to look for trouble and now they have gotten the trouble they sought and are not blabbing anymore. They always claim I am a traitor to my race which is not as true as the fact they are ignorant fools whose position are a threat even to themselves but having realised this have become quite obsessed with providing others leadership and then tell me would never say these things where it mattered while I think that playing with peoples personal finances from such a distance far off from being the persons bank manager or office cashier etc is something they need to do only with their own time before they complain and talk nonsense about retribution that their victims are about to allow them have with that big mouth as well as it were Ė I mean dress up in your best suits and go out to vouch for a job and somebody will follow you and finger your bum in their imagination and you are left wondering what crime you have committed to kiss wife and kids goodbye and show up in the open world to deserve that degree of trouble Ė where I would say it does not come in, they know nothing about me. I mean I am being told here that I am attacking my own people i.e. people from overseas territories who are just as passionate about our British identity but so have I mentioned that the only other career path where people pick up products and hurt themselves with is organised crime; usually this stuff can go on forever especially with the Americans around because it is a Country of some of the laziest Industry operatives there are on the planet Ė where I am told a Book I have written from a Royal Literary Estate is a dump and it goes all the day to them attacking their ally because they fear the prospect of working for money blabbing about the ally understanding a necessary sacrifice for their greatness; I like to use my Books for this i.e. they just need to read and stop being so lazy; issue threats at me and they will be blabbing evolution again while the whole business of sitting around giving them all I have after they had gone to Universities to make themselves really important gives way to insults about their superiority that makes me feel as though I am about to explode. I do get these questions passed around as per the real context of my activities which people wish to support and I am happy to say itís a Mobility matter at British Government, diplomacy, international relations and trading, concerning which I am quite possibly the most reliable source of executive support but tend to deal with financial difficulties due to the number of self-seeking fame goons who want to have somebody that will likely get into a fight on their behalf.

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